Nordic Dutch home style

Nordic Dutch home style, so that, like the Santa Claus, the illusion of your home will appear at any time, then it is more tactics 1: The natural wood sense Nordic style and modern style are somewhat the same, but The Nordic style of the earth will infuse the wood with a warm feeling, and it can neutralize the space that is too cold, so you can see that the wooden bookshelves or tables and chairs are quietly in a clean space.
Therefore, natural things like wood and rattan can be used to increase warmth, but the proportion should not be too much, about 30%. In addition, if you want to be more dazzling, then choose white wood veneer, elegant wood color and texture, with a natural green face, and even green turf ground or wall design, paving the relaxed and natural texture. Or the whole house is like a wooden cottage in the old man’s house, oh~ more praise! The Nordic style of the earth will be infused with warmth like wood, like wooden tables and chairs.
The green or turf-like floor or wall design creates a relaxed, natural feel. Technique 2: Just like the light-tone tones of the Nordic style, the space is clean and simple as the highest principle, and the white is the key. Of course, white to the highest point, but also feel too monotonous, so the current Nordic style is the natural color and style of the fresh, but the light color is still the main color, such as white, beige, light wood, etc. Natural element materials, such as wood, rattan, soft and rustic gauze linen products.
Even the Nordic-style tea set with natural wood feel, white pottery and wooden leather mix, elegant wood color and texture, can enjoy the Nordic style. The Nordic style is designed with heavy furniture in mind. The space is clean and simple as the highest principle and is based on white. At present, the Nordic style has a clear natural color and style, but the light color is still the main color.

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