Real Estate meets drinking water purifier industry usher in a new direction

[ is With the domestic economy growing, while consumption levels are also constantly upgrading. Water as a daily necessities of life, is essential. So the question becomes, water pollution is also very serious in today’s society, which gives the whether the water purification industry has brought new opportunities?

real estate meets drinking water usher in a new direction (Source network)

In 1977, at the “United Nations Water Conference,” issued a stern warning to the world: water will soon become a profound social crisis next crisis after the oil crisis, and that is water.

January 18, 1993, forty-seventh United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution to determine the annual March 22 as “World Water Saving Day.”

In China, drinking water safety has become related to people’s livelihood, related to the future development of events. Thus, both from a global perspective, or from the Chinese domestic perspective, the safety of drinking water for the people have put forward higher requirements. And specific to each of us ordinary people, the water is with clothing, food, shelter, such as the demand is the most basic, it is so straightforward.

Here we talked about another basic human needs – “live” in demand. “Housing” refers to housing that is natural, there is room to call home. Today, the real estate hot pursuit for strong people can be seen “live” this need, but the real estate industry so the competition is fierce. How to innovation, creativity, make their property more attractive and selling, no doubt so that each of the developers brains. In front of the same conditions of quality, price, location and so on, one more highlight creative and innovative bound to be more of a concern, because it is more likely a concern to bring extraordinary results.

In addition to the pre-selling, drinking water for the latter part of the real estate property management is a long-term growth points of interest.

is a long-term property management, property management is good or bad no doubt greatly affect the property’s reputation. If you install drinking water systems in their respective quarters, equal to build a small water treatment plant in the district, provide high-quality, healthy water directly to households, both up for the lack of property funds management, while also increasing the safety of the community, are bound to It will increase the reputation for real estate, create word of mouth.

When the real estate encountered drinking water, when the “drinking” and “live” the basic needs of the perfect combination of these two people, one of the opportunities for real estate developers who have great vision of nature is self-evident.

safe drinking water for people’s lives is very important, water purifier companies can do a good job of this, guarantee good product quality. Combined with changes in the market to the real estate industry to respond to future trends.

Four points good word of mouth marketing to lay the foundation for the water purifier sales

{ is ] saying, Gold silver cup as word of mouth. A If the water purifier business have a good reputation, the products of natural easily accepted by consumers and support. So, agents how to do word of mouth marketing? The industry believes that the need to do the following four points.

four points good word of mouth marketing for the water purifier sales basis (Photo from Internet)

a. Selecting the right system to promote the object

the so-called select the right target that includes two aspects: First, selecting the right word of mouth marketing, brand communication objects. Word of mouth before carrying out the operators according to their own brand positioning, features, price, and other characteristics, selecting the right brand communication objects, that is to say the spread of the object as possible consistent with the brand image. As the “double water” household water purifier series of high-end consumer groups, its range of word of mouth is concentrated in the vicinity of high-end residential real estate. Second, select the right brand of word of mouth marketing potential consumers. With the popularity and raise awareness of people’s living standard water purification, the water purifier consumer groups gradually younger trend. Water purification agents to join if you want to expand the scope of the spread of word of mouth marketing, consumer groups emerging as the focus of enterprises to promote the crowd. Only selecting the right word of mouth marketing and brand identity propagation according to industry objects and is spread when an object, word of mouth marketing can only be targeted, the right remedy, achieve a great multiplier effect.

II. Quality-based voluntary spread

so-called “sell themselves”, if not so that consumers recognized quality and service, which has become a word of mouth marketing “without trees , without water. ” The most critical basic word of mouth marketing success is the quality of products and services should be protected. As long as the quality of products and service protection, the need to spread information true and reliable, in order to inspire people to take the initiative to voluntarily spread behavior. This requires enhanced sense of quality products, depending on the product quality of life, strict product various production processes to eliminate product defects at the source; in the service, and continuously improve the sincere service system, to provide consumers with fast quality services; official because water purifier on the quality of products and services continue to increase investment in order to become one of the most favorite brand agents to join.

III. Brand story vividly

water purifierDomestic development has been more than twenty years, with the rapid increase in water purifier manufacturers, has entered the era of competitive buyer’s market. To achieve the desired effect of word of mouth marketing, if not their own distinctive characteristics is difficult to occupy high ground in many brands of air. In this regard, the first water purifier products or services have a distinct personality, with a clear identity apart from its competitors in terms of quality, appearance, use, performance, price and so on; second is to have a vivid image of the brand story as word of mouth spread entry point.

fascinating, vivid, realistic people tend to be more brand story touched the hearts of consumers, people can enhance memory of the brand impression. This requires water purifier manufacturers, agents joined timely summarized some of the real and typical stories and brand-related arise during the product promotion, there is provided a vivid image for the future spread of word of mouth marketing material.

IV. Consumer experience true feelings

in order to know whether the products and services provided to meet the needs of consumers, the best way is to let the consumer experience. With the rise of the consumer experience, more and more water purification agents to join the consumer experience has been incorporated into the daily work. Consumer experience, as the name suggests is a kind of new consumption patterns by consumers try out merchandise, the use of direct experience feelings of commodities, to lead a new consumer goods. This consumption pattern is marketing innovation, has been widely welcomed by consumers. Experience consumption allows consumers to really feel the authenticity of the products and services, the products and services generate a sense of trust and a sense of recognition, lay the foundation for the next step of word of mouth marketing strategy.

word of mouth marketing for water purifier manufacturers, joined agents is very important, especially now that advertising everywhere, the rapid spread of modern information society, word of mouth is particularly valuable. Water purification companies to do word of mouth marketing, which helps to save the cost of advertising, but also enhance the brand image and lay the foundation for sales. (Source: Sea water purifier He)

Internet booster water purification industry breakthrough innovation

[ is ], driven by the Internet and other emerging technologies, domestic traditions water purifier industry has also been an unprecedented development opportunity, “Internet + water purifier” concept began to be more people recognized and accepted, water purification companies use the Internet for research and development of new technology, new product applications, also made outstanding progress.

Internet booster breakthrough innovation (Photo from Internet)

Internet booster water purification industry breakthrough innovations

Industry sources said that since the Internet + since the government work report is written by the great concern of the community, promote the further development of the Internet has also become an important part of “thirteen five-Year plan” of various industries and enterprises should strive to grasp the advantages of the Internet, in particular to play their respective potential areas by the depth of integration to promote the transformation and upgrading of economic structure. Industry sources said that under the policy support and industrial innovation-driven, more and more companies increasingly rely on the advantages of clean water and the convenience brought by the Internet, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness of the brand, to upgrade provides the basis and premise.

water purification industries and enterprises should first strengthen understanding and awareness of the Internet, the face of new forms, learn new trends with their own situation and characteristics, reasonable manner, channels upgrading. Such as water purification enterprises should establish a sound system of rules, water purification equipment products are regularly updated and adjusted, on the production line, process management can learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries, water purifier enterprises should establish a cross-border thinking, attention brought by the Internet sharing the spirit, adhere to drive forward innovation, pioneering the development of a new realm.

opportunities of the time to improve their core competitiveness

Faced with the rapid development of Internet, water purification company ushered in the opportunity but also ushered in the challenge, how to make their own to keep long-term vitality and competitiveness , companies need clean water constantly thinking, keep trying. To this end, each company made several coping strategies:

First: to improve product quality and service quality. Want to seize the hearts of consumers, the key lies in water purification companies to provide quality products and perfect after-sales service. Good product quality and good experience and will always be to get consumers to choose the most convenient way;

Second, the emphasis on brand image to build. Water purification business, the majority of water purifier dealers should strengthen their own productsDifferences cards to build, to highlight their different markets with other brands; in addition, but also learn the aid of print media, electric media, Internet and other channels of publicity, put in effect for regular monitoring and summary;

Third, to cultivate a professional marketing team. Water purifier manufacturers and the general sales agents should actively cultivate professional marketing team, the development of core agency personnel, to expand the market, maintaining customer and so play a role models.

age of the Internet is full of opportunities and challenges of the times, the water industry in the future will become increasingly intense level of competition. Only through efforts to embrace change “Internet + water purifier” brought to actively cultivate their core competitiveness in order to occupy a place in the future development.

Guard against waste of water! Water purifier "waste water rate" can not be ignored

[ is ] Today, the demand for safe drinking water is ordinarily resident in the increasingly intense, many families are forced to install the water purifier. And although the water purifier can eliminate some of the impurities to a certain extent, but but serious waste of water resources. It is understood that a glass of pure water will produce three cups of tail water, so water purifier also has another notoriety – “Wastewater is.”

guard against waste of water! Water purifier “waste water rate” can not be ignored (Photo from Internet)

scale over billions of water waste

at the initial stage of development, according to experts predict future market space will be more than one thousand billion. Among them, water purification equipment is divided into “microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis,” the three technology and “reverse osmosis” is the mainstream water purification technology to purify water pollution is serious and complex, although to some extent.

But the industry to remind consumers in the purchase reverse osmosis water purifier, should consult a “waste ratio.” Although reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers to purify the ultimate named, but there are also “waste water” problem. General reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier waste water ratio is 1: 3. Little image that is out of every 1 cup of pure water, waste water will lose 3 cups. Family as an example: we purify drinking water through water purification, each drank 100 liters of purified water, but hidden behind that 300 liters of water is lost as waste water.

a domestic RO membrane manufacturers staff said that the current use of reverse osmosis water purifier RO membrane of domestic and foreign brands are different, but the quality (desalination rate) or less, water purification and waste water the ratio is generally about 1: 3, but the market is also claimed that 6: 1. In this regard, the industry believes that some manufacturers do not rule out false propaganda, and some reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers water purification and waste water though the proportion is high, but they are at the expense of water quality, the cost of membrane life.

water purifier “waste water rate” can not be ignored

According to statistics of the National Bureau of Comprehensive Development Ministry of Water Resources, 2015 National Household has amounted to about 25 million units a year waste water of about 2.3 billion cubic meters! In this regard, February 5, 2015 People’s Daily, “China water purifier tail staggering waste water”, June 30, 2015 economic Information Daily “domestic water purifier market regulationMold will exceed one hundred billion wastewater rate can not be ignored, “CCTV” common concern “Beijing TV” side “have also been reported in the waste water problem.

Ru-NPC Choi noted: “Now by the drafting and content GB / T19249-2003 national standard household water, i.e., the manufacturers have never absence stakeholders, is never mentioned in the specification of the key” water efficiency “, with only suitable for desalination index of” recovery “is not less than 30% to fool consumers and escape regulatory state.”

society “Vendors need to promote healthy concept of water, reached sales purposes, many sellers do not mention the end user the whereabouts of water, when installed by the draft tube directly into the sewer, the manufacturer should bear the escape responsibility, all earned pours, but it is the damage to national interests and the interests of consumers. “

now whether approval of national standards will waste a lot of water, it is not known. National People’s Congress Exposition of financial advice: “should clear the nature of household water is sub-quality water, should have the tail water collection and utilization functions, should be installed in place is a complete product, excellent water should be done with excellent, dual use” water efficiency “should be 100 percent zero emissions of waste water a defective product on the market can not.”

Water purification agents cause the failure of the five most direct reason

[ is ] most people might think, to do good water purifier business because the market environment is good, cost more efforts to support large manufacturers, product preferential higher reason. In fact, for any agency, corporate efforts to support are the same, and no such thing as a good relationship with a number of big efforts to support the argument. As the market environment, this is nonsense, our water purifier market itself is in an open situation, good or bad market environment are also businessmen who create their own. The industry believes that The reason for the failure, there are five of the most direct cause.

lead to water purification agents failed five most direct reason (Photo from Internet)

1. Did not choose to join the

our country water purification water purifier market so far has nearly ten thousand enterprises, in addition to thousands of companies have certified this document, more formal, the other companies belonging to the majority of OEM, small workshops, office buildings corporate nature, there is no direct production capacity. This type of enterprise investment for a living, can not guarantee product quality, marketing is no good thinking, no professional marketing staff, more support and service is not perfect. Oaks from little acorns, did not lay a good foundation, even if businesses have the capability, will encounter many aftermarket fault.

2. Passive Marketing

many new businesses into the water industry’s deep understanding of the market, thinking that as long as joining a good factory, we can wait for the money. Manufacturers say how marketing is how marketing, the manufacturers said the purchase would purchase, manufacturers say do activities to do activities, observe the manufacturers say the market is observed, manufacturers say …………… everything the manufacturers have the final say. Shang Yong just want to say this is that the agents for their own profit, not for the factory, and if so passive, might direct the agency to the vendor, not waiting for money more cost-effective, but also as for their hard manufacturers, distribution point run on both sides it?

3. sit back and wait mode of operation

a day doing nothing, just waiting for the operation of the storefront, waiting for customers to buy, do not promote themselves, not events, complete a love it or leave attitude, this business model is 100% fail in any field, success requires accumulation, businesses need to market more business planning, it requires more execution.

4. Specialized insufficient

Water purifier is different from general home appliances, whether to install or use has some technical requirements, then the product most consumers do not know much knowledge of the technical aspects but know nothing about. Some dealers in the business did not pay attention to this point, clients can not resolve the problem, can easily lead to customer distrust, resulting in huge loss of customers.

5. The product price is too conservative

Also a water purifier brand, the business development of different prices are different, of course, customers will want to buy more affordable products. However, some agents in order to improve profit margins, pricing is too high, 80% of the needs of customers blocking out 20% of customers can not meet the long-term profitability of the business. Agents will choose high-quality marketing puerile, 100% customer in his hands, although earnings in the short term is not obvious, but the accumulation period of time, put them at huge profits.

Of course, the quality of the water purifier marketing there are certain factors and market trends, but not the determining factor. Under the same circumstances, excellent water purification agents will always enhance self-learning, thinking, summary execution, to improve their own model of development based on market demand, beyond the market’s development pace. The only way to truly gain a foothold in the water purifier market.

Four factors lead to low penetration of water purifiers analysis

[ is ] survey shows that consumers in the purchase of water purifier, the brand and the price is the decisive factor affecting consumer purchases, which account for 40% of the price factor, brand factors accounted for 18 % purification effect accounted for 16%, and the remaining 26% of the function, and after-sales service attitude and other factors. The face of the low penetration of water purifiers, the industry believes that the following points.

four factors lead to low penetration of water purifiers analysis (Photo from Internet)

1, drinking habits differentiation

European and American developed national centuries of habit is to drink unboiled water directly, while Chinese tradition to drink boiled water. Market research found that customers come you give him a glass of purified water, basically less likely to drink, for the simple reason that you do not trust the water, if it is a cup of water or a cup of tea, then there would be no problem a.

2, consumer awareness of the shortage of

Although there are more and more people are concerned about water purification equipment, but on the whole, people on overall consumer awareness of water purification products, there are still periodic shortage. Insiders said, water purifier current situation is similar to more than a dozen years ago, air conditioners and other products, they are also accustomed to fans no one wants to buy air conditioning.

a wide variety of products on the market. To choose a suitable water purifier is not easy to promote a variety of businesses, “pure water”, “ecological water”, “activated water”, “energy water” …… do not know where to start. In addition to multi-product pattern, it is a dime a dozen. Different water purifier brand price differences, there are water purifiers production of a variety of materials, the price difference is very large, consumers do not recognize the merits.

3, the prevalence of counterfeit products to buy troubled

At present, the water purifier enterprises have more than a thousand, but holders of the relevant approvals of the Ministry of Health water purifier business is only about 1200 this leads to price and quality on the market water purifier uneven. Some small businesses lack the strength of the introduction of new technology, but the lack of capacity of independent innovation, but imitation capability is very strong, so that the proliferation of counterfeit products on the market, shoddy, deceptive phenomenon in the industry.

4, lack of after-sales service

because the service is not in place, but also to some consumers for water purifiers prohibitive. It is a water purifierKind of service high demand products, to buy water purifier like to buy air conditioners, you must wait after professional installation to use. For water purifier, in addition to installation, regular filter replacement service is difficult. Consumer fear of product quality and functionality issues, fear of sale, filter replacement concerns, it created a “do not dare want to use with the” embarrassing situation.

Although developed very rapidly in our country, but due to the above four reasons, the current water purifier penetration rate is much lower than our American and European countries.

Water purification industry trends hold great potential for future development in place

Some operators may ask, a good outlook is not good, how to do so for a long time do not have a specific value and profit margins? This phenomenon is often the problem that have no business ideas and brand managers will encounter, how should like to solve this problem? First, the prospects for the overall analysis of the current Chinese urban consumers’ homes so far, the utilization rate of less than 2%, then the gap is very large, compared to the traditional home appliances and building materials project has great potential, future the development trend of home water purifier is the only new blood; while industry experts predict that the next three to five years, our home water purifier market will form 100 billion. According to the water appliances market of professional investigators analysis, the country is very much a real market operating water purifier brand handful of international water purifier brand Although there are many advantages, but the price of money, attracted the mass of consumers is difficult, water purifier in the market as a whole down to form a complete system around the water purifiers top ten brands, allowing operators to generate more prospects really very little. In fact, the water purification industry must also face such a problem that consumer awareness of home water purifier may in a short time, there will be no big change, such a phenomenon is likely to continue two to three years, because most consumers to accept water purification products to have a certain time lag. Second, find the right marketing approach as operator, to investigate the problem, you can profit from consumer groups and analyze them, if one hundred among the families, only played for two families, the rest are potential customer base , then the overall market will face is infinite, as long as there is good marketing, to find the right water purifier brand management, future trends hold in place, the water purifier is the future of a new bright spot emerging industry, can create infinite value. Business water purifiers, is really only belongs to the brand line of business, in order to accurately locate better than their own brand development direction, clear trends and future market trends, identify the consumer demand point. Clean water from industry to agriculture, from commercial to home, after a long period of development and progress, it is already mature application, so that more consumers have gradually begun to accept, then the market potential is infinite, only an accurate grasp live this opportunity in order to better create greater value in the shortest time.

Household water purifiers tepid why not open the market

From entering the domestic market has been fifteen years, household water purifiers over the years tepid, the proportion of people really buy small home open late, the underlying reasons: First, size has a price from now on the yuan hundred to water purifiers sold more and more, the original selling drinking fountains have become a selling position of the water purifier. Some people describe the recent emergence of such a water purification products. Only a few drinking fountains, water purifiers and is filled with four major brands, each brand has its own water purification counters. Large appliance store water purifiers area is mainly occupied several water purifier brand, which is Germany’s best-selling device , but in some small appliances department stores, the water purifier brand is complicated. These water purifiers are a lot of names, “”, “filter water purifier”, “soft water”, and some even called “nutrition water machine.” These vary greatly, cheap as just 99 yuan a piece of the net buckets with drinking whole machine, expensive as 30,000 yuan a central water softener. Second, water purification effect people have applauded and resentment Third, the two troubled water consumption bacterial contamination of the water purifier market is very extreme, in addition to a few large enterprises, small businesses and the rest is in the hands of the workshop twenty or thirty people . Person in charge of quality inspection agency, who declined to be named, said that no matter what kind of household water purifiers, water quality must meet the requirements of “drinking water health standards” country, but with the water quality of this great relationship. Fourth, the more the higher the degree of purification “waste water” Quality source also said that the higher the degree of purification tend to produce more waste. Such as a high quality standard reverse osmosis water purification unit, only the current standard requirements, home reverse osmosis water purification water purification rate can be probably about 15%, i.e. 100 liters of clean water can build 15 liters, 85 liters become a ‘waste water’. “the most secure method is to boil the water to drink,” tap water purifier is connected to the air in contact with, a long time will be excessive bacteria. “The Ministry of Health in July this year, the exposure of eight substandard water quality processor, all colonies exceeded the total immersion in water, many of them brand-name products. V. charcoal buckets net growth of bacteria net buckets of water filtration worst, due to the net buckets mainly activated carbon filters, activated carbon and most likely to breed bacteria, so a maximum of six months must be replaced. national requirements, must obtain the Ministry of health issued health permits to produce sales, but the long Gu Chuan said the country now about 3000 water purifier manufacturers, only about 1200 received a health permit this documentThe rest are “black factory.” Based on these reasons, we can see that the home water purifier market is still worthwhile to explore and develop a “Blue Ocean” market, in the absence of special and differentiated brand in the market, who can seize the opportunity to find communication with consumers best channels and communication platforms, who will be able to seize the initiative, come from behind.

Water purifier brand manufacturers must pay attention to four problems extending

Development has entered a period of rapid growth, has as many as thousands, now many manufacturers are keen on water purifier brand extension, unwilling to stop at existing fields. Extension of the popular talk is that when a water purifier brand has made some achievements in a particular field, and then with the success of the process of the existing influence of the brand to expand into other areas. Brand extension strategy if used properly, of course, will bring a lot of benefits for the enterprise, should the use of improper, it will bring harm to many aspects. For this purpose Germany Bin He – is during the reminder purifier brand manufacturers must recognize the substantial brand extension extends, and scientific operations. A water purifier random brand extension blindness. Small and medium sized water purifier manufacturers, water purifier brand extension during the performance is very casual. Because the majority of brand decisions are the boss a final say, many factory owners due to lack of water purifier brand extension expertise when making decisions very casual. Their decision-making behavior can be called “three-shot decision.” In the water purifier brand is the decision-making process, often a boss racking our brains, so be it matter, after two confident performance set for each of the offerings, so dry it, no problem, the problem finally screw up the matter, and shot thigh, mom and how could this happen. Some water purifier manufacturers had to do low-end water purifier is mainly tertiary markets, in fact, the low-end water purifier he did not how the boss too low-end water purifiers do not make money, so he to high-net water extends the results of high-end water purifier not sell, not as good as the original low-end water purifiers, air purifiers so the boss heard that to make money, so he began to extend air purifier, the final result can be imagined, nothing to do, water purifier manufacturers eventually folded. Second, the water purifier brand extension strategy is missing a lot of purpose water purifier manufacturers target before the brand extension strategy is very clear, especially in some medium and small water purifier manufacturers, brand extension strategy is a passive extension, not for water purifier manufacturers development needs, but to meet the needs of the business carried out, some water purifier manufacturers had been producing high-end water purification products, but then in order to meet water purification agents need to continue to be extended, developed a series of low end water purification products, had good water purifier high-end brand image and finally evolved into a low-end water purifier brand image. Although the market is expanded, but did not profit water purifier manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers finally causing the collapse. Therefore, Germany He Bin – Bin reminded water purifier water purifier manufacturers when making strategic brand extension, to considerUnder a few questions: 1. What is the purpose of water purifier brand extension strategy is 2. Consider water purifier brand extension strategy to bring what kind of results 3. What adhere to the principle, the use of extended mode 4. Understand what brand??? at what position? 5. how extending the market, who the target consumer is? 6. how to get to the purpose of the extension and so on. Third, the greed of the water purifier brand extension in the water purification industry, many water purifier manufacturers of brand extension failure of one of the biggest reasons is caused by corporate greed, it shows that the water purifier manufacturer in brand building is very naive. Always eating a bowl watching the pot during the brand extension, for fear the market accounted for by others finished. In fact, the brand extension is the expansion of the brand bigger and stronger one kind of behavior is a manifestation of the brand mature, and many water purifier manufacturers are always very young and very naive brand when it began to extend, often the young brand is not any load prematurely passed away, this is a water purifier brand manufacturers greed caused. Fourth, the destructive water purifier water purifier brand extension strategy Brand extension strategy, although give water purifier manufacturers to bring a huge market, but the brand extension there are also great destructive, damaging its performance in several major aspects: 1, will make the water purifier brand damage. We know that brand image is the foundation of water purifier brand extension strategy, but extends to the low-end market as the high-end market in the process of vertical extension of the brand, will greatly affect the high-end brand image, it will lose the high-end market. 2, the water purifier brand positioning fuzzy. Water purifier brand positioning is to give consumers a clear understanding of the concept, so let consumers remember and identify with other brands. The brand extension strategies often result in brand positioning fuzzy, confused personality desalination and concepts, so that consumers puzzled, and even consumers lose consumer confidence. 3, consumers will reject. Water purifier brand extension strategy to the relevance or consistency with the original product attributes, enabling consumers association, and recognition and acceptance can bring water purifier manufacturers sell the entire product. But in the actual process of brand extension strategy, water purifier manufacturers often divorced from the principles of relevance and consistency, blindly, leading to consumers of psychological conflict or psychological conflicts.

Which top ten water purifier brand most trusted

Which ten franchisees want to know the best, without specific knowledge of the product, take a look at the promotional efforts, German Bin He Companies invest a lot of manpower and material resources each year, the video ads on television and video sites, print ads on the subway or the bus station, to participate in the exhibition under the line of water purification products, online media and network self-expand multifaceted cooperation, water purification agents franchisee Bin He chose Germany, will be able to save a considerable amount of energy, because publicity and promotion tools company to Weapon, water purification agents to join the selected store locations, manufacturers have sent a team to assist in the store design and staff training, to give support in multiple aspects of business management. He is now the coast of Germany in order to attract agents, launched a water purifier manufacturers no other policy, reasonable mandate, if sales in the region to complete the task very well, also can make a profit return, still thinking about the top ten water purifier which is the most powerful brand Mody, water purification agents not only to compare the quality of products, service products is a top priority, Germany Bin He’s the product of UNPROFOR in the country, regardless of where the product can enjoy after-sales service and technical support from the manufacturer’s maintenance, water purifier manufacturers and services are equal fair. It is the first German coast water treatment technology research, and now the production of civilian ,, just a few years will be among one of the top ten water purifier brand, the brand’s products is extremely rich, a lot of agents want the agent to diversify products, selected German coast It must satisfy all the needs of dealers, franchisees combined with the personal circumstances of select brands to join the agency. To venture will need to spend a lot of manpower and resources, if the line in the wrong, Paul missing might be commonplace for many years, so we have to select the most promising prospects of the industry, deteriorating water quality in recent years, greatly stimulated household water purifiers demand, industry analysts water purifier will be the most promising industry, there are already many agents turn to invest in a home water purifier join, two sessions a hot topic of water quality, and increasing emphasis on the modern environmental protection, water purifier called the sunrise industry of the potential of stocks, water purification equipment is essential for life, it is directly related to people’s health.