Floor companies should give dealers a moving support okorder

In the channel construction, in order to promote market development and benefit others, the company will give the channel vendors some support. Even if the support of the same strength is supported by some manufacturers, the dealers are grateful to Dade, and some manufacturers support the dealers. It is considered to be a matter of course.

Why is the gap so big?

One problem that we always face in the process of enterprise channel management is that many dealers cry all day to make policies, give discounts, approve advertising fees, get some specials, and it’s okay. The feeling for the manufacturer is that it is hard to fill, it is a bottomless pit!

To be honest, many quotients are like this, but most of them are doing poor business. ‘Wait, rely on, want to be serious, and look forward to the company advertising, CCTV, broadcasting, etc. I can’t wait for the resources of the manufacturers to be put on his three-point land, but he does not actively promote it. How can the products be sold?

Don’t use heavy hammers, good merchants are ‘no need to whip their own hoofs’, business is to do for themselves, people rely on their own efforts to do the market, manufacturers give away, do not give or ask, because they I understand that it doesn’t make much sense. The supporters will not be less than one. You shouldn’t support it if you want it. Dealers do market like farmers give their own land, God does not rain, does not wind, you still do not water yourself, this crop is still not collected?

Operating in the regional market, the dealer is always the protagonist, the manufacturer is only the supporting role, and the dealer needs to position himself. The support of the manufacturers to the dealers is on the one hand to mobilize the enthusiasm of the dealers, to inspire people, on the one hand, for the market development and operation must.

The same strength of support, how to create dealers moved, how to let dealers feel the support of manufacturers? This is indeed a proposition placed in front of each manufacturer.

The author believes that grasping the common needs of dealers while paying attention to the individual needs of dealers, and then giving targeted support in ‘reasonable, unexpected’ can make dealers feel support, create dealers to move, stimulate Dealer’s enthusiasm for the market!

Reasonable: The terms of the manufacturer’s annual contract support policy promise to be given.

Unexpectedly: Each dealer faces different problems, what the dealer needs, and what we can meet in the context of the company’s permissible scope, even if the customer asks us to come forward in advance, The idea is to walk in front of the customer.

What is the dealer’s personalized needs?

Some dealers don’t need money, don’t care much about the company’s support, lack of operation methods, then the company gives him strategies and methods, and the person is stationed to help him operate the market.

Some dealers need training on shopping guides. The company will send professional lecturers to the local store to teach the hands and hands, and the store will practice and demonstrate.

Some dealers don’t know how to do activities promotion. The company sends professional planners to give training and practical operations for various activity modes.

Some dealers have subordinate network management confusion. The company organizes professional channel management personnel to help them survive the fittest, optimize management, and improve network quality.

Some dealers face good opportunities for local market expansion. For example, there are new stores in the local market, and there are pressures on the funds. The company can give internal interest-free loans or give certain financial support.

Manufacturers’ policies are yes, there are explicit, there are hidden, there are common, there are applications, the key is whether the dealer friends have the heart of the market, whether the market is because of you With the heart and change, can you rely on one heart to impress the manufacturer? The author believes that dealers friends only need to work hard, you do not need to take the initiative to support, manufacturers know your needs will be put away from the market and your point of view Gain insight into your needs and consider targeted support for you!

In addition, advise dealers and friends not to make sales commitments to manufacturers in order to get support from manufacturers. It is better to make a look at shouting scorpions. People are looking at manufacturers, he is watching what you said or watching you do. ?

When the dealer friend is approved by the manufacturer, is there any support? When you feedback your needs to the manufacturer, you are often moved, if you have touched the manufacturer! Dealer friends, the manufacturer brand may be your only, but you are almost impossible to be the only manufacturer!

At the same time, enterprise channel management personnel should go deep into the market, conduct strategic thinking from the perspective of market sustainable development, gain insight into the needs of dealers, urgency in the market, urgent needs of dealers, full market needs, full distribution. The needs of the business, create market touch, create dealers to move, the relationship between manufacturers will become more and more harmonious, the market will get better and better!

Release date: 2011/12/29 11:26:09

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Analyze how domestic flooring moves with the global market okorder

The flooring industry is facing opportunities and challenges in many aspects such as technological innovation, low carbon environmental protection and sustainable development. The domestic flooring market is facing the pressure of raw material costs and the ups and downs of the financial real estate policy environment. It is also excited about the market signal of expanding domestic demand during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Foreign markets are also accompanied by similar mixed feelings. Along with China’s globalization process, the flooring industry has also moved with this tide, and leading companies in the industry have begun their own attempts. Overseas investment mergers and acquisitions will be the most important part of going global. ‘Going out’ on the icon floor is undoubtedly the leader in domestic enterprises, cooperating with the US Anderson company, purchasing forest land in Russia for the initial processing of wood to provide a sustainable source of development, actively exploring African timber resources, and plans to cooperate with the Gabonese government. The purchase of woodland to build wood processing plants and so on are a series of steps to go global. The country that is increasingly lacking resources will focus on the global resources, absorb the distribution channels of foreign companies and the management concepts that can be borrowed, and be cautious in foreign markets. Advancing. The success of the brand requires the accumulation of time and experience. Every step taken by the company such as the icon will have great guiding significance for the successor. The ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ is a crucial period for the country to build a well-off society in an all-round way. It is a key period for reform and opening up and accelerating the transformation of the economic system. It will also be an opportunity for the flooring industry to fully promote modernization. At today’s World Floor Conference, the ‘Twelfth Five-Year’ was mentioned at a high frequency, and this is constantly being released as a signal to the domestic domestic market. In addition, current events must also be a keen concern of our company in the process of globalization. The reconstruction of the earthquake in Japan is undoubtedly such an opportunity. China is the closest country to Japan, and China is likely to become an important source of Japanese imports. Release date: 2012/4/26 8:53:22

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Optimistic about the prospects of laminate flooring market okorder

The leading products in the flooring market are still solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring, parquet flooring and so on. The choice of high-end consumer groups is mainly solid wood flooring, with the highest attention to the material and color difference of the floor. Secondly, the mid-end market cost-effective laminate flooring has become the protagonist, wear resistance and environmental protection are the main considerations.

purchase psychological decision price

In the floor market, solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring are the three most common types. Consumers also purchase the above three types of flooring when purchasing the floor. Different types of floor features and advantages are different, and the prices accepted by consumers are naturally different. The survey found that the vast majority of consumers have the highest psychological price for solid wood flooring. The price range of solid wood flooring purchased by consumers is mainly ‘200-300 yuan/m2’, while the price of laminate flooring is at ‘100-200 yuan/m2. ‘.

Many consumers believe that solid wood flooring as the top grade in the floor, consumer psychological pricing must be higher than other types of flooring. Solid wood composite flooring combines the characteristics of solid wood flooring and composite flooring, but in terms of core quality, it can’t compare with solid wood flooring. Therefore, consumers’ psychological pricing for solid wood composite flooring must be lower than solid wood flooring. Reinforced laminate flooring is favored by consumers because of its durability, but it is not as environmentally friendly as solid wood flooring. Consumers must have lower psychological pricing than solid wood flooring.

Therefore, in many consumer concepts, the three types of flooring, solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring, in turn, form a high to low consumption grade.

Wood tree floor preferred tree species

Consumers of different ages and occupations have different preferences for solid wood flooring and laminate flooring. Solid wood flooring and parquet have a wide audience in the ’30 years old and above’ consumer groups, and laminate flooring is generally popular among consumer groups under ‘under 30’. More than 60% of the consumers who are employed as ‘scientific or technical personnel’ and ‘enterprise middle-level managers’ choose solid wood flooring, and a large number of young white-collar workers and office workers choose laminate flooring in consideration of economic problems.

From the survey data, nearly 70% of the respondents with annual household income of ‘400,000 yuan or more’ tend to buy in the home improvement process. For solid wood flooring, only nearly 30% will choose solid wood composite flooring, and the proportion of laminate flooring will be close to zero. These people are often high-income successful people, so high-quality, high-quality high-end solid wood flooring products have become their first choice.

A survey of solid wood flooring consumers found that price is not their primary consideration. Instead, the tree material is used, followed by the floor color difference, and the price and brand reputation are ranked third and fourth respectively. This shows that material and color difference are the basic indicators for respondents to measure the quality of the floor, which is a factor that consumers must consider when purchasing wooden floors. This explains why the flooring of many precious tree species, despite the high price, is still popular. In addition, the price of the floor and the brand reputation are also important factors for the attention of the respondents, and the suitable price is also a major factor for consumers to choose to buy.

Environmental protection and wear resistance of composite flooring is the most concerned

It is well known that with the massive deforestation of human beings, the number of virgin forests in the world is decreasing. Restricted resources have caused the price of solid wood flooring to rise year by year, and its high price exceeds the affordability of most consumers. In this context, composite flooring quickly rose in the flooring industry, and its sales soared year after year. Especially in the mid-end home improvement market, the share of composite flooring has already surpassed that of solid wood flooring.

According to the survey data, the total household income of the households with annual income of less than ‘60,000-80,000 yuan’, the overall occupancy rate of solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring is close to 80%. According to industry sources, the sales of solid wood flooring will decline in the future flooring market, and the composite flooring of 100-200 yuan/m2 will occupy most of the mainstream market.

When buying with solid wood flooring consumers, most of them first consider the different kinds of tree materials. Composite flooring consumers have put ‘wear resistance’ in the first place, followed by ‘formaldehyde emission amount’, again ‘Durability resistance’.

Consumers say that ‘wear resistance’ is a distinguishing feature of composite flooring over solid wood flooring, directly related to the service life of the floor, which is of course the first consideration for consumers who choose composite flooring. According to the industry, in order to gain a larger market share, the composite flooring brand must ensure that the wear resistance of the floor exceeds the expectations of consumers. In addition, considering that the decoration concept of consumers is transforming into ecological decoration, especially for composite flooring, low formaldehyde content will inevitably become the basic selling point of the floor. From the data point of view, ‘formaldehyde emission’ is another important factor considered by consumers to buy the floor is evidence.

Release date: 2012/4/20 9:24:46

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Analysis of the advantages of solid wood flooring okorder

1. Sound insulation The solid wood floor material is hard, dense wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, blocking the effect of sound and heat, better than cement, ceramic tile and steel. 2, adjust the humidity The wood characteristics of solid wood flooring is that the climate is dry, the water inside the wood is released; the climate is humid, the wood will absorb the moisture in the air. The wooden floor adjusts the humidity of the room air to the most comfortable level of the human body by absorbing and releasing moisture. Scientific research shows that long-term residence of wooden houses can extend the life expectancy by an average of 10 years. 3, winter warm summer cool winter, the surface temperature of solid wood flooring is 8 ° C ~ 10 ° C higher than the tile surface temperature, people walk on the wooden floor without cold feeling; in summer, the temperature of the solid wood floor room is higher than the tile laying The room temperature is 2 ° C ~ 3 ° C. 4, green harmless solid wood flooring materials are taken from the original forest, using non-volatile wear-resistant paint coating, from the material to the paint surface are green and harmless, unlike the tiles have radiation, not like the laminate floor has formaldehyde, is The only natural green and harmless ground building materials. 5, gorgeous and noble The solid wood floor is made of high-grade hardwood material, the wood surface is beautiful, the decoration is elegant and noble, and it is the first choice for middle and high-end income families. 6, durable Durable the majority of solid wood flooring, hard material, anti-corrosion and anti-mite, normal use, life can last for decades or even hundreds of years. Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, easy to lose luster; should not be used in places where humidity changes greatly, otherwise it is easy to deform; fear of acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion, fear of burning.

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Low-cost promotion has become the “killer” of the end of the floor enterprises okorder

The cost performance of flooring products has always been the most important aspect of consumers. Although the improvement of material and cultural living standards makes consumers particularly valued for the soft power of flooring companies’ brands and services, but the floor is an indispensable product in people’s daily home decoration, consumers still hope to maximize their use value. In this case, it is even more important for flooring companies to pay attention to product cost performance.

Low-cost promotion has become the usual means of enterprise impulse at the end of the year

At the end of the year, many flooring companies are in the preparations for the end of the year. For most companies, the end of the year is the best time to compete for the market. However, the quality and price of the products in the promotion will cause people to have the illusion, which leads to doubts: Do not know whether the products are cheap or whether the quality of the products is guaranteed, that is, consumers have doubts about the price/performance ratio of the promotional products.

What the floor companies have to do is to make the products that consumers buy worthwhile, but it is not enough to do this now. To put it simply, if a floor company wants to get better development, it is not enough to rely on low-priced products. In this case, it is necessary to focus on the long-term interests and provide consumers with value-for-money. Cost-effective flooring products that are ‘value for money’.

The long-term development of flooring companies needs to pay attention to price/performance ratio

Related industry sources said that the end of the year promotion is at least as good as the National Day holiday. It can be seen that the low-cost promotion of the floor market has become the norm in the market, and many flooring companies have shown a very clear attitude toward the promotion. Nowadays, the use of promotions to drive market sales has become the most normal means of the end of the year.

But the promotion is also modest, floor companies are best not to use the ‘blood-blooded’ way to make profits. Because this method can not bring much effect to the development of the enterprise, and may even become the culprit hindering the development of the enterprise. Profits are the indicators that every well-known enterprise will focus on now. However, fewer and fewer companies rely on the volume to win profits. Only by insisting on providing consumers with cost-effective products is the important weapon for flooring companies to win the market at the end of the year.

For the flooring companies, in the market where the market competition is particularly hot, the use of promotions to drive sales is understandable, but from the perspective of the long-term development of the company, only by guaranteeing the cost performance of its products can it win consumers’ Favored, only from the perspective of consumers, flooring companies can stand on the market in the long run.

Release date: 2015/11/23 10:42:45

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How to match colors and colors How to match the color of doors and floors? okorder

The color of the wooden door and the solid wood floor is very particular. How to match it is more graded. Teach you how to match the color of the door and the floor. Hurry and learn!

The following methods are available for dark floors:

Dark floors with dark wooden doors are often used for conservative designs or traditional styles.

Dark floor with light wooden doors, this combination is more common, the traditional decoration concept is that the color of the wall or door should be shallower than the ground.

Dark floor with white or light wooden doors, so the style is not very harmonious.

The mid-tone floor has the following matching methods:

Medium color floor + dark door

Medium color floor + medium color door

Medium color floor + light color door

Light or white has the following matching methods:

Light floor + dark wooden door

Light color floor + light wooden door

White floor + gray-white wooden door

For example:

White floor should be equipped with off-white: easy to give a feeling of tranquility, and will not cause the color of the wall to re-color the floor Light ‘head-heavy’.

Yellow floor should be green: this will create a very warm atmosphere.

Red brown floor should be equipped with pink ivory color: the color of the floor with red tone gives a strong feeling, choose the ivory color with pink color, and the black brown floor will form a sense of unity.

Dark brown floor should be equipped with the opening of the beige: dark brown floor with the same color of the beige color of the cashmere is easier to access, the space will appear large.

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Floor online shopping e-commerce frequently “blocking the road” enterprises need to strengthen after-sales problems okorder

Already near the development season of the Double Eleven, some flooring companies have started to plan online promotion activities. In the double eleventh that the whole people will pay attention to, what kind of appearance will the flooring enterprises take?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021802491550.jpg”>

Floor online shopping e-commerce frequent ‘blocking tiger’ enterprise Need to strengthen after-sales issues

Floor products online shopping advantage highlights

‘I am going to ‘double eleven’, see a lot of first-line brand wood flooring Online shop, the sale of wooden flooring, the price is less than one hundred yuan, but because it is not responsible for the installation, we can not find the installation master, can only look at the eyes. ‘ Yesterday, just took the room is preparing to decorate Mr. Cao told reporters According to Ms. Yang from the Julong Bay Community in Chaocheng, she is now purchasing building materials, running the building materials market during the day and soaking the network at night.

She found the price after comparing the price. The price of building materials online is only half of the physical store, but almost no package is installed, and some even only go to the logistics point. To pick up the goods yourself, but also to find the installation master, too much trouble. Go to the physical store to find someone to install, you can install the price of the sky, looking for the ‘decoration guerrillas’ quality can not be guaranteed. Think about it, or pay directly in the store One-step installation is in place. ‘

Floor e-commerce is frequently ‘blocking the road’

There is demand for business opportunities, with With the prevalence of online shopping, the savvy Nest City merchants will naturally not let go of this opportunity to make money. The reporter was informed that the company has begun testing the water supply contract to install the building materials purchased by the citizens. It solves the installation and after-sales of this roadblock. It will enter the homes of ordinary people. The professional home installation service company is different from the general ‘decoration guerrillas’. ‘Because it is the operation of the company, the biggest advantage is after-sales service.

In the process of installing building materials, as long as it is caused by the installation, at the same time, after the installed building materials, after-sales service will be implemented, which is responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of the building materials. In fact, this means consumers. Look at the building materials in the online store, pay directly to buy. The home installation company will help pick up the goods from the pick-up point, then install it on-site, and provide after-sales service, so that customers can get the physical store service with the price of online shopping.

It is difficult to solve

In the interview, many citizens complained to reporters that the after-sales and installation problems of online shopping building materials are very troublesome. On some online shopping platforms, the reporter interviewed some Online shop sales staff, they also said that the installation and after-sales problem has indeed become a bottleneck restricting online shopping building materials. In Tmall Mall, a brand of floor tile sales staff said: ‘In fact, our price competitiveness is very strong, due to the installation process There is no way to solve it. It can only rely on consumers to find bricklayers themselves, which seriously affects online store sales. ‘

Another brand of wood flooring shop sales staff said that although the price of their wooden flooring is very cost-effective, but many consumers give up buying, the main reason is that there is no way installation.

Release date: 2014/11/4 9:53:56

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How to choose a floor with floor heating? okorder

Home decoration is a big project for ordinary people, and many people hope to be in place at one time to meet the needs of life in the next few decades. So now more and more families will choose to warm themselves in the cold winter. The quality of the floor heating is not only the quality of the floor heating product itself, but also related to whether the floor product selection is correct. What kind of floor is best for warming? Today’s floor selection class will answer this question for you. The wooden floor itself is relatively soft and has good anti-slip properties. It is safer for the elderly and children, but its heat dissipation is relatively poor, but it also means that the wood floor has better insulation effect, especially the solid wood floor. Conductive is very good, it is also a suitable floor decoration material for floor heating. At present, there are many kinds of wooden floors on the market. Not every floor is suitable for floor heating, but in general, the floor that can be used for floor heating should meet the following three conditions: 1. Environmental protection, it will not contain harmful gases. Floors used for floor heating, if they contain harmful gases, are not good for people indoors. Once the floor heating is turned on, the high temperature will exacerbate the volatilization of the body and cause more damage to the human body. 2, good waterproof. Floor heating has the distinction of plumbing and electric heating. In most of the country, the use of plumbing accounts for the majority. It uses water pipes to achieve heating. Therefore, the humidity on the ground will be relatively high. If the waterproofness of the wooden floor is not good enough, it will be easily deformed, causing a lot of trouble. 3, good stability, will not change because of the alternating heat and cold. Although any object will change due to alternating heat and cold, the rate of change of the wooden floor used for floor heating needs to be controlled within a certain range so as not to damage the entire floor level. Conclusion: At present, the composite floor with good stability is more suitable for floor heating, but now it is also used for floor heating solid wood flooring products. Consumers can choose according to their own consumption ability when purchasing.

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Hardwood floor expansion or contraction solution okorder

Hardwood flooring, as its name suggests, is a natural product. And the wooden floor is a beautiful, value-added and remodeled home in any room that looks and feels, in fact, it is a natural product, meaning it can change. Responding to humidity levels and moisture in the air, this can cause the hardwood floor to expand or contract. Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means it has the ability to absorb and retain water molecules from the surrounding air. When exposed to the air, the wood will absorb or release moisture until it is at the same level as the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, if there is excess moisture in the air, your hardwood floor will attract some moisture and make it swell. If there is less moisture in the air, the wooden floor will release some of the moisture held in it, returning to the air, causing it to shrink and shrink.

Living room hardwood floor

When the wood undergoes this change, it may expand or contract in all directions. This expansion and contraction is completely natural, as long as the movement is not too extreme, you should not have to worry. There are some steps you can take to try and limit your sports wood flooring. In the cold winter, your home will be heated, making the air dry and the humidity falling. This can cause your hardwood floors to release moisture, resulting in small gaps. To limit this problem, try using a humidifier, or cover the wet towel with a radiator to keep the humidity at 50-65% of your home. In the summer, when the temperature is higher, the humidity also rises sharply. This, in turn, may cause the wooden floor to absorb excess air and swell. To stop this from happening, leave ten every day and let your windows open for a short time to let the fresh air circulate.

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Solid wood floor maintenance tips, different materials, targeted maintenance okorder

After the floor is finished, it is not all right. The maintenance in the future is an important part of determining the life of the floor. However, in daily use, there is always a neglected place where the floor is inadvertently destroyed, resulting in a much shortened service life of the floor. Cleaning, waxing, temperature and humidity control are all ways to ensure that the floor can be used for a long time. In this issue of floor maintenance class, let us learn the little tricks of floor maintenance.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021746251463.jpg”>Solid floor care small coups different materials targeted conservation

[Controlling Temperature and Humidity to Create a Suitable Indoor Environment]

Some people think that as long as they increase indoor and outdoor in winter Air circulation can reduce the influence of indoor temperature on the floor. In fact, wood is the basic constituent material of the floor. The change of temperature and humidity may cause the wood to expand or contract. This characteristic makes the wood deform or other during use. Phenomenon. Therefore, the real cause of cracks on the floor is humidity, not just temperature.

Experts suggest that the ideal indoor humidity should be controlled at 40% to 80%. The temperature is maintained at 18 ° C to 24 ° C. Such a suitable temperature and humidity environment is also very beneficial to the human body. In the northern dry season, the use of humidifiers or regular window ventilation, placement of green plants, etc. can increase indoor relative Humidity. In the south, care should be taken to ensure proper indoor humidity. Some heating areas should also take measures to humidify the room to prevent excessive moisture loss.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021746251464.jpg” >Solid wood floor maintenance small coups different materials targeted conservation

[Targeted maintenance to raise beautiful floor] P>

The maintenance of the floor is also targeted. Solid wood flooring prefers temperatures below 27 ° C and humidity from 40% to 80%. In the case of heating in winter, the floor will shrink due to water loss, and the splicing gap will increase. At this time, it is recommended to apply a “mask” on the solid wood floor – solid wax, it is recommended to wax twice a year.

Parquet finish and lacquer finish. The oil veneer flooring is a natural wood surface that is stable and durable, but in the long-term use, the surface of the floor is slightly embarrassed and damaged. When such a problem occurs, it is recommended to use special maintenance oil for wiping. If the damage is serious, the floor can be refurbished, and a thin layer of the floor surface can be removed by professional equipment, and then the natural pure vegetable oil can be used for maintenance. The floor restores youthful looks.

Use a wrung cotton swab for daily cleaning of the painted floor. In case of stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe with a wrung cotton swab. Do not use an organic solvent such as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline. In order to maintain the aesthetics of the floor and extend the life of the paint, special concentrated paint maintenance oil is used. It is recommended to take care once a year. After use, it can effectively enhance the texture of the paint. It can effectively prevent hard objects from wearing and scratching the floor, and can extend the service life of the floor.

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