July Chongqing Tourism Punch “Lushan 86” Experience Old Street Culture and Authentic Hot Pot

In the midsummer of July, the blue sky and the fireball-like sun ruthlessly roast the earth. During the season of the fire, a new graduation season was ushered in across the country. Graduation trips are like a ceremony on this node, and Chongqing has once again become the most popular destination in this ceremony. “Real Edition Thousands of Spirits–Hongyadong,” “People’s Light Rail–Liziba Station seems to have become an intrinsic travel label for Chongqing, but everyone knows that there is also a tourist resort in Chongqing–Lushan On the 86th, the original original street in Chongqing is preserved, and the most authentic Chongqing hot pot is also hidden.

About The origin of the name of this street in Lushan has always been three different kinds of sayings. One is that it is named because there are many banyan trees planted on the mountain. The second is that the mountain shape is similar to the Chinese musical instrument, 琵琶 琵琶; three said that it has lived in the previous mountain. A beautiful girl, every night, playing a singer to summon her lover on the South Bank, the music is awesome, and the later generations are remembered as the name of the mountain.

Along the meandering mountain road, along with the hot sun in Chongqing, “Laoshan” gradually began to tell its own story. Built on the Weihe River, the bamboo and wood are cloudy, the flowers and plants are lush, and the air is fresh, which is an oasis in the city. Due to the high terrain, it has always been a good place for the night view of Guanshan City, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the two rivers and the new look of the mountain city. This street is the earliest generation of residential accommodation, and every place is full of laughter and laughter from the residents of Lushan. The bluestone cement here witnesses them from young to late. However, in this old street, the residents of the Laoshan Mountain have grown up from small to large, and have not changed in 23 years. In addition to the bluestone along the street, there is also the authentic Chongqing hot pot hidden in this street–渝味晓宇.

1995 In the year, from a simple Mala Tang shop to a hot pot shop at four tables, “The hot pot chef Zhang Ping used the name of his wife to name this hot pot restaurant, which is now the predecessor of Xiaowei Xiaoyu. Yu hot pot. Since then, the legendary hot pot career of Zhang Ping and his wife has officially kicked off.

Ping’s attachment to the taste of Chongqing hot pot is worthy of respect. Just like “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, Zhang Ping’s pertinent evaluation, “more than 10 years, Zhang Ping only believes in his own hands, whenever In the dead of night, when every household fell asleep, there was always a strong butter hot pot fragrance in the sky above the Lushan Zhengjie Street. That is the spicy and spicy fragrance that Zhang Ping exuded in the deep alley. The sweat of every bean that his forehead slipped down has become the most solid cornerstone of his hot pot career. He has made him a little bit today, and he has also achieved the authentic Chongqing hot pot today–渝味晓宇.

Only use the best quality ingredients to restore the most authentic Chongqing hot pot. The taste of 23 years is always the same, Zhang Ping’s Yan Wei Xiaoyu has not only become a resident of the Lushan people, but also attracted many other places in the mountain city. Including many foreign tourists also set the No. 86 Lushan as a must-see for Chongqing tourism. I have to say that Chongqing, compared to the huge cliffs of Hongyadong, forever, can’t squeeze the city’s light rail, and the counterfeit and expensive Chongqing hot pot, it is better to go to Lushan, feel the humanistic care from Chongqing’s old street, experience 渝The authentic Chongqing hot pot taste brought by Wei Xiaoyu!

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