It is not too late to know now! Home lighting is so chosen to make your home full of emotions

Lights, not only a lighting tool, but also An ornament. In a home, there are countless types of lamps that are large and small, such as spotlights, wall lamps, energy-saving lamps, etc. Which space is suitable for which kind of lamp? Today Xiaobian has collected a few pictures for your reference.


Wall light

wall light It is an auxiliary lighting decoration installed on an indoor walllightwith, usually with milky whiteglassThe glass lampshade, the shape of the modern wall lamp is more and more, but the function is the same, that is, the light is light and harmonious, and the environment can be decorated with exquisite and rich.


light strip

light strip, mainly It is a collection of LED lights that play a certain decorative role. The color can choose warm white and moonlight white, because the main function of the light strip is embellishment, so it is recommended to use warm white, so the effect of the living room and restaurant is warmer and more eye-catching. With moonlight white, it may be aesthetically fatigued after a long time. If you want to refresh the effect, consider using blue light.


floor lamp

Floor lamp, usually divided into top-mounted floor lamp and direct-illuminated floor lamp. Generally arranged in the living room And the rest area, combined with the sofa and coffee table, to meet the needs of the local lighting and embellishment of the home environment.



Spotlights can be placed around the ceiling or in the upper part of the furniture, in the wall, in the wall skirt or In the baseboard. The light directly shines on the objects that need to be emphasized, in order to highlight the subjective aesthetic effect, to achieve the artistic effect of focusing, unique environment, rich layers, rich atmosphere and colorful. The soft lighting line can not only play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also local lighting, setting off the atmosphere.



The chandelier refers to the high-grade decorative lighting that is hoisted on the indoor ceiling. The chandelier is either wire or iron. Hanging cranes can’t be too short to prevent people from looking normal or glaring.


Ceiling Light

The ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp, as the name suggests is because the upper part of the lamp is flat, when installed The bottom is completely attached to the roof, so it is called a ceiling lamp. The most popular ceiling lamp on the market is the LED ceiling lamp, which is often used in homes, offices, entertainment venues, etc.

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