Interpretation of the hot pot restaurant industry. Wei Wei Xiaoyu tells the “inclusive” spicy rivers under the Vientiane!

Original title: Interpretation of the hot pot restaurant industry, Wei Xiaoyu tells the story “All the inclusive and spicy rivers and lakes!”

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the catering industry has also ushered in the spring of the industry. . In 2017, the catering industry alone created an output value of nearly 500 million yuan, of which the hot pot is still the king of the industry. Once hot pot was just a group of people, but now it has become a representative of culture. When it comes to hot pot, we think of nothing more than —— Chongqing, Chongqing hot pot in recent years because of the rise of Chongqing tourism, Chongqing hot pot is also developing smoothly, and Chongqing hot pot representative Yan Weixiao is in such a big environment. Next, it shows us the spicy rivers and lakes in Chongqing.

Chongqing Hot Pot, also known as Mao Duo Hot Pot or Spicy Hot Pot, originated in Chongqing Jialing River in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties The Chaotianmen Wharf, the boatman’s extensive dining style, the spicy hot pot is delicious and delicious. No one doesn’t hang on it. Although it used to be the working people’s diet, after years of evolution, more and more people fell in love. This kind of food. Although Chongqing hot pot was issued in the city and alleys, it was raised in the bustling city. 2014 is the fastest year for Chongqing’s urban development. It is also a year of Chongqing hot pot. In the same year, Chongqing famous hot pot Xiaoyu hot pot (predecessor of Weiwei Xiaoyu) was honored as “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, so Chongqing hot pot is in the restaurant industry. China has also set off a wave of enthusiasm, and many catering people have also invested in this boom.

The popularity of Xiaoyu Hot Pot has also allowed the entire Chongqing hot pot market to expand instantly. Speculators aiming at this boom have also flooded into the hot pot market in Chongqing. At one time, the shop that imitated Xiaoyu appeared one after another, and Zhang Ping, the founder of Xiaoyu Hot Pot, who only wanted to make the hot pot, was also dumb. Huang Lian has no difficulty in speaking. He can’t understand why everyone will imitate himself. Although he is honest in his own character, Zhang Ping knows that Xiaoyu, who can’t look at his own cultivation, has been destroyed by speculators. So at the end of 2014, he tasted Xiaowei. Yu also officially changed its name to “Xiao Wei Xiaoyu.” Although the market is under competitive pressure, Zhang Ping’s inclusiveness from Chongqing’s hot pot has made him understand that he can do his own thing, even if the industry market is chaotic, he can let everyone feel the Chongqing hot pot culture. Inclusive.

In the era when counterfeiters were rampant, the entire Chongqing catering market experienced unprecedented prosperity and hidden choppy undercurrents. And the initiator of this boom, Xiaowei Xiaoyu, as an industry representative, has naturally become the target of everyone. But imitation is the imitation after all, in the meantime, the essence of Zhang Ping himself understands.

Yan Wei Xiaoyu was founded in 1997. After 21 years of change, Zhang Ping has seen the Chongqing people see such a place in Chongqing. The hot pot chefs are personally promoting the development of Chongqing hot pot culture. Zhang Ping’s simplicity, kindness and tolerance allow speculators to find loopholes, but they can’t imitate the essence. Countless days and nights of research, countless times of shovel, Zhang Ping’s sweat is the culture of Chongqing hot pot.

Because of the attitude of Zhang Wei, the founder of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, Chongqing hot pot catering people always remind themselves that it is the foundation of enterprise development to maintain a catering heart in this industry that is full of temptation. Whether it is endogenous or foreign, local or exotic, Chongqing hot pot restaurant industry is like a hot pot with a variety of ingredients, with a broad mind and a good attitude to embrace the Chongqing catering industry, Chongqing Weiwei Xiaoyu hot pot has been passed down to the present, Full of Chongqing hot pot culture, founder Zhang Ping’s continuous efforts, only to let more people understand the hot pot of Chongqing hot pot and see the tolerance of Chongqing hot pot culture!

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