London’s seven-storey townhouse has been completely remodeled

This is the story of the seven-story residence in Highgate, London. This is a 325 square meter (3,500 square feet) home. This townhouse is spread over 7 different floors and is a very interesting situation. LLI Design recently completed a complete redesign and renovation of the house, and now we see its new look.

The owner wants to completely renovate the house. They demand a modern and colorful style. It’s important to avoid making the space feel cold and non-personal, so the designer proposes a custom strategy for each area. The owners collected a large number of old-fashioned posters that can now be seen in various areas of the house.

Several spatial layouts have been modified to make the house flow more naturally and improve the relationship between different spaces and the floor. For example, the kitchen has been relocated. Originally on the second floor, it didn’t make any sense. It has moved to the first floor, next to the dining area. Now you have access to the terrace and garden.

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