MISS JH BY OBEG debut at Cannes

Every year in mid-May, the Cannes International Film Festival, known as the most influential and top international film festival in the world, will be launched as scheduled. Every year, this event will bring together elites and new talents in many creative fields. It is an original contest that carries unlimited glory.


At the just-concluded, “Sunrise Oriental · China’s original innovation power global show (CHINA NEW FORCE), a Swarovski crystal beaded dress that lasted nearly 700 hours, the most in Cannes The prestigious movie house shines and quickly became the focus of the show.

Swarovski crystals that lasted nearly 700 hours Beaded Dress



This star costume “from MISS JH BY OBEG, while also unveiled 15 sets of mysterious and attractive luxury dresses and high-end ready-to-wear latest models. In the first time, Sina Fashion interviewed Ms. Jiang Hua, the head of OBEG, to gain an in-depth understanding of the story behind the brand.

OBEG Head, Ms. Jiang Hua

Sina Fashion: Introduce the new brand, MISS JH BY OBEG.

Jianghua: MISS JH BY OBEG is a high-end custom brand under the Ya Chuang Group. We can literally see that MISS JH and OBEG are complementary. Of course, you can also think of MISS JH as a gracefull lady, you, me, and all women who are shining in the workplace.

I have always believed that people should not live in a certain mode, but respect their hearts and find out the truth about themselves. This is the most personal thing that everyone hides in the bones. The core of MISS JH’s focus is this valuable feature.

Sina Fashion: Where is the design inspiration for this season? Who is the theme, and who is the designer?

Jianghua: MISS JH BY OBEG is inspired by a set of designs this season. Hand-painted version of the astrological tarot card, which has the most mysterious but most attractive symbolic system in the world. We apply these energetic symbols to the clothing. This is not only a declassification of the Tarot card, but also a self-breaking of the mysterious beauty of women. It is also a touch and consideration of women’s energy and its great creativity. Therefore, we This design theme is called “Female Miracle.”

This time, the catwalk costume was designed by me and Italian designer Alessandro De Benedetti (Alessandro · Debenedi). In the process of working with De Benedetti, the difference is huge. The Eastern and Western cultures have had a strong collision with the aesthetics. It is very interesting and can learn a lot from each other.

Italian designer Alessandro De Benedetti

Sina Fashion: What do you think about the value of MISS JH BY OBEG in Cannes for the Chinese fashion industry?

Jianghua: This is not just a big show, but a voice transmission: Made in China will eventually become Design in China. In the eyes of the world, China has never designed a manufacturing-only, ubiquitous "Made in China" has become a foundry label that makes us feel quite helpless.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 42 Chinese fashion brands entering the official agenda of the 2019 Autumn and Winter International Fashion Week. It can be said that the original Chinese clothing brand is not only awakening, but is strongly expressing itself in the world. The voice of the fashion industry, we can even say that the power of Chinese originality is rising.

Like these Chinese brands, MISS JH BY OBEG is on the international stage, sooner or later, and it is inevitable.

Sina Fashion: Fashion has never set a trend. Haute couture is also an important part of the current brand competition. How does MISS JH BY OBEG understand and deconstruct advanced customization?

Jianghua: People The concept of advanced customization may now be more solid: it exists for celebrity celebrities.

I think advanced customization is excellent.In addition to design, crafts and fabrics, it is more of a belief, whether it is a label or a personalized logo. In the end, it is a pursuit of beauty, recognition of itself, and cultural value. Confirmed.

I hope that MISS JH BY OBEG will not only serve the so-called high society, but also serve the elites of more eras, such as female entrepreneurs, such as top-notch people in a certain industry, I want to enlarge Their distinctive personality makes everyone see the wonderful things in them.

In the fashion world, all the fashions and trends are beautiful “clouds,” and high-end customization is the most essential part of it, which is what I want to do in this industry. An obsession with the ultimate.

Sina Fashion: Traditional brands such as Laoganma and Want Want have begun to cross-border joint fashion brands. Does OBEG have any expectation in cross-border cooperation?

Jianghua : Cross-border alliances are only a short-lived means of publicity, but they are likely to be short-lived.

I prefer to call cross-border integration, not simply across two completely different domains, but driven by new demands, based on new technologies or platforms, and existing industry sectors and Elemental resources, through mutual penetration, fusion or fission, integration and utilization, through the integration of data, the integration of scenes and the integration of demand packaging, bring the user’s precipitation and compound realization, thus realizing the extension or breakthrough of the industrial value chain.

In today’s personalized era, people’s points of interest will change with the information they receive. In this, how to identify the brand’s own positioning and keep going, I am seeking The first question to think before cross-border cooperation. Of course, OBEG will also actively explore the path of cross-border integration, but we will first integrate resources around the elements that match our own industry value chain and user base.

Sina Fashion: Now the recognition of the national tide is very high, will OBEG get involved?

Jianghua: The trend culture is huge in the world, and more and more in recent years. Consumers will look at domestic brands, and I think this happens to convey a message: there are more and more channels for young people to receive information.

At the same time, they formed a “self-appreciation model”, the so-called “drinking foreigners’ consumption habits have gradually gone away. I have also paid attention to the national tide recently, including China’s Li Ning, which shines in New York Fashion Week. The increase in the recognition of the national tide is partly due to the increase in the recognition of Chinese brands.

As a group company, we hope to meet the urban women’s accurate expression of beauty and aesthetics. From the perspective of brand strategy, it is of course necessary to supplement a younger brand. We hope that this brand-new brand will better meet the needs of the new young people in addition to the core content of YaChuang, so that they can express their true self and inner world through costumes. You can look forward to it.

Sina Fashion: “The urban fashion that is born for women in the workplace should be said to be very good at OBEG’s clothing positioning. It is very precise and clear. Why does OBEG choose this cake to operate?

Jiang Hua: My female friends are mostly working women, including me. “The sense of accomplishment and dignity make people happy. Women have always been committed to making a difference in the workplace, have more say, and strive to balance career and family.

OBEG Positioning & ldquo; Urban fashion for the women in the workplace, of course, is based on the consideration of market business value, on the other hand, more importantly, I am also a female in the workplace —— I sincerely hope that through this brand, I will pay tribute to all Chinese women in the workplace. They strive to achieve their social value by fighting hard. At the same time, they are worthy of having a set of OBEG—— for their own pleasure and satisfaction and respect for others. And appreciate.

Sina Fashion: We have read a lot of descriptions about your personal personality on the Internet. You are more willing to put a label on Chongqing women on you. What do you think is the good quality of Chongqing women? You want to be like that. People?

Jiang Hua: The external interpretation of Chongqing women has positive solutions and misunderstandings, but most of them tend to praise and appreciate. I must be proud of my status as a Chongqing woman.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of female bosses in Chongqing. Not only in the commercial field, but also in all walks of life, there are very outstanding professional women. They are beautiful and hearty, smart and tough, and actively expand their dreams. Not afraid of being confused, born in the sun, has become a very important and beautiful city brand in Chongqing.

Sina Fashion: Some people ridicule “The higher the fashion value, the greater the responsibility, the clothing can become the carrier of beauty, what kind of responsibility do you think should be?

Jianghua: and Like art forms such as music and painting, clothing is also an important way to express beauty and communicate language. “When you don’t know what to wear, wearing OBEG is right. This is both a slogan and the greatest care and compassion for our audience as a clothing brand.

& ldquo; At home, OBEG strives to meet the needs of women in all workplaces, and achieves their attention in different social roles, and MISS JH BY OBEG is eager to light up all women. The moment of highlights makes the eyes of the world stay for them.

To put it bluntly, the responsibility of clothing is to give you more added value inside and outside, giving you a better and more enjoyable atmosphere. From the perspective of female psychology, it’s no exaggeration to see that your brain is getting a beautiful dress that suits you.The dopamine produced during the service may not be as good as a love. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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