OBEG goes to Cannes Show | Helps Sunrise East? China’s original innovation power world premiere

Known as the “Cannes International Film Festival for the Olympics in the film industry”, it is held in mid-May each year. As the most influential and top international film festival in the world today, it has been held for 72 times. The festival has brought together many elites and talents in the creative field. It is an original contest that carries the infinite glory.

May 21, 2019, Cannes time, 20:00, representing the creation from China to China and China’s intellectual creation. Sunrise East & middot; China’s original innovation power global Cannes debut (CHINA NEW FORCE) was also held in the most prestigious movie palace.

MISS JH BY OBEG on Cannes International Stage


MISS JH BY OBEG’s debut show, and it will be amazing. The haute couture garments on display were inspired by the mysterious starry sky, created by OBEG founder Ms. Jiang Hua and MISS JH BY OBEG design director Alessandro De Benedetti.

OBEG founder Ms. Jiang Hua

MISS JH BY OBEG Design Director Alessandro De Benedetti

Worth One of them is a set of luxurious and luxurious one-piece dresses, carefully selected Swarovski crystal beadwork, with exquisite mesh fabrics and waist-cutting three-dimensional tailoring, by MISS JH BY OBEG Haute Couture craftsmen It lasted for 682 hours and was hand-stitched. The entire dress was elegant and luxurious.

Blue sequined tube top jumpsuit, Like the starry sky at night, the simple silhouette is combined with the unique fabric material to create a feminine figure and temperament.

Black and white contrast two-piece dress with excellent hanging fabric and sex The combination of cool styles is full of high cold style. The low-necked and high-open design makes the overall style look mysterious and sexy.

It is understood that MISS JH BY OBEG is a OBEG brand high-end ready-to-wear women’s collection, dedicated to the elite Smart women and celebrities provide private customization, creating an exclusive personality image that reflects the high-end women’s elegant dress and perfect etiquette in an advanced place. Actress Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Yuqi, Haiqing, etc., have been associated with MISS JH BY OBEG. Promoting global discourse power for Chinese fashion As a manufacturing power, China was once the center of the world, and Chinese cultural brands and creative products once occupied the mainstream position in the world. However, after entering the modern society, “China’s creation and “China’s originality” was once criticized. Along with the rise of China’s fashion industry, CHINA NEW FORCE hopes to convey the original Chinese innovation power in the international fashion industry. MISS JH BY OBEG, with the determination to bring Chinese fashion to internationalization, landed in Cannes’s CHINA NEW FORCE, in a unique way to create a sound that evokes Chinese original potential, and also for Chinese fashion design in a global dialogue context. Further mastering the right to speak has played a role in fueling the situation.

OBEG founder Ms. Jiang Hua, MISS JH BY OBEG design Director Alessandro De Benedetti will give a curtain call after the show

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