Block chain broader stage is manufacturing?

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software Service Industry Division, responsible person to accept the Economic Times – replied when China Economic Net reporter an exclusive interview, the block chain with anti-counterfeiting, tamper-resistant, traceable technical characteristics conducive to resolving the Device Manager Manufacturing , data sharing, multi-party trust and cooperation, security and other issues, to enhance industrial productivity and reduce costs , to enhance the level and efficiency of supply chain collaboration, and promote management innovation and business innovation is important effect.
to promote the integration of intelligent manufacturing For example: aircraft manufacturing require tens of thousands of parts from around the world, and the block chain technology can help manufacturers to quickly and accurately understand this mass behind tens of thousands of parts information. International authoritative report shows that the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has begun to analyze the component supplier and source of technology use block chain, thus effectively reducing the time and cost Airbus parts repair. Major developed economies and concerns have also applied block chain in manufacturing. “The German federal government block chain strategy” encouraged block chain with combined application Industry 4.0, the EU issued a “block chain Present and Future,” also focuses on the application of the block chain in manufacturing. Some international giants have begun the application layout block chain and manufacturing combined. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software Service Division responsible person also said that “some domestic enterprises have also begun to explore the block chain applications fall in the manufacturing sector, the key scenarios including security traceability, product lifecycle management, supply chain management , cooperative manufacturing and so on. but generally speaking, as it involves a more complex scenario, the current application block chain in the manufacturing sector is still in its infancy. ” In addition, the development of the block chain, to promote the Combination, the introduction of financial resources to the real economy, promote the development of medium and small enterprises intermediation. For example, block-based chain of R & D supply chain application solutions, to solve the problem of information silos that exist on the supply chain, the release of the core businesses of credit to the entire supply chain of multi-level suppliers to improve the efficiency of the whole financing chain, reduce business costs rich financial business scenarios, thereby improving the efficiency of financial operations throughout the supply chain. Chinese Academy of ICT cloud computing and big data Baohong director told reporters exclusive interview that block chain so that more financial support for the manufacturing sector, mainly as several levels. First, the books distributed technology enables participation in non-commercial confidential dataBackup storage node has to solve the problem of information silos in the financial services supply chain; Second, by registering on the block chain negotiable, finance information, to solve the core business of credit can not be transferred to the multi-tier suppliers question; the third is in the block chain architecture, information systems can constrain the behavior of participants in the supply chain, through the integration of transaction data associated with chains to the authenticity of evidence of trade practices; Fourth, intelligent contracts added, can be performed automatically when execution condition is satisfied, to prevent compliance risks; Fifth, in conjunction with the block chain technology and supply chain CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , an effective solution to companies throughout the supply chain “Loan financing “the question of financing to achieve cost efficiency. As with the two-pronged approach to encourage the management and control both sides of the coin, go to the center of the highly variable and uncertain block chain also brought challenges to regulators. In particular, CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , on the one hand, bitcoin block chain originally applied to the field, leading some to mistakenly believe bitcoin block chain is equivalent to, in the course of development after the emergence of order “block chain” in the name of illegal financing, the phenomenon of fraud. “On the other hand, the data on the block chain has the characteristics of difficult to tamper with, the existing information security management system challenges, the emergence of the phenomenon of using the chain block the spread of harmful information.” Baohong said. To this end, the authorities continue to explore building blocks of chain monitoring system, the timely introduction of regulatory measures, optimization block chain industry environment, resolutely curb all kinds of illegal activities under the guise of the block chain technology. September 4, 2017, the People’s Bank issued “on guard against the risk of financing issued tokens” will “was first issued tokens” (ICO) is defined as “an unapproved public financing of illegal behavior, on behalf of the alleged illegal sale currency tickets, illegal issuance of securities and illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other criminal activities. ” Notice also required, various tokens issued financing activities should be stopped immediately, organizations and individuals have been completed token issuance of financing and other arrangements should be made to lay off. After the announcement, the first token distribution activities in the country is already illegal, illegal fund-raising chaos caused by the ICO have been effectively curbed. January 10 this year, the National Internet Information Office issued “block chain information service regulations,” the implementation of the requirementsBlock chain information service provider operating responsibility, in accordance with the provisions of the law in force “Network Security Act” and so on, the information content of the block chain information service of the spread of regulatory compliance; to block chain information services and service providers were record management, distributed to the record number. “Learn from the experience of developed countries, China’s regulatory policies should further enhance flexibility, effective supervision and reasonable guidance to both, and actively making a balance between the two risk control and to encourage technological innovation.” Baohong said. Baohong that, to strengthen the block chain guide and standardize the technology and research and analysis of the block chain security risks, closely tracking developments, and actively explore the law of development. To explore the establishment of security system to adapt to the block chain technology mechanism to guide and promote the block chain developers, platform operators to strengthen industry self-regulation, the implementation of security responsibilities. Law should implement the network to block chain management to promote the safe and orderly development of the block chain. Industrial application development in many fields, “the application of the block chain from the financial sector to extend the field of the physical world, electronic information as evidence, rights management and trading, product traceability, digital asset trading, networking, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management. “the State Council development Research Center information Center researcher Guang dry told by reporters, block chain technology has been fused with industry depth the real economy, the formation of a number of” industry segment chain “project , usher industry block chain “flourishing” of the era. For example, commercial enterprises through an open block chain service platform to help enterprises deploy security product traceability, has been widely used in milk powder, health products, rice and other products. 2018 “double 11”, realized more than 150 million product traceability from hundreds of countries and regions by the block chain. Electronic receipt management also gradually. 2018, Shenzhen launched a pilot electronic invoice tile-based chain. At present, the Shenzhen Metro, taxi, airport buses and other traffic scene has been formally launched based electronic invoice block chain of more than 5300 enterprises registered, and the cumulative number of billing more than 8 million. But to make a real wide floor block chain also need to build a sound standard system. Application of block chain is in the active exploration stage, most of the industry and the scene is still in the research and development of solutions or small-scale application trials. User awareness of the current block chain industry is still a lack of consensus, disagreement technology also makes the path of development efforts can not be limitedEffective centralized, unable to meet the demand chain block application development market. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software Service Industry Division, responsible person, at present, the initial establishment of the block chain standards system, the standard developed steadily. In terms of reference architectures, data security and privacy protection Control Engineering Copyright , has released a number of community standards, “block chain reference architecture” of nearly 10 national standards and industry standards project. National chain blocks and distributed billing Standardization Committee approved to build. The prospects for the block chain technology, the industry generally optimistic. Guang dry said: “Our block chain industry chain is speeding up the formation, from the upper reaches of the hardware manufacturers, platform services, security services, to industrial technology services downstream to protect the investment and financing industry, industrial development, media, personnel services, each in the field of business has been basically complete, coordinated, orderly and jointly promote the industry to continue moving forward. “It is noteworthy that, block chain technology can not be man sudden. He Baohong, believes that the development of the block chain technology and applications require artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, networking and other new generation of information technology as an infrastructure support. At the same time, the integration of a new generation of information technology, but also will give rise to more new formats, new models, accelerate the promotion of the block chain applications landing.

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