Nicholas Daley Men’s Spring 2018

Nicholas Daley held his first presentation as a part ofBFC’s NewGen sponsorship, with the British designercontemplating the notion of diversity andmulticulturalism while investigating the histories of fabrications.Daley’s quest into his own heritage led him to explore his Scottish ancestry and materials such as tartan. Hediscovered that in the 19th century, textiles were tradedbetweenSouthAsia and Britain and placed his focuson the madras check as an ode to the relationship between the two cultures.Daley scoured the Victoria & Albert Museum archives and browsed through madras prints from different eras — includingrare patterns from 1855.His blending ofculturesand fabrics translated into an impressive display of well-constructed separates with silhouettes that felt fluid and had anandrogynous feel.

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