Arkema set up a new global center of excellence in 3D printing Normandy

November 15, Arkema establishment of the new Global Center of Excellence for 3D printing at its Normandy Serquigny (France) R & D center of Cerdato. Arkema Chairman and CEO Leiai Neff (Thierry Le Hénaff) and Mr. Hervé Morin Chairman of the Normandy region attended the launching ceremony. According to the plan Arkema and the Normandy region, this new Center of Excellence will focus on additive manufacturing high-performance polymers. As part of the cooperation program, companies and training organizations in the region will quickly adopt these new production methods CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and benefit from it. Today, Arkema has become a leader in the field of high-performance 3D printing polymer. Thanks to a unique high-performance materials and service providers Control Engineering Copyright , a large-scale 3D printing manufacturing possible , Arkema in applications and end use well-known professionals has accumulated knowledge, provide substantial support in this industrial revolution to its customers worldwide. Cooperative Research Group, a market leader by manufacturing and material gain, continued development of customized to meet customer demand for new material. Located in Serquigny largest group Advanced Materials Research Laboratory, Arkema decided to cooperate with the Normandy region opened a new global center of excellence , we are committed to SLS laser sintering 3D printing. The new center features the latest generation of collaborative regional and printer. You can also benefit from all the product design and analysis of resources Cerdato. The additive manufacturing is committed to the new platform will help achieve two objectives: ● provide space for team collaboration centers, and provides a space for the development of innovative products in the commercial printer HP, EOS and Prodways, so that our partners to the new applications into 3D printing. ● by providing various forms of cooperation, as part of the local industry and training organizations ecosystems. For example, technical or economic feasibility study in the additive manufacturing of industrial parts, components and demonstrate the production of these new forms of promotion conference. The new Global Excellence in 3D printingThe center will support the accelerated development of technology as a method of manufacturing industries. The center is designed to be printed by SLS laser sintering, complements the Group’s existing network, including curing resin liquid center is located in Exton (Pennsylvania, USA) in 2018 enabled, and is located in King of Prussia (Pennsylvania) wire extrusion Center. Friday, November 15, witnessed by Arkema Chairman and CEO Leiai Neff (Thierry Le Hénaff), Mr. Hervé Morin Chairman of the Normandy region, as well as many customers and local representatives, the laboratory was officially launched. It demonstrates the commitment of Arkema 3D printing, the growth momentum is very competitive group. By providing a range of solutions and expertise to determine the demand from industrialized to market participants, the center will help to open up new prospects. Arkema annual investment in the innovation of 3D printing up to tens of millions of euros.

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