New opportunities in the three directions of the home building materials industry

The competition in the home market is fierce. Under the perfect layout of the major giants, there seems to be no room for failure. But when you think about it, there are still many entrances suitable for offensive. This article analyzes in detail the new opportunities in the three directions of the home building materials industry – products, models, channels.

Some people ask, what new opportunities are there in the building materials industry? Speaking of new opportunities, it has at least three directions:

A, new technologies have spawned new products, such as all-aluminum furniture, imitation stone imitation Wood imitation metal tile, water-based paint, assembled whole bathroom, integrated wall, integrated stove, art paint, etc.
B, new business models, such as one-stop home building materials supply chain, Internet brand, assembly-style equipment.
C, new sales tools and channels, such as crowdfunding pre-sales, vibrating goods, specializing in the apartment market.
壹|New product dividend: What a wonderful thing black technology is.
Behind the emergence of every new product is a revolution in new technologies. We call it black technology. If you have mastered one or several kinds of black technology and reliable ones, then I congratulate you, and your chance is up. According to the statistics of large materials, there are at least ten new categories in the entire building materials industry, including:
Assembled sanitary ware, water lacquer, all-aluminum furniture, functional tiles, integrated wall, integrated stove , art paint, structural home textiles, intelligent lighting, smart drying racks, smart bathroom, custom ceramic tiles, custom bathroom, large board, all-body marble. A noteworthy phenomenon is that many companies have begun to cross-border operations and have reached out to areas that are completely irrelevant to traditionally advantageous businesses. For example, before doing sanitary ware, now it is not just a fabricated bathroom, smart bathroom, custom The bathroom has also created a big home.
So, no matter what industry your company is doing now, depending on your own technology accumulation, choosing promising new products and launching new products may be the critical issues that should be considered now. Let’s take a look at the current situation of various new products, and there are many market prospects given by third-party institutions.
Water paint: According to research firm ZionMarketResearch, the global waterborne coatings market will be US$58.39 billion in 2015 and US$78.24 billion by 2021. The compound annual growth rate will be 5%.
From the perspective of domestic scale, in 2016, the market for waterborne coatings was 54 billion yuan, an increase of 8.22% over the previous year. In addition, from 2000 to 2016, China’s waterborne coating patent applications increased year by year, especially after 2007, the number of waterborne technology patent applications increased sharply, with 508 in 2014 and 477 in 2016. This shows what? All signs are on the surface, the water-based paint market is awakening, and the company’s strategic transformation is awakening. According to a report by CITIC Jiantou, China’s water-based paints account for 39% of the entire industry. Another saying is that the market share of waterborne coatings in the European and American markets is as high as 60%. Comparing the two, our country’s water paint market, there is still too much space to work hard. Deng Chaoming, founder of the research on large materials, believes that there is no doubt that the water-based paints that are more advantageous in environmental protection will certainly be in the domestic market share, from the beginning of decoration coatings to industrial coatings. Continued and comprehensively transition to water. Of course, this road will not go too easy. Previously, there have been statistics on large-scale research. Almost all of the first- and second-line coating brands have been transformed into water-based coatings, such as establishing a water-painting production base or setting up a special water-painting brand. These brands include at least: Chenyang, Water-based Tian, ​​Sanshu, Carpoly, Mei Tu Shi, Libang, Dulux, Sakura, Kao, Berdink, Bardez, Kyrgyzstan, etc.
整装卫浴: This is different from the bathroom package. The self-contained bathroom is mostly used for prefabricated houses or apartments. Its materials are special, modular assembly can be carried out, and the construction period is very short. It was popular in Japan in the early years, and the penetration rate has reached 90%. In the 1990s, it entered the country, and in the past few years, the market scale has been expanded. According to an analysis by GF Securities Research and Research, in 2014, the market penetration rate of the self-contained sanitary ware market was only 0.15%, corresponding to a market space of about 1.2 billion yuan. According to this calculation, if the market penetration rate of 10% is achieved, it will be a scale of 100 billion. Compared with the traditional personalized bathroom decoration, the whole bathroom has its advantages, such as low price; low maintenance cost; durable, not easy to use in use; short construction period. If there is an advantage, there will be recognition. If there is recognition, there is no shortage of buyers.
At present, the company that enters the whole bathroom is at least: Seagull, Huida, Liansu, Dongpeng, Yuanda Shougong, Keyi, Suiwu, Youchao, Xinling, Hongli, etc. The acquisition has a nest. There are large groups that have invested in the battlefield of the whole bathroom, and professional companies have been working on the land of the whole bathroom for more than ten years.
All-aluminum furniture: This category has been tepid for a long time, and recently received a little more attention than before. It is basically a business that grabs traditional wooden furniture, and it depends on how much it can be grabbed. Objectively speaking, this product still has some advantages. It is to squeeze the aluminum rod, the surface is treated, and it is made up of hardware accessories, which are made into cabinets, wine cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, etc. Its advantages are concentrated on the following points: the price is more expensive than the particle board and the particle board, but it is cheaper than the solid wood furniture. The splicing does not require glue, which reduces a kind of pollution. Very durable, fireproof, moisture proof, insect proof, and fireproof. In the case of no gravity, it generally does not deform and does not crack. It will not change color and mold. It can also be recycled, and it may be worth a little more than wooden furniture when it is sold. There are also shortcomings, such as the texture is relatively hard and cold, after all, is made of metal materials. Moving the collision, the sound is louder. The color is still relatively simple, and there is no beautiful wooden furniture. A comparison of advantages and disadvantages, you will feel who is more likely to buy all-aluminum furniture, and which places are suitable for this kind of furniture? The author believes that renting rooms, restaurants, shared office space and other places are more likely. and soNow, all-aluminum furniture is needed to lower the price.
The research on large materials has done statistics. The aluminum-based home sector lacks big companies. At present, some professional companies are doing it. The reputation is not very big, such as: cabinet vision, Gumeixin, Jiashang, Wo Laimei, Wanjiayuan, Baijiabang, De Orolan, Shangbainian, Paijiadi, Tan Long, Mr. Aluminum, Ishabella, Longshide, Zhongwang, Royal Aluminum Pavilion, Rongqun, Aluminum Experts, Weisdno, Aluminium, Xingfa, Feng Aluminum, Jingge, Jianmei, Weiye, Nanshan, Weichang, Yinuoya, Yan Aluminum, Winke, Visdno, Baijiabang, etc.
Art Paint: This is not a new category, but it has also become more and more buzzing in the past two years. Many big companies are working hard, such as Carpoly Blue, San Tree San Marco, Libang Milano. , Hualong Art Coatings, Mei Tu Shi Fan Si Si, Qian Sehua MP7, Bardez NOVACOLOR (Nova) and so on.
Count those professional brands, such as: Waco, TASSANI Tasani, Ali Master Giovanni, Bucks, Easy Tu, Cadbury, Kishbo, Wapain, Jiangmen Foreigners, Innistre, etc., there are already too many competitors.
But everyone is not doing very well. Even if it is a role like Carpoly, there are only about 300 stores in the country, and the revenue is less than 100 million. Some companies specializing in art paint have set a small goal of 100 million. Objectively speaking, the research on large materials is more optimistic about art paints. Under the premise of solving environmental problems, its decorative effect is quite beautiful, and it is quite attractive. The difficulties to be solved are: construction, price, and head brand.
There are also large plates and porcelain throwing bricks. This is also something on the limelight. Unfortunately, everyone has come in. There is almost no advantage in preemption. For example, the big board, Mona Lisa is pushing in 2007, now Recognition is already high. Later, he also followed Bobo Ceramics, Xiejin, Sanrong Ceramics, Xinzhongyuan, Shuncheng, Bode, Gold Asia, Ou Shennuo, Huapeng, ICC, Nobel, New Pearl and so on. Nowadays, there are also companies that have taken a step forward and directly launched the “big-plate marble tiles”, representing companies with strengths such as Asia and Jane. The sales of such products are mainly for engineering, such as sales offices, large-sized houses, villas, clubs, high-end hotels, community halls, shopping centers, etc. In general small and medium-sized houses, the possibility of using large plates is not too common. Speaking of ceramic tiles, everyone should pay attention to the two directions of customization and function. Customized tiles are not necessarily personalized to produce each tile. Instead, they follow the buyer’s space and provide a personalized design solution for tile-laying effects. According to the design renderings, the companies such as Dongpeng, Ou Shennuo and Shunhui have made some efforts.
The imagination space of the smart home battlefield is very large. Huajing Securities believes that by 2020, the overall scale of China’s smart home industry will reach 1.12 trillion yuan. The real situation is also ideal. Some markets are really prosperous. It seems to be everywhere in the world, such as smart speakers, smart locks, smart cameras, smart bathrooms, etc. The domestic users are estimated to be on the scale of tens of millions. Smart speakers actually attracted almost all domestic and international giants such as Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, and Xiaomi.
As a smart door lock, as of October 2017, more than 800,000 door locks were installed. Yi Guan believes that by 2019, the sales of smart locks may exceed 32 million sets.
Intelligent toilets, smart sockets, smart routers, intelligent monitoring and other growth rates are relatively fast, and the prospects are limitless.
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