Matra architect’s view of the future architecture

Usually non-urban planning houses must take into account the limitations of the site and outdated urban regulations. Today, in New Delhi, India, Matra Architects has introduced a new architectural concept.

In the face of today’s increasingly serious architectural innovations, traditional design equipment is also innovating with advanced technology. And application.
Site plan + principle section

Along the east-west axis, create a series of different sizes, light Ample space. Handle various passive or active climate controls according to their direction and edge. At the same time, the design of the deep recessed glass façade and balcony, as well as electric curtains, fully meet the winter and summer conditions in New Delhi.
Matra’s architects’ prediction of large roofs is considered to be less applicable during development, as it reduces the wall structure and reduces the use and longevity of long-term building materials. Creating lightweight steel frames, combined slab reinforcement and concrete, insulated drywall and glass systems, pre-coated fabric panels and a lightweight architectural insulated alloy roof are essential in the future, while increasing environmental protection The use of materials such as geothermal air conditioning systems, solar panels, and ancient methods to collect rainwater to minimize water waste.

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