It’s hard to buy “early know”, kitchen decoration look here

I said that it is difficult to buy a lot of money, I know that I often hear someone who has finished the decoration and complained: I knew how I should behave in the first place… so I must do my homework before the renovation. I will share some small-sized kitchen decoration experience today, if your home Being renovated or preparing for renovation, it must be finished and renovated. Ok, I don’t have much to say.

1. Cabinets can not be too cheap, the amount of plates used in cabinets is considerable, plus the generally small kitchen space and hot and humid environment, suitable for formaldehyde, so environmental protection is still very important of.

2. The most durable panel door panel is fireproof board. The shortest life is plastic. The most afraid is still painted. The most expensive is solid wood. The cheapest is double-faced.

3. The silver is rare and rarely goes to the kitchen, and the effect of the fancy, plastic, can make a variety of solid wood to make the shape.

4. The silver is often used in the kitchen, fireproof board or double finish, durable and practical.

5. Cabinet door sealing is best to use ABS or aluminum, more durable.

6. The cabinet top cabinet is not very useful, it can not be put too heavy, and it is not very convenient to take it. It is better to make a 40 cabinet that is accessible to the top.

7. There is no need for glass for the door, there are no enamel crafts in the cabinet, it is hard to see the oily salt and vinegar-like debris. If it is necessary, it is best to bring flowers. Or matte.

8. The cabinet particle board can not be repeatedly nailed up and down, so use a little hardware at the beginning.

9. Cabinet door handles are best not to use easy to hang clothes, but also consider wet hands or oil hand use, so it is best to choose a larger handle.

10. Chinese food needs to be placed much more than Western food. Don’t forget to leave space for rice, noodles, oil and miscellaneous grains.

11. If you put the disinfection cabinet and the oven into the cabinet, the cabinet wall around these appliances should be affixed with aluminum foil paper, or be grilled together with the four walls to reduce the use of cabinets. life.

12. It is very practical to put a small wattage operation wall lamp on the console.

13. 30-35CM can put knives, cutting boards, chopsticks, bottles, what the basket is chicken ribs, can not put a lot of things, replaced with seasoning, it is not convenient to use. In fact, the two kinds of baskets are the most practical, the first one puts the bowl and the other puts the pot.

14. The basket is best not to be attached to the door panel. The door panel is easily deformed for a long time, and the other door panels are not on a flat surface.

15. The drawer is very practical, but not as much as possible (the price is too expensive), in fact, most of the drawers are not placed properly, you can consider the small partition in the drawer.

16. The stainless steel countertop is the most durable, the artificial stone is the least dirty, and the quartz stone is the most expensive. Stainless steel countertops are often used most often, too cold, and can be adjusted with panel and tile color.

17. Stainless steel embossed countertops are less likely to scratch than the countertops.

18. Side smoking machines do have a better smoking effect than regular or European smoke machines.

19. Although the side smoking machine should be scrubbed frequently, it can significantly reduce the oil absorption in the fan.

20. It is not enough to fix the body of the side smoking machine and the exhaust pipe by the clamp. It must be sealed with glue.

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