Manufacturers Association asks OSHA to propose new quartz rules

Quartz, aggregate and cement rights were questioned by all parties, one from the initial 45-day public comment period, OSHA received 3,000 responses to its proposed reduction in quartz allowable exposure limit (PEL), lowering the general Industrial and construction industry threshold.
Confirmed by the support of quartz exposure standards to protect workers, questioning the need for a rule change. “In the past 10 years, employees have been exposed to inhalable quartz monitoring (such as quartz) and respirable particles weighted to be below the level of the quantitative laboratory, so there is a corresponding OSHA PEL.
The proposed rule will be submitted to prefabricated manufacturers, reducing the potential risks, increasing the size of the respirator when necessary, and the accuracy of the accurate measurement based on any new inhalable quartz concentration of the state of the art, Significant challenges in terms of thresholds in the field and in laboratories throughout the United States, advocated the National Prefabricated Quartz Association to listen to OSHA advice.

Although the safety and health of workers in the prefabricated quartz industry is the most important issue, there are practical components that can be technically compliant, and PEL through a special engineering control in a real-world scenario for a specific manufacturing application. Factory, we believe that common sense is to retain the current PEL and continue to comply, can save thousands of lives, because it is the first time this important environmental standard has been implemented more than forty years ago, should be strongly advocated .

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