Murayama’s sincere reflection reflects rationality. Abe turns away from conscience and attracts people to be alert.

Xinhuanet Beijing, February 13 (Reporter Li Xuemei) Former Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama visited South Korea recently. The words and deeds of reflecting on the history of aggression are very tribute, and even more impressive: the same Prime Minister, Abe and Murayama The gap is so big!

During his visit to Korea, Murayama became the first former Japanese prime minister to meet with South Korean comfort women, and delivered a speech at the Korean National Assembly, reaffirming his “review of the history of the Prime Minister during the period of the Prime Minister” ;, indicating that Japan should correctly understand the history of aggression.

In contrast, Japan’s current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has publicly thrown out “the aggression has no definition” shortly after taking office. It is under Abe’s inspiration and connivance that the Japanese government’s attitude toward aggression history has been concealed from beautification, from whitewashing to tampering, and the bottom line of conscience has been constantly refreshed. The latest example is for the Japanese army during World War II, “special attack”, the team’s suicide note & ldquo The application for the legacy of the international community is eye-catching.

The sincere reflection of Murayama has enabled the world to see the rationality and responsibility of Japanese politicians. Although time cannot be reversed and war victims cannot die and resurrect, the recognition and reflection of history can reduce the concerns of Asia and the world about Japan’s repeated militarism, and it is more conducive to Japan’s dialogue with Asian neighbors and building the future.

And Abe’s violent escaping to the right allowed people to see the gloom of militarism, which made the dead underground difficult, making the already tense situation worse.

Murayama and Abe, one facing history, one abandoning conscience, from the concept of peace to the overall situation, a long-lost old man has opened up a few streets for an incumbent prime minister.

Fortunately, Japanese right-wingers such as Abe denied that the words and deeds of history are increasingly alert to the world. The British veteran Fred &middot, who was once forced to build the Thai-Myanmar Railway by the Japanese army, sorrowed and angered after Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, which was dedicated to World War II Class-A war criminals, at the end of last year. He exposed the brutality of Japanese militarism with his own painful experience. Crimes remind the world not to forget history.

Recently, at the Angouleme International Comic Festival in France, the special exhibition for comfort women in Korea has also received much attention. Although Japan protested, the sense of conscience and justice allowed the organizers to finally decide to ignore Japan’s demands.

Abyss has been on the stage for more than a year, and Abe has not only concealed his thief, but also has a good content for it. At this time, the voice of reason from the peace-loving people of Japan and the rest of the world is even more precious.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu

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