ORVIBO attitude starting: chocolate smart curtains are very small and very smart

This is probably the world’s first smallest curtain motor, which may be the first A curtain motor that charges for 1 hour and uses 6 months. This may be a smart curtain that supports the voice control of the Tmall Wizard…

  Yes, your ORVIBO chocolate version of the smart curtain set, no, is your ORVIBO chocolate version of the smart curtain set.

  If the home is up In the new season, if there are no reserved sockets at the window, if the ordinary curtains rise to the smart curtains, if the curtains are clever and obedient, then your encounter with the ORVIBO chocolate version of the smart curtains is estimated to be a high probability event.

  The point is, just in the 2018 year of opening 1 On the 3rd of the month, ORVIBO launched the chocolate version of the smart curtain set, the first time announced the first sale in the Tmall ORVIBO flagship store.

  Small, this machine should only be ORVIBO

   Following the launch of the flagship smart curtain set, January 3 , ORVIBO’s first chocolate version of the smart curtain set – smart motor + running track + remote control + lithium battery + smart home gateway standard set and on the basis of the standard set to add the Tmall Elf’s optional package.

   “Aesthetics” has always been a flag of ORVIBO. Therefore, the chocolate version of the intelligent motor continues the ORVIBO unified value bursting, the ultimate performance of the product gene – aluminum alloy body design, pure white surface with matte spray paint, gentle Such as jade, the texture is eye-catching.

  this smart motor Equipped with the high-performance zigbee module independently developed by ORVIBO, but it is called “chocolate”? This is in its 250mm x 35mm x 35mm Mimi body. According to the incomplete horizontal review, this is the smart motor with the smallest body size known in the market.

   However, don’t underestimate its compact body — – Straight rail and L rail are sufficient to support load capacities of up to 50KG and up to 40KG, respectively.

&eMsp;  In addition to the high torque, this smart motor uses an ultra-quiet design, less than 30 decibels of opening and closing sound, almost close to the 20 decibels of the flower buds in full bloom.

   As for single opening Double-opening, automatic memory window width, percentage accuracy limit, automatic stop and other humanized functions, which is a piece of cake for the ORVIBO smart motor, it can almost eliminate any complicated and cumbersome artificial settings.

   smart, there is lithium battery, you want to install it

  No reserved power outlets, wall wiring required, original There are no curtain boxes to install… The curtains are installed like this, everyone doesn’t want to.

   However, ORVIBO firmly thought of it, chocolate version of smart curtains The dexterity, it is not covered, this is a smart curtain set that is powered by a lithium battery and also supports the mains supply.

   compared to “charging In the case of a 5-minute call for 2 hours, the supplied lithium battery is charged for 1 hour for 6 full months. Warm heart is, you can check the remaining battery power of Lithium battery at any time in Zhijia 365APP. If there is a power outlet within 1 meter of the window, it can also be powered by the mains.

   In other words, whether or not the window has reserved power Sockets, whether the window has the original curtain box, the chocolate version of the smart curtains flatten these large pits.

   So, use a sentence – “chocolate” Is the smart upgrade of curtains far behind? Of course not far away!

  From the design point of view, the chocolate version of the smart curtain can It fits into three types of window: U-shaped window, U-shaped window and L-shaped window. From the perspective of scene style, because of the pure white motor and silver-white track, the chocolate version of the smart curtain is simply the “hate” of the intelligent curtain industry. People like it, never tired of it, almost any space with any home, hotel, office and so on.

   To be sure, ORVIBO is distributed throughout the country 2000 + Home application service providers can provide one-stop service for measurement, installation and commissioning, and the chocolate version of smart curtains that have undergone 15,000 test tests. Life insurance for 20 years is not a problem.

   Well-behaved, the Tmall Elf is open

   It is worth mentioning that the installation and debugging of ORVIBO chocolate version of smart curtains is very simple, three steps: after downloading and installing Zhijia 365APP, intelligent motor, intelligent The home gateway can be automatically networked, and then add and set smart curtain opening/closing/stopping, timing, and curtains with lighting, HVAC, audio and video, etc. on the Zhijia 365 APP.

   In addition to compact body and smart installation, it must be ORVIBO chocolate version of smart curtains One of the highlights is that it is almost the only smart curtain that has liberated both hands and can be manipulated with the Tmall Elf voice:

   supports the voice control of four interactive portals of Zhijia 365APP, Tmall Elf, Xiaobai Robot and Rokid Robot, and also supports Zhijia 365APP, remote control, and scenes. The physical touch of the three interactive portals of the panel, simple and fast interactive mode adaptation Different users’ usage habits or experience preferences.

   For the smart life of the smart version of the chocolate curtain, it is the ingenuity and hobby that is good for wisdom. Every morning, the curtains are quietly pushed open, the first sun shines into the bedroom; every night Before going to bed, the curtains are closed at the right time, and the warm lights are focused on, and the sleep is quieter. In the hot summer, when the sun is going to be sun-baked, the curtains happen to be closed. When the snow is flying, the curtains are closed and the curtains are closed. When the heating is synchronized, the fresh air keeps convection…

   Of course, the manual opening and closing is still reserved, in case of power failure? In addition, if you do not want to match the smart home gateway, then this set of smart curtains can also support the remote control one-button control.

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