Looking back at 2018, five key words about the bathroom industry

The north began to snow, the south became mad, and 2018 entered the final end in the cold wave. This year is an important turning point for the sanitary industry. The whole industry has experienced countless ups and downs, looking back at 2018, the bathroom industry can sum up five key words: price increase, transformation and upgrading, big home, new retail The rise of domestic production.

A price increase

At the beginning of 2018, sanitary ware, building materials, home and other enterprises collectively raised prices by 5%-12%, setting off the first wave of price increases this year. In the following months, due to the high prices of raw materials such as cardboard and clay, and labor costs, many companies had to announce price increases around June. At the same time, the rent of factory buildings has risen quietly due to “real estate speculation”. It can be said that sanitary ware production faces the dilemma of rising prices in all aspects. Therefore, in 2018, the sanitary ware industry has undergone three price increases, and it has only risen. The trend of not falling.

II Transformation and upgrading

Due to the rising cost of sanitary ware production, the traditional price war has long been unable to adapt to the current market, and the company’s repeated compression of its profit margins is ultimately a dead end. The second-generation consumers are no longer the “money-saving family” who once only looked at price shopping. The multiple factors such as consumption upgrade, cost increase, and environmental protection requirements have forced the sanitary industry to transform and upgrade. An important sign of the transformation and upgrading of the sanitary industry is that smart sanitary ware is widely sought after. Whether it is the big-name or foreign-invested companies in the industry, they are all eyeing the big cake of “smart bathroom”. The cross-border players such as Xiaomi, Country Garden and Antai are in a strong position, which is also an important factor to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of sanitary ware enterprises.

Three major homes

When the “post-90s” emerging consumer groups choose their home furnishings, more and more people want to express “personalized” appeals in their home-style style, monotonous The finished home improvement does not meet the needs of consumers, so custom homes came into being, and custom bathroom is a major part of home improvement. Sanitary products seem to be easy to produce. In fact, it is necessary to complete the custom hardcover of an entire bathroom. It requires the cooperation of many industries, because it is only a product in a bathroom, which involves ceramics, metals, home appliances, glass and other products. Whether it is a self-contained bathroom or a custom bathroom, it needs to cooperate with its complicated process, and it is difficult for one company to contract all the business. Therefore, when enterprises upgrade their own businesses, the links between them are getting closer and closer, forming a large home network.

Four new retail

With the change of consumer subjects and consumption habits, the rise of online shopping has made e-commerce a topic that cannot be avoided in all industries, the world’s leading line. Under the home store IKEA have to layout new retail. The bathroom industry is not a first-time e-commerce provider, but in 2018 it was a great year for the new retail model. During the “Double Eleven” period, the flagship stores of Jiumu, Dongpeng, Oulosa, Gree and other brands broke through the previous year’s turnover in a short period of time, easily entering the club of 100 million yuan, creating a good record of good reputation and profit.

The rise of the five domestically produced

2018 is a year of turbulent international situation. A serious trade war broke out between China and the United States, and the increasing tariffs made it difficult for international sanitary wares. Import and national brand sanitary ware are difficult to export. However, under the influence of trade barriers, domestic sanitary wares seized the opportunity to upgrade their products and services, regaining most of the market share occupied by Nissan sanitary ware and German sanitary ware, and dare to withstand the pressure to “go out” and put China The promotion of sanitary ware to the international community has greatly increased the confidence of national brands. The leading companies in the national brand sanitary wares such as Jiu Mu and Huida also won international awards for their high-end design concepts and high-quality product quality. They made the name of the domestic sanitary ware and let the world see the power of Chinese manufacturing.

The ups and downs of 2018 are still in sight. The sanitary industry that has undergone numerous tests has been transformed. How hard it is at this time, and the future prospects will be brighter! I believe that the next 2019, China’s sanitary industry can still maintain excellence and show charm!
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