New channels for home appliance retail

In the Chinese home appliance market, in recent years, a number of new channels for home appliance retailing have emerged, in addition to the e-commerce channels represented by Jingdong and Tmall, as well as partner APP channels for the development of chain stores such as Gome and Five Star, and enterprises. A micro-business that develops together with merchants. In addition, there is a very hidden but energy-intensive retail channel that has risen rapidly in recent years, especially in the era of WeChat popularity.

   This is the home appliance wholesale group that was born in the QQ era and rose in the WeChat era. Externally, these are all in the name of household appliances exchange, and some are called home appliance wealth group, home appliance wholesale group, and home appliance purchase group. However, in the eyes of insiders, these are essentially household appliances, and a large number of Chinese and foreign brands of home appliances can find sources in various WeChat groups. There are even fakes and inferior products.
   It is reported that five years ago, a large number of home appliances were still in the QQ group, but with the rapid rise of WeChat, began to fully switch to WeChat exchange group. There have been thousands of tens of thousands of home appliance sales groups and home appliance distribution groups. According to the regional division, there are national groups, local groups, and small groups at the county level; some are classified according to content, there are black electricity, white electricity, kitchen appliances, and small household appliances; Divided, there are e-commerce groups, hypermarket groups, and even agents.
   In these household appliance wholesale groups, in addition to a large number of well-known brands of home appliances, there are some counterfeit and brand-name fakes, but also to meet the needs of some home appliance dealers. The situation of the home appliance circle, at present, these household appliances are the main sellers, some are professional shovel dealers, commonly known as home appliances, and at the same time, there are some e-commerce and hypermarket branches organized; in addition, there are a large number of places Sex appliances dealers co-sponsored, looking for a variety of cheap sources and channels.
  The emergence and existence of a large number of home appliances, the wholesale group, and indeed the help of a large number of inventory products cleaning of home appliance companies, as well as the daily shipment of small and medium-sized home appliances companies, provide some help. At the same time, it is cheap to sell goods and goods for home appliance dealers in the county town market. However, it is undeniable that it also continues to influence the channel management and management order of many home appliance companies. This is by no means the only way and main trend for the development of home appliance companies.
  The home appliance circle believes that the emergence and long-term existence of a large number of home appliances, the root cause lies in the changing channel era of home appliance enterprises, not grasping this trend and change, resulting in different prices of various channels Policy chaos, so that speculators are profitable. However, in order to solve the problem of these household appliances, it is not easy to make a one-size-fits-all approach. It is also necessary to clarify the powers and responsibilities and boundaries, and gradually liberalize and transform a large number of home appliance dealers hidden in the disorderly supply channels!

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