Which tile style do you like? okorder

Tiles are more than just a tone, it is everywhere from the inside out.

So far, the main eye is still in the decorationcep The appearance, as well as other some styles. In this style, multiple patterns are combined to form a layered cohesion effect.

monochrome brick

Gray, white and black are still the more popular first three colors of floor tiles and wall tiles (press This order is arranged, and Glag (grey-beige) is close behind, depending on the design inspiration of the series. The only difference is that in the wood slab series, the classic wood tones still dominate.

In the past two years, the ocean’s blue, pine green and blue Green has always been stable. The key tones in 2018 are denim blue (from steel blue to deep and saturated dyed indigo) and deep bottle or British racing green.

Love thick plate

At present, most manufacturers say their best-selling products are thick plates. This seems to be a cliché in most global markets, as it is in North America, where design and architecture are largely local wood features.

Interestingly, elements such as stone and metal were made on the slab Great success. North America likes 8 x 36 inches of thick plates. The high-end market prefers longer 48-inch boards.

Undecorated Edge Tiles

In recent years, North America has trended away from the edge being corrected in all appearances, except 12 ×36 inches or larger of traditional marble and flowing textured wall tiles. On the other hand, the luxury market tends to choose a seamless look, rather than considering advanced installation costs.

Installation costs seem to be a key factor in the transition to traditionally calibrated (non-corrected) tiles . This also opened the door for the rural wind that returned strongly in the 1990s.

retro style

This year, the strong local flavor and weathering atmosphere are weakening, giving more to the retro style and handmade. From woods, stones to glazed pottery and Kotos, on the whole, it The impression is a long-term care and thoughtfulness, not a kind of sorrow and hardship. The peeled, lacquered woods have become softer, showing a smooth sanding effect, ceramics have A variety of glossy glazes, subtle metallic textures and a variety of finishes to deepen the overall beauty.

glazed mix and match style

So far, the more intense style is still the appearance of the wrapped cement, in which various patterns are mixed together to form a layered, cohesive appearance. Most of these styles are 8× 8-inch traditional style, but decorative art-style tiles also account for a large part.

The other direction of this year’s Art Deco is biased towards the delicate texture of damask or lace patterns, and is influenced by design elements such as paper and textiles. This year, I also returned to many minimalist collections, either as a superposition or as a model for the same color scheme.

In contrast, the small format is still a strong choice for wall tiles thanks to the increasing popularity of subway tiles. The more popular size is 8 x 8 inches (considering the strength of traditional tiles) This is not surprising), 6 x 12 inches and 4 x 30 inches.

Thin board

This relatively new detail The sub-market continues to heat up, especially to reduce the grouting of bathroom and kitchen countertops. The market is gradually adapting to this material and is becoming more and more popular at the point of sale.

Elegant and solemn retro style is more popular among consumers this year. When looking at innovation next year as a whole, they respect clean, solid materials.

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In France, not only is it necessary to open a restaurant for training, but the floor also needs environmental certification. okorder

Recently read “Chinese Restaurant” originally opened a restaurant in France to receive training, not only that, originally in France, the floor also needs environmental certification

Blue Sky makes certification an environmentally-recognized certification with a long history and wide recognition in Europe. However, in the West other developed countries, such as France, the United States, the Nordic countries, and even small countries such as Belgium, Due to the actual needs of the country, or an exceptionally strict environmental protection standard, or other commercial purposes, they have published their own set of environmental standards. Among them, the French VOC certification.

Compared with the blue sky for certification, French VOC certification is praised as: lower formaldehyde release and government mandatory!

Europe’s detection of formaldehyde is always different from Japan and China, and has always used climate box The method not only detects the amount of formaldehyde released into the air, but also detects other volatile harmful substances.

In addition, according to the French “Décretn°2011-321” decree, since September 1, 2013, all floors in FranceMaterials must have this certification or they will be forced to quit. The testing was mainly carried out by the European Continental Technology Group EUROFINS, based in Brussels. Dehejia recognizes that this mandatory standard is extremely appealing. As a European power after Germany, France’s “enforcement” order, announced the French VOC certification, has become a certification that European manufacturers have to pay attention to, because no one is willing to lose the French market.

Fortunately, French VOC certification is indeed a good certification! Most of the European flooring imported by Dehe has this certification, and consumers can choose with confidence!

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Forced to serve as a marble bathroom award okorder

Washing is the beginning of the day and the end of the day. Bathing is when we “reform” and “renewed” – then the importance of the bathroom is not important And Yu.

Clean and beautiful bathroom decoration will make your stay in time become A kind of enjoyment, next, Xiaobian will share with you a variety of bathroom designs, I hope everyone can get inspiration.

Dark coffee walls and flowers white Marble, this is a simple, clean bathroom design. The storage space is plentiful and the modern decorative paintings on the walls add a touch of modernity to the entire bathroom space.

Although the bathroom is the most secret area, it is the most relaxing space. Those who know how to enjoy life must have higher requirements for the bathroom. Unloading the exhaustion of the day and taking in the panoramic view of the city is a paradise-like life.

The washroom is equipped with a beautiful makeup mirror to make the visual brighter and more spacious. The unique metal glass chandelier in front of the basin is exquisite and delicate, making bathing easier, and the details reflect the designer’s pursuit of high quality life.

Use the green antique bricks to jump in the white, fresh and smart, let the bathroom space in the clean and elegant and some changes.

Wooden textured walls with rich decorations Sexual retro tiles, decorated with 17th-century decorative elements, air Li is filled with a strong retro atmosphere.


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The era of full decoration, the sanitary market is becoming a trend okorder

With the advancement of society and the improvement of consumption levels, the fully renovated rooms have gradually become residential The general trend of industrial development. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other places have issued relevant regulations on the full renovation of the property market.

The relevant departments said that within three to five years, the national real estate market will eliminate rough houses, and Beijing has taken the first step, stipulating that commercial housing must be renovated finished houses; Shanghai also announced that it will be 2 Cancel the rough house within 3 years. At present, the relevant departments are working on the implementation of the standards and rules for the implementation of fully renovated houses.

Commodity room decoration is an international practice, China The government is pushing hard to promote fully renovated homes, not only for international standards, but also for sustainable development, energy conservation and environmental protection. Then, in the era of full decoration, what impact does it have on the sanitary ware market? It is not difficult to find out from the Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition that just ended, the overall bathroom shines, and the sanitary ware industry is developing in the direction of the whole and the whole assembly.

The whole bathroom becomes the mainstream market

With the improvement of people’s aesthetic level and the strengthening of overall awareness, the whole The bathroom has won the favor of the market, and the integrated bathroom customization has also given the market more choices and space, which has become the future development direction of the industry.

whether it’s a bathroom or a kitchen, or a balcony In other areas, as long as it involves products such as bathroom hardware, it is fully integrated, making home integration more benchmarking. The whole installation does not make the design pattern fixed. On the contrary, it can also be diversified, so that the design can reflect the value of the product, rather than being limited to a certain category of products, so as to be closer to the market.

More emphasis on bathroom product design

With the deepening of global integration, the deepening of various cultural elements In the fusion, consumers are increasingly demanding the appearance and texture of sanitary ware products. They have a modern and fashionable sense, and sanitary ware products that can lead the way of life are widely welcomed by the market. To this end, sanitary ware manufacturers have increased their investment in product design, and have extensive cooperation with well-known designers to continuously introduce new products and guide global sanitary ware products to pay more attention to product design.

Wholesale bathroom, its dominance in design Only the design can make the various material elements of the decoration more harmonious and more reasonable. At the same time, the whole assembly is in the scope of standardized operation. Through the installation, the operation efficiency of the home improvement material supply chain can be improved, which not only reduces the procurement cost, but also reduces the logistics storage cost, and also satisfies the “one-stop shopping” home decoration demand of consumers. .

Products tend to be energy efficient

From this year’s kitchen and bathroom show, the overall bathroom launched by major brands The style is more oriented to the theme of simplicity, greenness and environmental protection, which is in stark contrast to the styles of luxury and classics in the past few years.

In recent years, governments and businesses have become more and more It is widely recognized that energy shortages and environmental pollution will seriously affect and constrain social and economic development. The concept of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, optimizing resource allocation, and achieving sustainable economic development has also been widely accepted and accepted. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more attention to health and comfort, emphasizing green ringIn addition to the demand for product quality and function, green energy-saving and environmentally friendly products are more favored by consumers. Therefore, sanitary ware manufacturers adapt to the trend of development, improve production methods, and use new materials, new technologies, new processes to improve products has become an inevitable choice.


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3 tips for decorating materials to avoid pits, is it simple to distinguish between natural and artificial stone? okorder

Having money to buy a house is just the first step to become a family. If you want relatives and friends to think that you are successful, then you still have to stay after the formal stay, and the decoration of the house is better than the average family, even the style and material. All of them break through the price/performance ratio of existing and large houses. This kind of house is the key that can make you proud and let you know in front of your friends and family!

So in the process of home decoration, because there are still many disputes caused by the decoration materials, nothing more than the construction party The shoddy, or the owner’s material supply affects the speed and quality of the home improvement. These conditions are mainly due to the fact that the decoration company is trying to make a profit, to refill it, to shoddy it, and that the owner lacks understanding of the material and is cheap. So today, Xiaobian will teach you how to prevent scams in the decoration of materials.

Select anti-fraud The first trick, the four small principles of ceramic tile selection

The quality of the tiles is very important. Tiles are equivalent to our centering tea, something that we have to step on at every day. If it is not good-looking, my heart will be uncomfortable and embarrassing. If the quality is not enough, we will be uneasy, and sometimes we may feel that the ground will collapse! It’s very troublesome to find out that the problematic quality of the tiles is different from that of the original ones after check-in. Therefore, we must manually check the tiles and select the tiles. There are four principles:

First: Look! Look at the color, smoothness, etc. of the tile, the color must be bright and fresh is the material If the comparison is faint, it is estimated that it is damp or the material inside is originally watered during polishing or the raw materials are not beautiful enough! The surface must be smooth, the smooth surface is processed in the process of processing, the master is more careful, and the company chooses The equipment is also relatively good, can be said to be qualified products

Second: Listen! Tap the tile to see if the tapping sound is clear

third: Drip! Drip some water on the surface of the tile to see if there is water seepage. , the fourth measure, check the size of the tile to see if there is any error, etc.

The second measure of material selection and anti-fraud: the quality of stone has an impact

The quality of stone quality directly affects home improvement The effect, decorative stone is generally divided into artificial stone and natural stone, many merchants in order to profit, will be shoddy, take artificial stone to pretend to be natural stone, in fact, we can distinguish artificial stone and natural stone according to the characteristics of ingredients!

Artificial stone has a very unstructured texture because it is counterfeited and the pattern will be single.

Natural stone is just the opposite, it The texture is very rich, very layered, retaining the natural qualities, the pattern is more varied, and irregular

Select the third measure of anti-fraud: check the stability of the keel

The keel is used Supporting the shape, a material for fixing the structure, the keel wood should use the drying material, and it must be fireproof and antiseptic.

Good quality light steel keel He will have a snowflake shape after being galvanized on the surface.

So when we buy the ceiling, we can see if the keel has a snow-like galvanized surface, and the pattern should be clear, the hand feels harder, and the gap is smaller. The keel is a better keel with good quality.

Okay, the above are some pits that can be avoided by decoration materials. If you don’t know anything about this knowledge, you can review it today and write down the precautions. I think the useful little friends can quickly share the dry goods!

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I can also grow vegetables at home, and Haier invents a lot of intelligent vegetable growing artifacts! okorder

The advancement of technology is changing people’s lives at an unprecedented speed, especially the continuous maturity of mobile Internet technology, accelerating the pace of moving towards intelligent students. Starting with smart phones, “smart tentacles” have extended to all corners of society, and all walks of life have been involved in the wave of intelligence. Overnight, smart routers, smart light bulbs, smart bracelets, a series of smart products have sprung up, even seemingly irrelevant to the Internet The vegetables are all intelligent.

The reporter learned that in addition to functional considerations, one of the many R&D concepts of food is to increase the interaction between parents and children and to fill the gap between children and nature. The emergence of a large number of dishes breaks the boundary between the city and nature, allowing children to get in touch with nature at home, feeling the mystery of life growth and the sense of accomplishment of harvesting vegetables in an area of ​​less than 1 square meter. In addition, a lot of dishes advocate the interaction between parents and children, children with their parents accompanied by their own hands to grow vegetables, in the interaction can bring the distance between children and parents.

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Focus: Postmodern tiles will become the terminator of wood flooring okorder

Humanized Ceramics Listed

Once, a film that was being filmed, “Aunt’s Postmodern Life,” evokes the collective taste of the word postmodern. At the same time, it seems that new tiles that are not related to the movie, but are closely related to life, are on the market. Aunt has aunt’s postmodern life, and this time the tiles are also sizzling: we also have postmodern life.

Integration into life, imitation of life, high-end price, is the most important three factors in the post-modernity of tiles. Even, it has already shown a strong limelight called plank flooring.

Postmodern tiles will become wooden floor terminators?

The tile area that visited the building materials market four or five years ago is simply a ‘physical activity’, repeated in a pile of square and square white, square and white materials. What is said to be ‘aesthetic fatigue’, basically the so-called beauty is not felt. At that time, consumers according to their own family needs, pick a medium-sized, and the color of the home is not the same, is the magic weapon in the decoration.

After a few years, the development and consumption of ceramic tiles, after a round of classicism, naturalism, and realism in the market, we are more willing to call it the current trend. Postmodern–post-modern tiles have been able to replace many decorative materials and become an important part of family life. As far as solid wood flooring is concerned, the current tiles have realistically mimicked its color, texture and even specifications. If you judge it visually, this is the tile, which is clearly the solid wood floor! There are even people who choose different flavors like wood grain and red sandalwood. For the home user, the only such imitation wood brick can not meet the solid wood floor, it is the touch, cold and hard. However, before frowning, don’t forget the advantages of being a brick in nature, which is unclear: wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, not wet, easy to maintain, etc.

So, if the price is similar, from a comprehensive consideration, will consumers choose ceramic tiles or solid wood in the future? It is now concluded that the conclusion that the tile should end the era of wood flooring may be early, because under the concept of not postmodern, the home life without floor is probably unacceptable.

Recall that a few years ago, can you accept the tiles from the bathroom, the kitchen to the wall of the home or the entire wall of the study? Now this is not at all rare. Through the use of composite materials, glass, metal and other related materials are matched in the tile-based design, and all kinds of beautiful and unique ceramic tiles have appeared in the most eye-catching and most beautiful home decoration. The finishing touch is on the spot. I thought it was the leather-wrapped background wall that was shocked by the effect of the tile paving; a classical or European mural was actually a masterpiece of the tile. In 2007, the ‘marshmallow’ and ‘bread bricks’ that are closely related to life in the new products are not only materials, but also highlight the taste of life.

Since the tiles are omnipotent in terms of decoration and creativity, then after another three or five years, who can say that tiles will not end the era of wood flooring?

Release date: 2011/11/10 9:59:01

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The market is starting to pick up. A new generation of waterproof flooring is becoming a new selling point for marketing. okorder

After the holiday, the decoration market began to pick up as the temperature rose. Visiting the market, the number of customers choosing materials is gradually increasing. Part of the renovation, the new product, the new color of the floor store decoration work is basically completed.

It is understood that this year, a number of flooring brand stores will launch a new generation of waterproof flooring or increase the waterproofing of the floor. As we all know, water is the natural enemy of the floor. Many customers are very worried about the waterproofness of the floor during the purchase process, which affects the use. The floor store also tries to avoid this deficiency in the sales process. With the gradual maturity of floor waterproofing technology, some floorings with grooved double-layer sealing and bio-wax coating technology will be recommended for use in places such as the living room where there is more water. The store uses these products with good waterproof effect, increases persuasive power, relieves consumers’ concerns, further expands the use of wood flooring in home decoration floor materials, and increases sales of wood flooring.

The focus of home renovation has always been indoors, and outdoor renovations are easily overlooked, especially in wet bathrooms. Some people who are more concerned about it will choose some colored floor tiles, but in any case, the floor tiles give people a feeling of being too cold and less comfortable. In fact, there is another option now, laying the floor on the bathroom. The technology is changing with each passing day, and the solid wood floor with good floor waterproofing effect can also be applied to the bathroom. Indeed, due to the poor waterproof performance of ordinary wooden floors, the water will expand and deform when encountering water. Therefore, many gold collars who insist on high-quality goods have to look down on the wooden floor and fill the bathroom with cold and hard tiles. Or stone.

Now they have a new choice, and the appearance of waterproof solid wood flooring is eye-catching. Because it can withstand the erosion of water for a long time without any trait changes.

Release date: 2012/2/23 15:33:53

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Fu Bing: Attach importance to forestry development and accelerate the upgrading of the flooring industry okorder

Leaders, experts, good afternoon. First of all, on behalf of the Jiangsu Provincial Forestry Bureau, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the opening meeting of the China Floor Entrepreneur Summit and the China Timber Distribution Association Floor Professional Committee.

In recent years, Jiangsu Province and relevant departments have attached great importance to the development of forestry industry, and have achieved a good atmosphere of mutual promotion and benign interaction between forestry industry and ecological construction. The processing of forest products has grown rapidly, not only has not caused the tree to become more and more Less, on the contrary, through the industry, there are more and more trees in Jiangsu Province, and more and more forests are being built. The forest coverage rate increased from 14.8% in 2005 to 20.64% in 2010.

The annual output value of 40 large-scale forestry enterprises in the province has exceeded 30 billion yuan, of which 10 have sales income of more than 1 billion yuan, and more than 5 billion yuan. The largest annual sales revenue of the company exceeds 10 billion yuan.

There are many reasons for the rapid rise of the forestry industry, including a good foundation in the manufacturing industry and a strong overall strength. Nanjing Forestry University, China Academy of Forestry and other scientific research institutes provide strong scientific and technological support for the forestry industry, but I think the most important thing is the talent advantage of our Jiangsu. People are the key to determining a good place, Jiangsu floor Today’s achievements condense a group of other hard work and sweat and wisdom in the flooring industry. On behalf of the Jiangsu Forestry Bureau, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and scholars for making greater contributions to Jiangsu Forestry. . It should be noted that the industrial development still has problems such as the overall level is not strong, the industrial science and technology content is not high, and it also faces unfavorable factors such as international trade protection, which require us to actively respond. The Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government regard innovation drive as the strategy for Jiangsu’s development. This meeting invited a group of experts and scholars to make special reports. We will jointly discuss how to further accelerate the upgrading of the flooring industry and promote the healthy development of the industry.

It is also necessary to open this meeting in time. I believe that your research, exchanges and interactions will make you more clear about the next development strategy, development goals and development ideas. The development of the flooring industry will be more broad. The meeting was a complete success. I wish all entrepreneurs and experts a happy family and a prosperous career. Thank you.

Release date: 2011/11/10 14:40:11

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After the Anxin incident, 75% of respondents were worried that their floor would be “poisonous” okorder

The survey shows: 75% worry that their floor has ‘poison’ 75%, do not consider the inspection of their own floor 50%, do not know the floor material of their own floor 75% do not understand the floor of their own brand survey shows that 75% of respondents said that after the Anxin floor incident I am very worried about whether the quality of my home’s hardcover room is hidden. 25% of respondents said they are not worried at all. 25% of respondents said they would consider checking the floor of their home after the Anxin floor incident. 75% of respondents said they would not send the floor for inspection. 50% of respondents said they don’t know what kind of material is on their floor. 25% is parquet. 25% is laminate flooring. 75% of respondents said they don’t know which brand their floor is using. 25% said it is a brand other than the well-known brand on the market. 25% of the respondents said that there was a problem of formaldehyde pollution in the floor of their hardcover room. 25% indicates that there has been a problem of excessive gaps between the floors. 50% of respondents said that there was no quality problem in the floor of their home. Analysis: It is difficult to guarantee the damage of large consumer rights. More than 70% of consumers do not know what brand of flooring is installed in their hardcover rooms. The data of the survey results show that the results of various well-known brands are selected. ‘0’, how can the famous brand floor that the home decoration will choose or consider in the hardcover room? Although 20% of respondents believe that they choose hardcover rooms because they believe that large-scale purchases will reduce the cost of decoration, which is cheaper than their own decoration, but obviously the number of ways for developers to save money is not what consumers think. same. The floor has no taste, no cracking, no bulging, and these indicators can be placed on the ‘good floor’ label as long as they are all in the consumer’s mind. However, the durability, wear resistance and other properties take time to test slowly. The inspection is very unrealistic for consumers who think that the floor is ‘goodly used’. Just because the ‘unclear brand’ and ‘suspecting’ will open the floor for inspection, it really seems to be a big problem, and the insiders tell us For example, if the quality problem of the Anxin floor is too thin, even if it is tested, it is difficult to be held accountable for the quality standards. The destructive consumers of the floor inspection need to bear the burden, such loss is the majority of consumers are not willing to bear. Release date: 2012/3/5 14:43:35

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