Ireland’s minimum wage is expected to exceed €10 per hour in 2020

China News Service, July 18, according to the European Network, quoted by the European Union News Agency, recently, at the Irish Trade Union Congress in Dublin, Irish Prime Minister Varadeka said that the national minimum wage in 2020 may exceed what he said A psychological mark of 10 euros per hour.

Currently, the minimum wage for adults in Ireland is 9.80 euros per hour. The Irish Low Salary Committee recommends that the minimum wage in 2020 should be raised by about 30 euro cents per hour. Under this proposal, there will be 120,000 workers benefiting from it.

It is reported that the Irish Low Salary Committee was established in 2015 by the United Party and the Labor Party and the government to provide ministers with advice on the appropriate amount of the national minimum wage. It consists of an independent president appointed by the government and representatives elected by trade unions, employers and campaign groups.

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