Is paint really equal to paint? Come to reveal the answer for you.

The words paint and paint are often heard in the decoration. For many people, the difference between the two is very inconspicuous. Many people think that paint is a paint, but is this really the case? Is paint really equal to paint? Maybe the answer will be beyond your expectations. Let’s take a look.
paint = paint? The two are actually very different!

I. Definition of paint and paint

Paint is a solid coating film used on the surface of objects, which has the functions of protection, decoration, insulation and anti-corrosion. Divided into two forms of liquid and solid.

Paint refers to the general term for organic solvents as medium or high solids, solvent-free oil paints.

Second, the difference between paint and paint

A, the previous paint is mostly based on vegetable oil, so it is called paint, but now the synthetic resin is completely It replaces vegetable oil, and its apparent characteristics are liquid, can not cover solid paint, and then the paint is not named properly, it is changed to paint.

B. Simply put, paints include solid powder coatings and liquid paints, but paints can only be liquid paints, not equivalent to paints. The term paint can cover all types of industries. product.

C. Nowadays, water-based paints and powder coatings are widely used in the market. Water-based paints account for about 38% of the total paints in China, but water-based paints and paints are in chemistry. There are essential differences in performance, and the nature of the product varies widely, so such materials are also known as coatings. Water paints and paints should be listed as two different series in liquid paints.

Therefore, paints can be divided into three categories: paints, water paints, powder paints; paints (flowable liquid paints) include paints and water paints.

Paint = paint? The two are actually very different!

Third, the difference between water paint and paint

Water paint is a liquid paint with water as a diluent. The difference between water paint and traditional paint is that water paint does not need to add any curing agent or thinner. It only needs to be mixed with water, so it does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and xylene, thus eliminating the possibility of air pollution. . At present, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, it has basically replaced oil paint, and the penetration rate has reached more than 90%. It is a relatively environmentally friendly paint.

Fourth, the difference between water-based paint and latex paint

Where water is used as a solvent or as a dispersion medium, it can be called water-based paint, water-based paints include water-soluble paint, water Dilute paint, water-dispersible paint (latex paint) three kinds.

Latex paint, also known as synthetic resin emulsion coating, is a kind of organic coating, which is based on synthetic resin emulsion, and then added with pigments, fillers and various additives. Waterborne coatings. Latex paint is only one kind of water-based paint. The range of water paint is wider, and there are metal paint and wood paint.
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