Milan World Expo Vanke Pavilion design program officially exhibited

The Vanke Group plans to build the Vanke Pavilion for the 2015 Milan World Expo. The Italian architectural firm has designed the project. The design of the project was officially exhibited in Milan.
Vanke Pavilion, with the theme of “Chinese canteen”, presents a true and complete view of Chinese urban life from the perspective of ordinary community residents, and the company’s “Building a harmonious community relationship with the canteen” Thinking and practice. The main team of the venue design was Daniel Libeskin, the architect, Ralph Apelbaum, the designer, and Han Jiaying as the graphic designer. Wang Shi, chairman of Vanke, said that the alarming rate of urban growth has indeed put us at risk of facing the risk of social disintegration. In today’s society, people no longer pay attention to unity and become self, even incognito and grow up alone. This is why Vanke chose “canteen” as the theme of the exhibition hall. The traditional Chinese social structure exists in various forms today in today’s society and represents the possibility of socializing in a healthy and peaceful environment. In Vanke’s view, the canteen represents more than just a place to dine. The Vanke Pavilion attempts to use the canteen as an entry point to show and care about the true state of the empty nesters and left-behind children and the people in the process of high-speed urbanization. Social problems caused by alienation and loneliness between people.
The architectural design concept of the Vanke Pavilion was inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings & mdash;— rock formations, rice fields, and prehistoric outcropping rocks. At the same time, the Vanke Pavilion tells the story of culture, technology and the 21st century, a space for reflection and celebration.
Daniel Libeskind said: “For Vanke, I want to create a treasure-like place —— here, people can gather, explore and experience some Chinese, modern things. The architectural design of the Vanke Pavilion was inspired by a series of ancient Chinese and modern ideas, including the ideas of Confucius and Laozi. ”

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