Obama will visit nine countries in the three continents of Europe, Europe and Asia

Data Map: US President Barack Obama. China News Service issued a photo of Deyongjian

China News Service February 13th According to US media reports on the 13th, in the coming months, US President Barack Obama will no longer appear in Washington as usual. . In February, March and April this year, Obama will visit nine countries and will first visit Mexico next week.

The nine countries that Obama will visit include Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines.

He will travel to Mexico next week, visit Europe in March, and visit Asia in April.

Obama will travel to California this Friday (14th) to inspect the drought-stricken Central Valley, and in the “Sunnylands”, Rancho Miran Annaberg The manor met with King Abdullah II of Jordan. As the midterm elections approach, Obama’s travel within the United States is expected to increase.

These trips give Obama a chance to stay away from Washington and the US Congress —— this is what he looks forward to every time he leaves the Washington Ring Road —— even a short trip to the suburbs of Maryland .

These trips gave Obama an opportunity to promote US interests overseas, rehabilitate relations with other countries, and meet with Pope Francis when he visited Italy.

Obama’s meeting with Pope Francis in Italy may be of the utmost concern. Although Obama’s health care bill faces legal challenges from Catholic organizations, Obama has praised the Pope’s efforts to emphasize the plight of the poor and concerns about income inequality.

During his visit, Obama may also mention a series of foreign policy issues, including the Iranian nuclear program and the Syrian crisis.

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