International Olympic Committee resumes Indian membership

Xinhuanet Sochi February 11th (Reporter Zhou Jie Wu Qiang Zou Dapeng) The International Olympic Committee decided on the 11th to lift the ban on India and resume the membership of the Indian Olympic Committee. The three Indian athletes who participated in the Sochi Winter Olympics were able to change their status and no longer compete as Olympic independent athletes.

This is the first time a national (regional) Olympic Committee resumed its membership in the International Olympic Committee during the Olympic Games.

International Olympic Committee spokesperson Mark · Adams said that the IOC Executive Committee made this decision at an ad hoc meeting in Sochi.

The decision means that three Indian athletes participating in the Sochi Winter Olympics can compete as Indian Olympic athletes. At the closing ceremony on February 23, they will be guided by the Indian flag instead of the IOC flag at the opening ceremony.

In addition, the Indian flag will also rise in the Olympic Village.

On February 9, the Indian Olympic Committee’s plenary session was held with the participation of representatives of the International Olympic Committee, which elected a new council and new chairman.

On December 4, 2012, the International Olympic Committee passed a resolution in Lausanne, Switzerland, and temporarily suspended the International Olympic Committee of the Indian Olympic Committee on the grounds that the Indian government intervened in the election process of the National Olympic Committee. Member association qualifications. In December last year, the IOC Executive Committee decided to allow Indian athletes to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics in their personal capacity.

According to the information provided by the organizing committee, three athletes from India have qualified for the competition, and they will participate in sledding, alpine skiing and cross-country skiing respectively.

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