Outdoor fire pit seating

Located in the heart of Arizona, the Brown home is surrounded by desert landscapes. The architect ensures that it is well integrated with the environment, giving it a glazed façade and a wide and open outdoor space, including a seating area around the fire pit.
Dimit Architects designed the home for a young family, allowing them to entertain guests both indoors and outdoors. The architect gave them a fire pit seating area with built-in benches to form a U shape. The recessed seating area looks very warm and comfortable.
The biggest challenge in designing this home is to find a way to integrate it and ensure a seamless connection to the existing community while providing their customers with the modern home settings they need. This project is a hybrid that you can see in every space and detail. Includes this fire pit seating area.
This fire pit house is located in rural Canada. The two benches in the fire pit are fixed. The design is simple, clean and linear, and the setting is beautiful and quiet.

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