Kitchen cabinet decoration taboo, have you installed it like this?

Eating in China People’s hearts are very important, so kitchen decoration is also very important in the whole family decoration. For the kitchen decoration, you must not hold the attitude of casual decoration, otherwise it will add trouble to your life. The kitchen cabinets should not be installed like this. The masters carefully sum up and leave no regrets after reading!

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I. Cabinet material

Cabinet is the top priority of the kitchen, so the material of the cabinet must be selected. It is necessary to choose durable and fireproof, and choose affordable. If the decoration budget is large, and often go to the kitchen, Xiao Bian recommends that everyone wear a fire board or double finish, durable and fireproof. If the budget is small and the kitchen is not often used, then the plastic material can be selected to make a variety of cabinet effects, and the fashion is generous.

Second, cabinet door

The kitchen is a place of heavy oil pollution, so there is no need to choose a glass surface on the facade of the cabinet. It is difficult to clean it when it is stained with oil. Xiao Bian reminds that the cabinet door edge is best to use ABS or aluminum, very durable!

Three, cabinet handles

Do not choose to hide the handles of the cabinet handle, it is also easy to contaminate the oil, not So clean. If there is water or oil on the hand, it is very inflexible to hide the handle and open the door. Xiao Bian reminded that the cabinet handle should not choose to easily scrape clothes.

four, range hood

The kitchen should choose a side hood instead of an ordinary European hood. The side suction hood is better than the European style hood, the wind is large, and the soot is pumped clean. Xiao Bian reminds that the side suction range hood needs to be cleaned frequently, which can reduce the smoking inside the fan.

V. Cooking stove

Wood hood when installing stove and range hood It should be as close as possible to the cooktop, and the smoking effect is better. The cooktop should not be placed under the window, it is not easy to fire, and gas leakage will occur; secondly, the window will explode under the heat of the stove for a long time. /span>

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