Lighting options: make life more imaginative

   The current lighting market is very large and very big. Friends who have been to have such experience will not only have enough time to choose the lights, but also have Sufficient physical strength, look up and look up, the brilliance of the top of the head will make you dazzling, confused, and staring at Venus.
   In fact, lighting lighting has become an indispensable part of interior design along with room color, style, texture and other factors, rather than an afterthought. Therefore, before the decoration of the living room, we must agree with the designer to agree on the lighting plan. First, there is sufficient time to select the appropriate lighting, and second, it is in the heart of the market and goes straight to the theme.

  A friend who has undergone a renovation war has a lot of experience in selecting lamps, and the experience of summing up has a taste.

   should not be simple
  The current lamps are really more and more beautiful, the palace-style carved chandeliers are delicate and exquisitely carved; modern style Seven flowers and nine lotus flowers are arranged in a row, the size is orderly, the petals are realistic… But the too complicated or complicated shape will have a feeling of overwhelming and depressing for the small room, plus the air in the north is dry and dusty. Too complicated lamps can be troublesome to clean. Modern people admire simplicity, lamps are the same, simple is not equal to simple, simple style is often more contemporary, coupled with a strong metallic color, is really the finishing touch.

   Convenience and safety
  The bulb is broken is a common thing, and changing the ceiling light bulb is no longer a hassle. It’s better to say that if it’s a little high, it’s not enough to step on a stool. The ladder climbs high, the arm is lifted, the lampshade is removed, and there is a helper… so when choosing the ceiling light It is necessary to consider the convenience of changing the light bulb. If the room is high enough, the chandelier is a good choice. However, it is necessary to ask about the caliber of the cap screw, because some non-standard calibers cannot use energy-saving bulbs. In addition, because the water vapor is large and humid in the kitchen and bathroom, it is also necessary to consider the waterproof problem of the lamp.

  Coordination and unification
  The luminaire is a supplement to the entire living room design, so it must be coordinated in order to respond to each other. Many people like to decorate in the aisle or living room with wrought iron products, such as wrought iron flower rods on the glass door, wrought iron clocks on the wall, and wrought iron dining tables and chairs are also very beautiful, if equipped with a chandelier with a piece of iron pipe material The effect will be very good; and the room with golden handles and golden spotlights, the golden decorative lights are very good. The current room is full of lights in one room, but also pay attention to the uniformity of style, color and style of different functional lamps in the same room.

  The effect and mood light, the most direct function is lighting, but let the light just right to reflect our daily life, is a university to ask. For example, table lamps, different choices, the resulting projection effects and mood will also have many changes: sheepskin lampshade and Japanese paper lampshade texture is light and transparent, soft and elegant light; and the combination of imitation mahogany and rosin jade can turn light into Light yellow, matched with mahogany furniture, antique, can also become a unique decoration and decoration and accompanying furnishings. The ancient Roman-style metal table lamps are themselves a miniature sculpture, which is quite artistic.

  Let’s make the most of your imagination and let the lamps dress up to your home.

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