Malaysian flooring is strong in China

Although the Chinese flooring industry is in a fierce competition stage, foreign brands are still optimistic about the Chinese market, hoping to share a piece of it. Recently, the opening of the flagship store of Ian House Flooring in Beijing officially announced the ambition of this Malaysian brand. And his boss recently revealed that Ian House plans to open 100 stores in China next year and work hard to capture the 10% share of the Chinese market within three years.

Recently, with the opening of the experience hall, Ian House officially met with Beijing consumers, this is its first store in China, and officially opened the pace of entering China. According to Ouyang Wei, President of South China/North China Region of Ianya China General Agent (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd., the brand belongs to Willy Wood of Malaysia, and the early development of solid wood composite flooring has been for more than ten years. Floor R&D and manufacturing experience. Although it was formally established in 2006, with its high investment and modern equipment, it has developed into a multi-functional one-stop solid wood flooring manufacturer integrating product research and development, production and operation, precision processing, brand marketing, installation and delivery.

According to Ouyang Yu, Ian House has already launched China’s expansion plan. On November 28th, the Changsha store has opened, and on Saturday, December 13th, the Shenzhen store will be officially unveiled. Ouyang Yi is still investigating the Wuhan market and trying to find a suitable store. ‘Our goal for 2015 is to open 100 stores in China, including agencies and direct stores. It will open to 500 stores in the next three years. ‘Ouyang Yu said. He said that Beijing occupies an important position in the strategic map of Ian House China, and the future development in China will be dominated by North China. ‘By direct operation and joining, we hope to seize 10% market share of China’s solid wood composite flooring in the next three years. ‘

Strive for the high-end market

The Chinese flooring market has experienced 20 to 30 years of development, and now it is in a very competitive stage, and there is even a surplus, a Malaysia Why do brands choose to enter the Chinese market at this time and release their rhetoric?

Where did Ian’s bottom gas come from? According to reports, Ian House’s parent company, Willy Wood Co., Ltd. itself can provide an economical quality flooring brand, and also cooperates with the Malaysian Forest Bureau to develop high-quality, multi-series products for tropical logs to meet the market. Different needs. In recent years, Willy Wood has actively introduced advanced technology and equipment, developed new products, quickly occupied 20% of the solid wood composite flooring in the Malaysian market, and sold the products to Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, the United States, the Middle East, etc. Ground.

Unlike many domestic flooring companies, the competition is fierce. Ouyang Wei thinks that China is a blue ocean: ‘China’s high-end consumption has just begun, and the market is very big. ‘He said that Ian House is to provide consumers with environmental protection, health and comfort. At present, most cities in China suffer from haze, and many consumers pay more and more attention to health, and Ian House is aimed at ‘starting to pay attention to health and health care’, positioning high-end. With the successful experience of Malaysia and the special circumstances of the Chinese market, Ouyang Wei said that this time is right in China. Regarding the goals set, he said that he will coexist through the direct store and the franchise store, and strengthen the channels of developers, designers, business halls, etc., to strengthen the promotion of products.

want to win with comprehensive services

According to reports, Ian House does not only provide flooring, it also provides ceilings, wall panels and other products used in the home. Unlike regular floor sales, its flagship store has more to showcase its health and wellness concepts. According to reports, Ian House’s raw materials are taken from tropical forest logs, the overall commitment to super E0, with ultra-low formaldehyde emission to ease consumer concerns; the use of criss-crossing laminated mode blanks to achieve effective prevention of wood expansion and cooling The shrinking situation solves the hidden danger that the floor of the consumer is easily deformed; the surface technology of special material is used to effectively resist the stains of red wine and the like, and has the functions of preventing termites and scratching.

In addition, Ian House is still trying to achieve a stronger health function through innovative technology. Based on this, compared with the domestic flooring, the main focus is on the use of feeling and performance. On the basis of this, Ian House Floor hopes to win by environmental protection and function.

Release date: 2014/12/12 10:25:54

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