Solid wood floor color difference Solid wood floor installation precautions

Solid floor is purely natural, each piece is different, and because of this change, it is natural, aura, printed board and composite floor Artificially made, it is easy to produce visual fatigue after watching for a long time. In 2017, the popular “Wolf Wolf 2” and “Red Sea Action” and other movie generals are full of handsome gas, and the scars of the soldiers are the most handsome! The color difference of the wooden floor is the most beautiful!

Why there is color difference in solid wood flooring ?

Every floor is Life from the forest, trees growing in every corner have their own “character”. During the growth of trees in large forests, due to the large environment, different places of growth, shady and sunny, the same species in different regions are different, even in the same forest, trees may appear different. Color and texture. The so-called “color difference” means that the color of the same piece of wood is not the same, but the difference is great, but in the whole piece of ground after laying, the color is dark or shallow, which appears in the same color wood. A little difference, and this “must exist” and “normal existence.”

solid wood Is the floor color difference a quality issue?

Because of wood properties The appearance of color difference on solid wood flooring is normal. At present, no matter whether it is a national standard or an enterprise production standard, color difference is not used as a standard for testing quality. The state has no clear regulations on the “color difference” of solid wood flooring. Related solid wood flooring businesses are more frank, strictly speaking, there are no two identical solid wood flooring.

If you care about color, Solid woodWhat can I do with the floor color difference?

1, floor color and Indoor wall, light matching: Try to install the floor with large difference in color on the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed and other places that are not easy to be noticed.

2, the method of mixing the color difference: the same The deeper and lighter floors in the color number are cross-mounted, so that the effect of the installation is uniform, beautiful and natural. If there are more than two rooms, you can install a darker floor and a lighter one. You can also choose to install the living room first, then install the floor with a slightly larger color difference on the bottom of the bed. Where to go.

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Exclusive Secret | 618 Tmall Meijia Retail Ranking

The past 618 years of great promotion, the whole country The e-commerce platform set off a strong price marketing. The home furnishing trend is closely following the trend, which has brought a powerful help to this retail war. Sina Home is the first time to join hands with Tmall Meijia, the exclusive secret 618 under the wave of the national shopping festival, which home brand is the top?

Bathroom Products

The top three competitions in the sanitary industry are fierce. The official flagship store of Jiu Mu has always been the bathroom list. The leader of the single, this time also dominated the list, to find a combination between the “change” of technological innovation and the “unchanged” of the product’s common parts, and won the right to speak in the market. Rose Island bathroom flagship store has risen straight and won the second best result. The official flagship store of Xinhai Jialan is booming and won the third place. Huida’s official flagship store, the four seasons Muge Daxie store has been on the list many times, respectively won the fourth and fifth place.

Residential Furniture

Lin Wood continues to be the top of the furniture brand, the strength is evident. All-Friends Home and Gujia Home ranked second and third respectively in the brand list. Followed by the brand of Genji, Yufan Art, Zhihua Shi, and Yuanshi. The left and right brands have once again entered the industry’s TOP10 list.

Full House Customization

Sofia, which was launched in 2011, took the lead in proposing the concept of “customization” and continuously deepening the strategy of the big home. The products include Sofia’s whole house customization, Simi cabinets, Milano wooden doors, Sofia furniture and other furniture, Providing consumers with a convenient one-stop large-home integrated solution has been recognized by more and more people. This 618-day cat beauty retail list, Sophia furniture flagship store won the championship. 3d wooden door flagship store, exhibition Zhihua flagship store, tata wooden door official flagship store, Shangpin home with official flagship store ranked second to fifth. In the building materials industry, Nobel ceramic tile official flagship store won the first place in the building materials and ceramic tile industry; the first floor industry is obtained by the official flagship store of nature; AIA integrated ceiling flagship store leads other brands and wins integrated ceiling sales The first place on the list; Chenyang Water Paint flagship store won the paint industry sales list; the first place in the wallpaper sales list was won by the flagship store of Mi Su; the best selling Yuba isThe official flagship store of Aopu; in addition, the flagship store of the bunny in the plate is not allowed to take the lead; the first place in the paint list is the Yuhong flagship store; the sales list of the accessories area is also red, and the flagship store is awarded The first place on the list! The overall sales of the whole house is optimistic!

Kitchen Hardware

Ou Lin’s official flagship store topped the kitchen hardware category, using the strength to refresh the new retail list. Promote the development of the industry and enhance the quality of people’s lives through innovative products and services. The official flagship store of Kabe and the official flagship store of Yugao Hardware are ranked second and third respectively in the kitchen hardware retail list. Jiu Mu official flagship store followed, ranking fourth. Moen’s official flagship store won the fifth place.

Door and window

3D wooden door flagship store is extraordinary, constantly striving for excellence, from the third place in May to jump to the top! Zhanzhi Tianhua flagship store and tata wooden door official flagship store achieved good results in the second and third respectively. Shangpin’s original home flagship store and Wangli’s flagship store are still on the list, ranking fourth and fifth. These five brands have held the top five in the door and window retail list!

Overall kitchen cabinet

The list of overall kitchen cabinets is still an old face, and the gold-plated kitchen cabinet flagship store has won the top spot. The official flagship store of Ou Pai followed closely and won the second place. Piano’s flagship store, the pioneer of the global science and art kitchen, rose to the third place. The official flagship store of Smy cabinets and the official flagship store of Shangpin are performing well, ranking the fourth and fifth positions on the list.

Wardrobes & tatami

The wardrobe & tatami brand has also performed well in the whole house customization field. Sophia’s flagship store is not allowed to win the top spot. Shangpin’s official flagship store, the official flagship store of Haolaike, and the flagship store of Baidesheng won the second, third and fourth respectively. The official flagship store of the European faction also won the fifth place in this “killing”!


The ranking of ceramic tile categories has always been very intense. In the 618 war, the Nobel tile official flagship store won the championship. Dongpeng tile official The flagship store fell to the second place, Marco Polo ceramic tile official flagship store, Ou Shennuo tile flagship store, Jane tile flagship store respectively won the third, fourth and fifth.


As a floor The winner of the championship, the official flagship store of nature is still in the 618 list He won the first place. The Del Flooring flagship store won the runner-up this month. The third runner-up was won by the official flagship store of St. Elephant. The official flagship store of Filinger and the flagship store of Bunny won the fourth and fifth best results.

Integrated ceiling

With the increasing demand for home improvement quality, integrated ceilings are increasingly being valued by people. The AIA integrated ceiling flagship store won the first place in this month’s new retail. The Chuchu integrated ceiling flagship store and the Aopu integrated home flagship store together occupy the top three, the mellkit Meierkeite flagship store ranked fourth, the official flagship store of Op Lighting entered the top five.

Coating, latex paint

Coating is the largest product in the family, and many brands have launched a one-stop shop. Heart painting service to attract customers. 618 coating industry is fiercely competitive, Chenyang paint flagship store won the top; Dulux official flagship store, Nippon paint official flagship store, life flagship store, strength is not ordinary, are the veteran of the whole house custom list, they are not proud They are defeated and ranked second, third and fourth respectively. The official flagship store of Sanshu is ranked fifth.


This round 618 is fierce In the price war, the flagship store in the wallpaper field won the first place in the retail list. Ruibao flagship store, Futai home franchise store, and Xinxiang flagship store performed outstandingly, respectively, ranking second, third and fourth respectively. The flagship store is selling well and is listed on the list, ranking fifth.


Op’s official flagship store won the first place in the Yuba list, and the official flagship store of Op Lighting won the second place. The flagship store of lighting electrical appliances won the third place. In the 618 list, the top three ranked the same as the May list, which is the strength of the stick and the trend follow-up. The flagship store in Houston won the fourth place, and the official flagship store of NVC was not far behind, and rushed into the top five.


Plate is the support of many furniture, what good results have been achieved in the “national team” of the 618 plate industry? The flagship store of the Bunny, which is the main paint-free eco-board, still holds the top spot, and the Beijing Top 100 flagship store won the second place. The remaining three: Jieke home flagship store, Yujiaxiang flagship store, Zhengxiang flagship store followed, respectively, won the 345th. The 618 list and the May list have not changed, showing the stability of the sheet industry.


Tmall Meijia 618 added a new paint list, Yuhong flagship store is not allowed, won the first place. The Deco flagship store, the houseguard flagship store, the Lai Shide flagship store, and the house doctor flagship store have outstanding performances, ranking second, third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Accessories section

Indispensable accessories for the home, the 618 list shows good results. The flagship store of Zhongligao is eye-catching and leap to the first place. The flagship store of the house doctors fell to the second place in this round of the list. The flagship store of Deco, the flagship store of Rongjue, and the flagship store of Huangshi artisans, steadily and steadily, ranked third to fifth respectively. #br

Lighting Lighting

The lighting industry should not be underestimated, and the official flagship store of NVC is on sale. In the first place, the official flagship store of Op Lighting has declined slightly. Ranked second. Philips’ official flagship store followed closely, and achieved the third best result. Sanxiong Aurora Lighting flagship store, Matsushita Building Materials flagship store won the fourth and fifth place respectively.

p style=”text-indent:2em;text-align:center;”>
Style Lighting

Lighting is an important means of creating a home personality in addition to lighting. Hilton’s flagship store focuses on all-copper American style, and as the leader, most of them are the first in the style lighting list. Moon Shadow Kaiton Home Flagship Store, Xinteli Home Flagship Store, Shiyuan Home Flagship Store, and designer light flagship stores rushed into the top five.

Switch socket

Switch socket category can be described as a domestic and foreign brand PK contest! The first and second place are the domestic brands from Zhejiang: Zhengtai Electric official flagship store, Bull Electric flagship store, foreign brands Siemens home electrical flagship store, Legrand official flagship store, Schneider Electric official flagship store are ranked Three, four or five.

Smart Door Lock

In the field of door lock hardware, the intelligent door lock that can be fingerprinted has occupied the sales list with unprecedented heat. On the TOP 5 list, only one foreign brand Deschman flagship store is in the third place in sales, and the rest are For domestic brands, they are: kaadas flagship store, loock deer flagship store, smart home smart home flagship store, ksmak gold finger code flagship store, located in the first, second, fourth and fifth.

Security Monitoring

In recent years, security measures such as multi-function surveillance cameras have also been favored by various families. The first place in sales is Joan flagship store, Hikvision official flagship store of fluorite, Haikang The company’s flagship store, Annivel flagship store, and Dua flagship store are ranked second, third, fourth, and fifth respectively.

Hardware Tools

International high-end professional power tool brand worx Wicks flagship store ranked first, its headquarters in Suzhou, China, has established research and development centers in Italy, Australia, the first place is proud Achievements Up to its name; second only to large welding metal Flagship store is located in second and third respectively Ke Maisi to five flagship stores, hardware Long Yun flagship store, Songle flagship store.


Strong and fast-paced life, pets bring happiness, relaxation and pleasure to every family, become a lot An important family member in the family. Headquartered in Shanghai, the flagship store of Pocchi, which has been established for ten years, is the first to be the first! And Huayuan Pet Products Store, Jinduole Flagship Store, Royal PetThe flagship store of the food and food, the official flagship store of Nike is also the sales top TOP 5.


Which festival is the most popular? Don’t worry, Tmall sales data gives you the answer. The German flagship Jiadingna official flagship store, which is known as the “50-year gardening tool expert”, tops the list! In TOP 5, the other four are from domestic brands in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities. They are Hongyue flagship store, Zilewan flagship store, Vientiane update flagship store, and Merlot flagship store.

Domestic Tableware

Eating is a major event for Chinese people. Tableware is also an important part. These stores are listed on the list of domestic food and beverage categories: Fuguang flagship store, Meige home daily flagship store, and biological bioship flagship store. It is the top three of the leaderboards. Relatively larger, the Supor tableware store was only ninth. It can be seen that the competition in the tableware industry is also quite fierce.

Kitchen Cooking

Kitchen cooking is always a highly competitive sales category. In 618, Zhongda promoted, Supor’s flagship store won the top of the Tmall retail list. The carote flagship store, the third-ring flagship store, the Yishang flagship store, and the Huages ​​flagship store are located in the second, third, fourth and fifth places respectively. The official flagship store of the Emperor, which is widely familiar to consumers, is in sixth place.

International Kitchen Supplies

Guess what international kitchen appliances are strong? The answer is – Germany, Germany, or Germany! TOP 3 is a German brand, and the official flagship store of Zwilling, with 300 years of quality legend, ranks first! The flagship store of woll’s flagship store and the thermos division are ranked second and third respectively. South Korean brand Locks and Locks flagship store, British brand josephjoseph home flagship store, German brand wmf flagship store, Japanese brand Tiger Tiger official flagship store, Japanese brand zojirushi Xiangyin official flagship store are located in the fourth to eighth.

Home Daily

Home life is inseparable from umbrellas, glasses, and other small items. Among the various home brands, the official flagship store of bananas from Hong Kong has sprung up everywhere, ranking first in sales! The official flagship store of Hangzhou brand paradise umbrella is second only. In the second place, Jane’s eye protection flagship store, brother’s home flagship store, and Shanshan flagship store are third to fifth.

Featured Crafts

Featured handicrafts are an important part of Chinese traditional culture. The flagship store of Lushan Baojian, the flagship store of Tangli and the flagship store of Shanshan are listed in the top three of the list. These three stores mainly sell traditional martial arts equipment, traditional Chinese cultural gifts and traditional handmade products.

Festival Gifts

I don’t know what to give gifts for the holidays? Tmall tells you the answer: The Palace Museum Wenchuang flagship store ranks first in the gift list, and the Philippines flagship store, the flagship store, the Fu’an flagship store, and the Wenjian flagship store are second only, second. Three, four or five. These brands are mainly selling cultural and creative gifts, wedding supplies, health massage, creative gifts, every time you tangled gifts, you may wish to search for hot products!

Bathroom accessories

According to the sales volume, the hottest bathroom products that users like to buy are: foot bath barrel, towel rack, toilet dredge tool, kitchen bathroom rack Among them, the flagship store of the Centennial flagship selling foot bath barrels and bathing barrels ranked first; while the flagship store, the ecoco Italian cocoa flagship store and the enamel flagship store, which sell kitchen and bathroom racks, ranked second respectively. 4, 5; the main sales of toilet dredge tools in the home flagship store ranked third, it seems that toilet troubles are also a big problem.

Storage finishing

About housework, is it a lot of time and effort to clean? Among the storage and sorting categories, the most popular among netizens is the official flagship store of the good wife who is the main lifting and drying rack. The flagship store is the second best. It is mainly used for cleaning tools and detergents. It mainly stores vacuum bags and various types of Alice home daily flagship store, storage box official flagship store, Xingyou flagship store The third, fourth and fifth.


Compared with the May sales, the Mercury flagship store is still the number one sales, the top spot in the championship. Influenced by the promotion, it changed greatly. In May, the official flagship store of Luolai Home Textiles in the fourth place rose by 2, ranking second. In May, the official flagship store of Fuanna in the eighth place rose by 5, ranking first. Three.

Home Fabric

What can you think of home fabric? Toilet paper, waterproof tablecloth, mat cool mat, sofa cover? The flagship store that sells pure cotton wipes ranks first!The main sales are non-woven, waterproof The flagship store of Zhuyue Pavilion is ranked second, and the flagship store of Yuzhu, which sells mats and cool mats, is second only.

Home Accessories

In addition to photo frames, decorative paintings, ornaments are popular home accessories, you I can’t think of it – the current copper-wood furniture is the most popular, the bronze master flagship store won the 618 big promotion champion, and thebea is very popular among urban youth groups. St. The official flagship store of the Fauvism is ranked second, and the flagship store of Zhuohua is in third place.


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Is the carpet too dirty to affect the health of the child? Teach you how to clean the carpet

  The carpet is the most prone to germs, and the hair on the carpet is easy to hide. In the children’s room, in order to better protect the child, the carpet is usually used. Let’s take a look at the cleaning and maintenance of the carpet that Xiaobian brings to you.
  Children’s room carpet cleaning method

  1, common bacteria and germs of carpets

   easy to breed aphids in the carpet When bacteria are bacteria, children often lie on the ground, and they tend to get bacteria on their hands, if they are accidentally placed in the mouth. The health of children who are plagued by germs.

  2, daily cleaning of the carpet

  Because dust is accumulated in the carpet, it will cause abrasion of the fibers and make the color of the carpet dark, in the halls, corridors and places where the movements are frequent, weekly Vacuum two or three times, and the bedroom should be vacuumed at least once a week. In addition, carpets are the favorite place for mites and bacteria, and frequent dust removal can effectively remove eggs and bacteria hidden in carpet fibers. This is better than cleaning the carpet often.

  3, carpet care points

   Removing smudges is another important aspect of carpet care. The sooner the smudge removal work is done, the better the effect will be. If it is treated for a long time, the stains have penetrated into the fibrous structure of the carpet, which will make the stains that could have been removed become difficult to remove.

   Xiaobian reminds you that in addition to regular vacuuming, you can also lay the carpet after a period of time. Dry cleaning is usually done every two years to ensure that the carpet is always new.

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Lighting options: make life more imaginative

   The current lighting market is very large and very big. Friends who have been to have such experience will not only have enough time to choose the lights, but also have Sufficient physical strength, look up and look up, the brilliance of the top of the head will make you dazzling, confused, and staring at Venus.
   In fact, lighting lighting has become an indispensable part of interior design along with room color, style, texture and other factors, rather than an afterthought. Therefore, before the decoration of the living room, we must agree with the designer to agree on the lighting plan. First, there is sufficient time to select the appropriate lighting, and second, it is in the heart of the market and goes straight to the theme.

  A friend who has undergone a renovation war has a lot of experience in selecting lamps, and the experience of summing up has a taste.

   should not be simple
  The current lamps are really more and more beautiful, the palace-style carved chandeliers are delicate and exquisitely carved; modern style Seven flowers and nine lotus flowers are arranged in a row, the size is orderly, the petals are realistic… But the too complicated or complicated shape will have a feeling of overwhelming and depressing for the small room, plus the air in the north is dry and dusty. Too complicated lamps can be troublesome to clean. Modern people admire simplicity, lamps are the same, simple is not equal to simple, simple style is often more contemporary, coupled with a strong metallic color, is really the finishing touch.

   Convenience and safety
  The bulb is broken is a common thing, and changing the ceiling light bulb is no longer a hassle. It’s better to say that if it’s a little high, it’s not enough to step on a stool. The ladder climbs high, the arm is lifted, the lampshade is removed, and there is a helper… so when choosing the ceiling light It is necessary to consider the convenience of changing the light bulb. If the room is high enough, the chandelier is a good choice. However, it is necessary to ask about the caliber of the cap screw, because some non-standard calibers cannot use energy-saving bulbs. In addition, because the water vapor is large and humid in the kitchen and bathroom, it is also necessary to consider the waterproof problem of the lamp.

  Coordination and unification
  The luminaire is a supplement to the entire living room design, so it must be coordinated in order to respond to each other. Many people like to decorate in the aisle or living room with wrought iron products, such as wrought iron flower rods on the glass door, wrought iron clocks on the wall, and wrought iron dining tables and chairs are also very beautiful, if equipped with a chandelier with a piece of iron pipe material The effect will be very good; and the room with golden handles and golden spotlights, the golden decorative lights are very good. The current room is full of lights in one room, but also pay attention to the uniformity of style, color and style of different functional lamps in the same room.

  The effect and mood light, the most direct function is lighting, but let the light just right to reflect our daily life, is a university to ask. For example, table lamps, different choices, the resulting projection effects and mood will also have many changes: sheepskin lampshade and Japanese paper lampshade texture is light and transparent, soft and elegant light; and the combination of imitation mahogany and rosin jade can turn light into Light yellow, matched with mahogany furniture, antique, can also become a unique decoration and decoration and accompanying furnishings. The ancient Roman-style metal table lamps are themselves a miniature sculpture, which is quite artistic.

  Let’s make the most of your imagination and let the lamps dress up to your home.

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What is the gift for the Spring Festival?

What is the annual ceremony? It is the best gift to share the most authentic and authentic products with the most respected friends and most respected guests. It can truly represent the characteristics of Chongqing people.

What are you going to do? It’s a big problem for everyone, sending relatives, sending leaders, Send a friend… Anyway, all kinds of delivery. Then, as a native of Chongqing, among the many Chongqing specialties, let’s focus on each other!

Hot pot bottom material

To Chongqing cuisine, probably everyone will be the first to think of the spicy hot pot of Chongqing, in addition to eating hot pot, hot pot bottom material is a major feature, whether it is Chongqing locals or foreign friends bring home, are essential . The hot pot bottom material in Chongqing is a wide variety, and the choice of people is dazzling. The following small series will briefly introduce several models:

Rice nest hot pot bottom material —— currently Chongqing hot pot bottom material, including Rich in butter, old hot pot taste, Chongqing’s major supermarkets have their point of sale, every time you pass by, smell the thick butter flavor and drool.

Liu Yishou hot pot bottom material —— currently Chongqing hot pot bottom material, rich in butter, old hot pot taste, Chongqing major supermarkets have their sales points, every time passing by smells thick The thick aroma of butter is drooling.

Chongqing Deyiba Dam old hot pot bottom material —— inheriting the base formula of Chongqing authentic old hot pot, using natural high-quality raw and auxiliary materials to prepare, resolutely implement the first safety and health policy to ensure Each base material allows the user to eat spicy and spicy Chongqing hot pot, while eating at ease.

Finally, don’t forget the authentic Chongqing hot pot sesame oil!


Chongqing people’s favorite “咂巴儿大集, porcelain mouth Chen Twist + Hechuan peach slice + Jiangjin rice candy, whether it is Chinese New Year Family gatherings or gatherings of friends, whether it is together or not, playing or playing mahjong, “咂巴儿 is essential, in addition to all kinds of nuts, these Chongqing specialties are more popular, send a “&巴儿大礼包It is definitely a icing on the cake, people are loved!

Chongqing sausage, Bacon

Sausage and bacon are essential foods for the Chongqing People’s Dinner. Just entering the twelfth lunar month, Chongqing entered the sausage and bacon hot production, the vegetable market, the roadside, also set up a smoked shed, let people feel the breath of the new year. Chengkou “Old bacon follows the folk processing recipe with more than 500 years of history, and is carefully smoked by special traditional techniques. Sausages and bacon also make the northerners love it.

Chongqing Facets

Authentic Chongqing taste, in addition to hot pot?

Full Street Chongqing small noodle restaurant, roadside small noodle stall, a bowl of hot Chongqing hot noodles in the morning, boiling us all day long spirit.

As one of the most representative of Chongqing’s specialties, Chongqing Xiaobian is not the only food that can be eaten in the noodle restaurant, but can be brought to any place in the world. .

Ten cooking art is looking for the top 50 in Chongqing, and the most representative brand of small noodles in the selection: the most important taste, the most authentic, the most healthy, the youngest fashion … … carefully packaged Designed to give you the most authentic Chongqing facets to your loved ones and friends in the most respected way.

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International four luxury bathroom brand introduction

As we all know, the sanitary industry has always been a high-involvement, low-profile industry. Maybe you know the bag luxury goods GUCCI, jewelry luxury SWAROVSKI, perfume brand Dior, but when it comes to bathroom luxury, what brand can you think of when you blurt out? Xiaobian search intestine scraping belly, rummaging the cabinet, left comparison right To present the following four luxury bathroom brands for everyone. (Note: The following rankings, in no particular order)

Laufen & mdash; Europe’s top ceramic sanitary ware brands

LAUFEN, founded in 1892, is a brand of sanitary ware from the Alps. In its more than 120 years of development, it has led the trend of bathroom design with its unique inspiration and passion. In the perfect cooperation with many famous architects and designers all over the world, we are committed to pouring our feelings and understanding of bathing culture into every product of Laufen, so that every customer can experience its perfection. Design and luxury unique product experience.

"Swiss Laufen" The name is as loud as a Swiss army knife. In its 123 years of glorious history, Laufen’s several acquisitions and strategic cooperation are particularly important, including: the acquisition of the Williamsburg and Gmunden plants in Austria with a history of more than 200 years of ceramic production in 1967; and 1991 Joined the Czech Zenoimo and Bechnee factories; in 1990, cooperation with famous design companies “Porsche Design”. These excellent production sites and partners guarantee the high quality of Laufen products.

In the field of technology, Laufen invented the most advanced injection casting method in the 1980s. In the field of production design, Laufen was invented in 1963. The world’s first wall-mounted toilet; in 1999, the first floor-standing basin Alessi Tam Tam was produced; in 2013, the revolutionary ceramic material —— blue diamond ceramic series was launched. At present, Swiss Laufen expands more professional production lines, including: sanitary ware, bathtub, bathroom furniture, faucet shower series and bathroom accessories, which basically cover the whole bathroom area.

In 2005, Laufen officially entered China. As the only ceramic sanitary ware brand in China that insists on local production in Europe, it leads the new trend of simple and luxurious bathroom culture with its elegant product series, allowing Chinese consumers to appreciate the new luxury bathroom life.

German Contemporary (Dornbracht) & mdash; Bathrooms Rolls-Royce

In 1950, Aloys F. Mr. Dornbracht founded the contemporary (DORNBRACHT) in Germany. After more than 60 years of development, German contemporary has become the world’s leading aristocrat. It is known as the leading company. Rolls-Royce leads the fashion trend and witnesses one after another. Miracle.

Remember the epoch-making faucet series — 2000 series? This is designed by Aloys F.Dornbracht at the age of 77 with his son Helmut. Amazing, it predicts the trend of the 21st century, reflects the modern design, no matter from which point of view, has a very smooth line. Today, at the coffee shop on the 54th floor of Shanghai Jinmao Tower, the bathroom is still using this faucet.

(Picture) 1969 DORNBRACHT designed “2000 series leading forwards reflect the trend of the 21st century

Germany Contemporary positioning is closely related to its high quality. The contemporary has always adhered to 100% original design style, no modification to the design drawings, and always adhere to the cooperation with world-class masters, each new product takes several years to come out, guaranteeing the luxury faucet standard. Since entering the Chinese market in 2002, it has always cooperated with China’s top projects, with major customers being super five-star hotels and super luxury homes.

(Photo) Dornbracht has won the favor of the world’s top hotels with its excellent reputation and design. Its IMO series of bathrooms showcases the personal life concept that Beijing W Hotel respects.

(Photo) The LULU faucet that won the “IF Design Award” is uniquely positioned to break through the traditional straight line design and complement the peaceful and panoramic panoramic bathroom space of Park Hyatt Ningbo.

Currently, Dornbracht has only one factory in Germany around the world, and because it is not a listed company, Dornbracht can focus more on the quality and design of the product, even Smaller parts are also sourced locally in Germany, ensuring 100% German blood. Dornbracht can even be tailored to the customer’s requirements, which in itself gives customers a sense of honor.

Today’s Dornbracht not only incorporates design into the faucet, but also puts forward the idea of ​​”Culturing Life.” Through the nourishment of water and body to the body and mind, Dornbracht created the artistry of household goods, created a luxurious and elegant bathroom culture, and created an endless pursuit of elegant life.

GESSI & mdash; world-class superbrand

1992, Umberto · Czech Mr. Shi (Umberto GesSi) was founded in Gessi Spa on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, in the context of the stagnant development of the sanitary industry. Although only 20 years old, GESSI’s development speed is shocking. In 2008, GESSI’s sales have exceeded 100 million euros, 70% of sales are from exports, and currently employs 500 people.

For more than 20 years, Gessi Spa has focused on the design and manufacture of bathroom and kitchen and furniture items. Its unique production philosophy and groundbreaking product design have enabled GESSI to create a world-class super brand (The Superbrands Organization) in a very short time. Today, the Gessi brand has been recognized as synonymous with the world’s most extraordinary bathroom design and front-end technology, and its products have been widely used in world-renowned high-end hotels, spas, resorts, yachts and private homes.

Adhering to 100% GESSI made in Italy, GESSI products range from kitchen and bathroom faucets to advanced shower and spa systems; from bathroom ceramic ware to bathroom furniture; From bathroom softening to essential oils, more than 6,000 products create unlimited possibilities for kitchen and bathroom space. Whether it’s design and function, or sensory and usage considerations, GESSI gives the user and the space of their place the greatest attention.

Today, Gessi products have won numerous international design awards. In 2008-09 Gessi was selected as the Superbrands Organization, and in the same year, the famous red dot was won. Design Awards! Today, GESSI is highly regarded around the world as a super brand that has been successfully presented to the world.

Villeroy-Boch & mdash; European bathroom jewels

To talk about the sanitary industry today The long brand, Villeroy-Boch, deserved. Founded in 1748 in Europe, when most of the people were still working in the manufacturing industry, the Baohe family began to implement the early industrial production structure. Up to now, the enterprises created by the Baohe family and the Weiluwa family have been inherited for eight generations. As the company’s basic program has been used up to now, it has led the development and growth of Weibo.

In the 267-year storm, Villeroy & Boch always maintains high quality and cost-effective products, and 8 generations of family members continue to practice in product innovation, although early Europe There are no innovation awards, but Weibao has won numerous awards at numerous international exhibitions and trade shows. Undoubtedly, the charm of Villeroy is derived from its innate artistic talent. Since the mid-19th century, Villeroy & Boch has cooperated with artists, drafters and designers from all over the world. Helping Villeroy & Boch International further sing internationally in various fields such as product aesthetics, fashion trends, and life concepts.

In 1846, as a porcelain supplier that has long been known in Europe, Villeroy & Bolton opened up a whole new field &mdash at the request of the market; the German Villeroy tile production business started. With its high quality and exquisite design, Viveyard Tiles was quickly applied by various commercial sectors at the time, such as the Bolshoi Theatre, the Metro in Hamburg, the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Brazil, and the tunnel under the Hudson River in New York. Qingdao’s German clubs, etc. In addition, the Titanic’s first class of magnificent, elegant and elegant tiles is derived from the Villeroy "Mettlacher Platten series.

In the second half of the 19th century, the demand for hygiene became more and more demanding, when the two leaders Eugene · Eugen Boch and Alfred &middot Alfred Villeroy began to realize the business opportunities hidden in private bathrooms. Since then, bathroom tiles and wash basins have been put into production, and Villeroy & Boost has also begun to introduce the concept of a private space such as a bathroom into Europe. In 1975, Villeroy & Bochco worked with the world-famous “Design Geek Luigi” and “Luigi Colani” to create a brand new bathroom concept that is people-oriented and based on human needs. Today, Villeroy & Boch is still persistent in providing and advocating a comfortable and high-end European lifestyle concept

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How much fat is the Indian sanitary ware market?

In the past 5-6 years, the Indian sanitary ware market has shown a rapid growth trend. Many brands have emerged in the market, and international and domestic brands are competing for PK. However, the huge market group is difficult to manage, and the low-priced goods emerging in the market interfere with the market order. From the perspective of market value, the formal brand has been recognized by the public, but the temptation of low prices has greatly occupied a large amount of sales.

The rise of the Indian real estate industry and institutional organizations has greatly stimulated the demand for sanitary ware markets, and the demand for hygiene and sanitary ware has grown stronger. According to statistics, the sanitary industry in India will show a growth trend from 2012 to 2018.

The Indian sanitary ware market has been growing since 2010 and it is expected that this momentum will not weaken by 2016. The growth of the sanitary ware market accounted for 45% of the entire home furnishing industry, with rapid growth. International brands such as Lejia, TOTO and GROHE occupy more than 60% of the market, mainly capturing the mid- to high-end market in India.

One-stop shopping and perfect bathroom solutions:

Initially, Indian brands dominated the market, but How can major international brands let go of this emerging market? The concept and quality of the bathroom brought by international brands continue to impact Indian companies. While people are paying more and more attention to personal hygiene, they also seem to prefer foreign brands. People prefer the one-stop shopping concept advocated by international brands and the proposed bathroom solutions.

Water-saving bathroom:

India has a large population and is in a tropical climate. The bathroom space is also a large water user. Therefore, compared with those products with large water consumption, people prefer the sanitary products with environmental protection and water saving features.

High-tech products:

The pursuit of high technology is not a national feature, but a trend of globalization. Smart sanitary wares are constantly fermenting in China, and in Asian countries such as India. At present, high-tech sanitary products account for 10%-12% of the entire sanitary ware industry in India.

The market in India is still very large. It is not mentioned in the countryside. Looking at the families of the city alone, one out of every five families has no toilet or toilet. Looking at this data alone, I can think of the huge market. If you want to count the needs of people to replace the high-end sanitary ware products, damage repurchase products and redecoration products, it is incalculable and unimaginable in the future.

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China’s ceramic tile market is full of fierce competition under the international wave

Under the wave of internationalization, the domestic ceramic tile industry has never been a single regional development. As a traditional building materials industry, the struggle between foreign brands and local brands in the ceramic tile market has never stopped. With a large population and huge consumer demand, China is also ravaged by many foreign brands. From the beginning to the end, the market is in full swing and the ceramics industry has a strong smell of gunpowder.

Under the new economic normal, the ceramic industry’s “gunpowder flavor is more intense than ever, except for the domestic brands’ competition for the development of the land.” Foreign brands are also eyeing. What’s more, consumers’ trust in foreign brands is better than their own brands. The current situation is grim, and local tile brands are the time to reflect on themselves.

Foreign ceramic tile enterprises enter the domestic market, and the impact on local ceramic tile enterprises can not be described as small. Therefore, local ceramic tile enterprises at this moment need to improve their R&D strength and brand effect. Get the chips that survive in the tile market. In the future market environment, brand marketing will become the mainstream of the entire ceramic tile industry. Local ceramic tile enterprises need to make their own brands familiar with consumers through various channels, and establish the image of the ceramic tile brand in the hearts of consumers. The long-term development of China’s ceramic tile industry.

Local tile brands actively learn from experience

In terms of brand building, local ceramic tile companies need to learn from foreign ceramic tile brands. In terms of the need for local tile companies to accumulate network resources in the process of development, on the other hand, ceramic tile companies need to invest a lot of financial and human resources in publicity. For example, in the CCTV golden file for advertising, although many people are now using the network, but for some third- and fourth-tier cities and rural areas, TV is still the mainstream, high-frequency broadcast, often won a good reputation.

Of course, for local ceramic tile enterprises, it is necessary to combine the development of the enterprise itself to formulate a propaganda model suitable for the enterprise itself, and must not blindly copy other people’s successful experiences, otherwise it will be counterproductive. . It is believed that through such efforts, in the future development process, more local ceramic tile enterprises will not only be able to firmly occupy the domestic market, but also be able to go out of the country to shine.

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Lightweight Technology won the Best SaaS Platform of the 2019 Cloud Awards

Since its establishment in 2015, Lightweight Technology has been deeply cultivating independent research and development of container technology cloud platform R&D and industry cloud solutions, integrating industry applications and cloud ecology to create the Lightweight CyberSquare® container cloud platform, finance, power, energy, industry. The overall solution for the Internet of Things, industrial parks and other industries, combined with a number of national invention and creation patents, won the high-tech enterprises of Zhongguancun and the national high-tech enterprises in 2019. Based on the outstanding performance of Lightweight Technology in the field of cloud applications, in the 2019 China SaaS Application Conference, the “SaaS Platform Award” was won in the 2019 Cloud Awards, and Shao Changyi, CEO of Lightweight Technology, was awarded the “Outstanding SaaS Industry Award”.

Lightweight Technology and Shao Changyu Award Certificate and Trophy

From May 15 to 16, 2019, the CSIC 4th SaaS Application Conference was held in Shanghai. Under the guidance of the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute and the Software and Information Service of the Shanghai Economic and Information Committee, the conference was jointly organized by the China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance in conjunction with the Shanghai Software Industry Association and the Top Exhibition. As an industry event in the field of SaaS, the event stood at the top of the cloud era for years. This year’s conference, with the theme of helping enterprises digital transformation, invited many leading companies and industry leaders including Ali, Tencent, Baidu and Huawei to attend the conference. . As a container cloud platform innovation enterprise and excellent service provider, Lightweight Technology attended the conference and won the “SaaS Platform of the Year” in the Cloud Awards. The CEO of Shaoyuan Technology won the “SaaS Industry Outstanding Persons” Grand prize.

CSIC 4th SaaS Application Conference


Liu Shanquan, Director of Software and Information Services Division of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Secretary-General of China Cloud System Alliance, Special Expert of National Thousand Talents Program, and Yu Baojing, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Software Industry Association, were invited to attend the conference and delivered speeches. In his speech, Dr. Shen Yushi pointed out that in the wave of the Internet era, SaaS enterprise application services are rapidly shaping the digital transformation of enterprises. China’s cloud computing has gone through the first decade, and the three cloud service models IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS have undergone profound changes during this period. The IaaS technology is gradually matured and the application scenarios are rich. PaaS reshapes the enterprise IT architecture to achieve rapid iteration and intelligent development and operation. SaaS helps users implement subscriptions and software out-of-the-box in the cloud to fully realize intelligent business processes. We believe that companies need to combine the next generation of information technology to create integrated cloud management and improve enterprise efficiency and management capabilities, which has become the key to market success.

Speech by Dr. Shen Yushi, Secretary General of China Cloud System Alliance

Dr. Shen Yushi also said: The setting of the Cloud Award is to recognize the advanced models and outstanding breakthroughs in the field of SaaS services, which are highly representative and authoritative in the industry. As an important enterprise in the cloud system alliance, Lightweight Technology continues to develop container technology and cloud platform research and development, deepen the enterprise-level cloud service market, and combine the comprehensive application of cloud computing, Internet of Things and big data with real industry appeals. Lightweight Technology has established a well-known reputation in key industries such as finance, insurance, energy, smart cities, and space remote sensing. The light yuan technology won the cloud award award, which is deserved. The winners of the conference were Huawei Cloud Market, Tencent Music, Tencent TAPD, Baidu and Aridin Ding.

Lightweight Technology won this award. It is also the full performance of industry and market recognition in cloud computing and cloud applications after the 2019 annual real-effects project of China Open Source Cloud Computing. Lightweight Technology has always adapted to technology and market trends, and the cloud platform is deeply integrated with industry applications to truly meet the precise needs of the company’s three core elements of technology, business and scenarios. As a leading cloud computing service provider in China, Lightweight Technology has long been focused on providing enterprise cloud solutions for enterprise users. The light yuan cloud platform is deeply customized and developed on the basis of Kubernetes and OpenStack versions, and integrates the micro-service integration platform independently developed by Lightweight, and forms a complete, scalable, hybrid cloud management and micro-application unified management with mainstream open source micro-service applications. The platform realizes centralized centralized control of mixed heterogeneous IaaS and PaaS, and provides cloud computing basic resources and services such as virtual host, software-defined network, and elastic storage, and provides application runtime management, continuous clustering, continuous delivery, and application template based on container technology. Platform-as-a-service such as deployment and middleware can also fully support related business services such as space-based information big data mining and processing, GIS services, and industry professional data analysis services.

Cloud Awards Ceremony

Lightweight’s latest cloud product CyberSquare® supports cloud native architecture, fully supports Spring Cloud, Dubbo and other application architecture modernization and development process agility, helps traditional enterprise IT business realize micro-service transformation, optimize traditional IT industryBusiness process, to achieve scientific restructuring. The product is built around the life cycle management of enterprise applications, helping enterprises to quickly build cloud applications, realizing micro-service transformation and DevOps landing, creating a powerful digital driving force for core businesses, and helping more and more traditional enterprises, government departments, small and medium-sized enterprises. Internet companies have completed their digital transformation.

Shao Changyu, founder and CEO of Lightweight Technology, said: The deepening of cloud computing has risen to the national strategic level. In the future, more traditional enterprises will strongly promote the cloud transformation of the industry. PaaS is the positive solution for the digital transformation of the industry, and it is an important link between IaaS and SaaS. With the continuous reduction of IT costs and the increasing efficiency of business Internetization in various industries, the demand for PaaS is increasing. The current deployment of PaaS platforms is rapidly spreading in data centers, Internet of Things, intelligent industrial manufacturing, and edge technologies. With the development of its own PaaS cloud platform and business accumulation, Lightweight Technology continuously radiates the cloud market and comprehensively serves enterprise-level industry application cloud transformation.

Founder and CEO of Lightweight Technology Shao Changyu


For the current cloud computing market and enterprise development, the company clearly stated that with the maturity of cloud technology and the clear application scenarios, the cloud platform integrity has emerged as a development trend, cloud platform differences. The ultimate appeal is to solve the real problems in the industry. All cloud services will become a key factor in the platform, and more and more enterprises are beginning to choose a platform based on the platform for digital construction. CyberSquare® provides full-stack cloud services covering IaaS and PaaS, providing comprehensive support and management from the underlying resources to the upper-layer business applications. After years of deep industry cultivation, Lightweight Technology has accumulated rich experience in cloud platform implementation and operation and maintenance in vertical industries such as finance, energy, power and aerospace, and has solved the problems encountered by customers in these industries. It also brings considerable economic benefits to customers.

According to Gartner’s forecast, the compound growth rate of the PaaS market will reach 18.24% by 2020, which is second only to IaaS, and will reach 20.8 billion US dollars by 2020. Entering the cloud computing 2.0 and big data era, enterprise cloud applications and business digitalization reform have become the focus of attention in various industries. Compared with IaaS services, PaaS services will form a stronger business viscous for application developers, and more focus on building and forming a close industrial ecosystem. The key needs of enterprises have promoted the implementation of PaaS services. The government has continued to introduce favorable policies, and the cloud computing standard system has been promoted and improved. The future development and prospects of the PaaS industry will surely enter a period of rapid development. As an innovative practitioner of enterprise cloud and intelligent cloud platform, Lightweight Technology always supports the cloud original concept, and utilizes the technical advantages of its own PaaS cloud native platform to cooperate with industry ecology, combining technology, business scenarios and product customization capabilities to help enterprises. Application development is more agile and operation and maintenance is more intelligent.

Introduction of Lightweight Technology Co., Ltd.

In August 2015, Lightweight Technology was founded in Beijing. The founding team came from the core research and development department of Microsoft Cloud Computing. The management team has the National Thousand Talents Plan and Beijing Sea. Many experts and high-level talents such as experts and 500 top executives. Since its establishment, the company has successively won the title of high-tech enterprise, a number of intellectual property patents, the leading Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, cloud computing products, outstanding innovation enterprises of industry, education and research, 2018 International Communication Exhibition Excellent Platform Award, CIIC Metalworking Award and other honors. Focusing on industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, smart city, space remote sensing, enterprise-class container cloud research and development, Lightweight Technology has a strong container cloud industry solution capability, providing full lifecycle management for enterprise application cloudization, automation orchestration, health monitoring DevOPS, micro-service governance capabilities inject traditional industry IT changes, explore innovative business focus on the business itself to promote the integration of new areas and new technologies. CyberSquare®, a lightweight container cloud platform based on Docker technology, is a one-stop full-cycle management for application services, enabling cross-cloud platform, cross-language, cross-operating system, and enabling enterprise digital transformation. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Air conditioning in the summer, the new wind can make the comfort and upgrade

The hot summer days have already come to the surface. The days when you are eating air-conditioning and eating watermelons are always very pleasant. However, the feeling of each air-conditioned room is very different, some are relatively dry, some are very comfortable and pleasant. The difference comes from the fresh air system, an artifact that has become popular in the home improvement market in recent years.

What is the fresh air system?

The fresh air system has been popular in China in recent years, but the history of retrospectives has been in existence for decades, initially from Europe and America. The family has begun to spread. Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to air quality problems. About 80% of people’s lives are spent indoors. Long-term in a non-ventilated environment, the human body is prone to oxygen deficiency and other phenomena, and the fresh air system is solving this problem, and the air in the air-conditioned room is more comfortable by increasing the indoor oxygen content.

For families with central air conditioning or floor heating systems, indoor air circulation is a dilemma. Opening windows does not save energy, but closing the windows is too dry and stuffy. With the fresh air system, this dilemma can be solved because the full heat exchanger can complete the indoor and outdoor air circulation while retaining the temperature and humidity in the air. At the same time, some fresh air, such as Vernon’s products are equipped with F9 filter, which enhances the effect of air purification and effectively removes harmful pollutants.

How much difference does it take to open a new wind in the summer?

First, come from comfort Look, the filter function of the fresh air can effectively filter the impurities emitted by the air conditioner and the dust, PM2.5, etc. in the room to keep the air fresh. The indoor and outdoor air convection function of the fresh air can achieve long-term 24-hour ventilation while closing the window. The confined environment can cause discomfort to the human body, such as dizziness, headache, eye swelling and other physical diseases, and also become the best living space for fungi, bacteria, mites and microorganisms. This is a good contrast. In terms of air humidity, the new wind also plays a huge role. Especially women who love beauty, often worry that the air-conditioned room is too dry, causing dry skin and makeup, while the fresh air system can quietly maintain a good humidity value for the air-conditioned room, so that the comfort can be upgraded again.

Secondly, the impact on the air conditioning refrigeration effect. In the past, some customers worried that the opening of fresh air in air-conditioned rooms would affect the cooling effect of air conditioners. This pain point is indeed common in some fresh air systems because of the thermal efficiency of new fans. It is understood that the thermal efficiency of the German original imported fresh air system of Vernon is as high as 92%. In comparison, this value can ensure that the cooling effect of the indoor air conditioner is not affected, and the air-conditioned room is comfortable and healthier.

How powerful is the function from the Vaughan Fresh Air System in Germany?

The recoVAIR full heat exchange new fan is imported from Germany and comes standard with F9 particulate filter, which can effectively remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, bathroom odor and other air pollutants in the air. In addition to the uninterrupted operation of the Vaughan fresh air system, the heat recovery rate of the heat exchanger is as high as 92%. The intelligent control system can help the VECO recoVAIR full heat exchange new fan to automatically control the ventilation volume to ensure a suitable indoor content. Oxygen content. 24h*7 days of timing programming function, can automatically run according to their own schedule, switch back and forth in multiple modes. Last year, Weineng introduced a new style of decentralized rooms, which means that families that have already been renovated can also install such a new air system to bring more comfort to quality life.

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