Leading the new trend of cabinets

Time rushed away like a stream of water, only half a year between the fingers. It is said that the trend is a reincarnation, catching the current popular elements, you are the “trend leader”!

In fact, the kitchen is the same, maybe it is one or two fashion contacts, your kitchen is superior to others.

Element 1: Functional Pragmatism

The cabinets have now jumped out of the most basic washing, cooking, cooking, and storage functions. Become a builder of the living atmosphere and become another carrier in the family to release emotions and stress.

“Good cabinets must of course also pay attention to appearance, but the appearance of the product is not dominant.” Zhibang kitchen cabinets said that the cabinet as a durable consumer goods, its use process is a very emotional consumer Cognitive process.
Because it is used every day, consumers will have a personal experience of whether the cabinet is easy to use. A good cabinet brand will spend more energy on the details and functionality, combining fashion and practicality.
The improvement of living standards has prompted people to derive the aesthetics and values ​​of home decoration in the new era. The cabinets that pursue aesthetics and neglect practicality are no longer the mainstream, and practical functions have become the primary consideration.
Element 2: Modern light luxury style popular
With the development of society, the current consumer group is 80, 90, and after 60, 70, the younger generation of consumers prefer to be natural. Extremely simple, this year’s modern light luxury is prevalent.
Modern luxury and luxury is a natural phenomenon, because this style pays more attention to quality and design than the ultimate simple style, and reveals that life is truly natural and pure.
There is no traditional luxury style of “dense and heavy color”, but return to the true nature of life, giving people a sense of sleek simplicity, temperament and elegance, avoiding the aesthetic fatigue caused by complex structure and diverse colors.
Element 3: The new fashion kitchen concept
More than one side of life, fashion is not a simple trend synonym, not a brand name, not a luxury spending, fashion is a life attitude, is a unique The vision and taste are the emphasis on the details and texture of life.
Element 4: The combination of stone and wood grain
With the proliferation of various industrial decoration styles in the home decoration market, the return to nature of the wood color is increasingly welcomed by consumers, especially Wood grain cabinets.
The kitchen with wood cabinets is not only more natural, but also brighter. The rustic woody texture and the lustrous and versatile stone are still unbeaten classics.
Excellent kitchen design can enhance the temperament and taste of the family. A person who loves life and enjoys life must not be willing to satisfy his “satisfaction” in the kitchen. It can also make people feel good about life. Produce more embarrassment.

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