In the smart home, Anhui will build a smart home industry cluster

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Anhui Taking the lead in incorporating smart homes into research reports on major strategic emerging industries indicates that the importance of smart homes is being further recognized by the relevant government. As the Internet of Things gains global attention, its joint role in the smart home industry will not be underestimated.

Build a smart home industry cluster to attract high-quality resources from strategic emerging industries around the world

Anhui is the second largest province in the country’s home appliance industry. Among them, the provincial capital Hefei is the largest in the country. The home appliance industry base has an output value of over 100 billion for many years. Can Anhui seize the opportunity to lay out smart homes and incorporate them into a major new industrial system? In this year’s provincial “two sessions”, the provincial people’s congress deputy and Changfeng County magistrate Huang Wei proposed this proposal, hoping to incorporate smart home into Anhui Province. In the feasibility study report of major strategic emerging industries.

Smart home, in an important strategic opportunity period

 In recent years, the Internet of Things has become a hot spot of global concern and is considered to be the most significant technological innovation after the Internet.

According to Huang Wei, the Internet of Things connects information to the Internet for information exchange and communication through radio frequency identification, infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing devices. To achieve intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management.

“The development of the Internet of Things has introduced new concepts and development space for smart homes. Smart homes are seen as an important application of the Internet of Things, as well as home appliances, building materials, new energy and the Internet. An innovative combination of traditional industries.

Among the five emerging industries identified by the National Strategic Emerging Industry Program and Anhui Province’s supporting support policies, the smart home industry itself is listed as a new generation of information technology applications, for its technology application and future. From the perspective of development space, it goes far beyond the application of next-generation information technology, and involves the application and development of high-end equipment and new materials, green and low-carbon, and information economy.

& ldquo;Integrated above, smart home is in an important strategic opportunity period.

Incorporating smart home into a major new industry

In order to achieve a strong provincial strategy, Anhui should make full use of location environmental advantages and industrial base under the continuous promotion and guidance of national macro policies. Advantages, scientific and technological advantages, seize and set off the banner of China’s smart home industry gathering place, making Anhui a flag of the global smart home industry.

At the same time, through the layout of the intelligent home industry ecosystem of the Internet of Things, attracting high-quality resources from strategic emerging industries in the world, and supporting other supporting industries through key development of strategic emerging industries including smart homes. And the common high-quality development of related upstream and downstream industries will play a positive role in promoting the supply-side structural reform of Anhui, “Made in China 2025,” and “One Belt and One Road” strategic cooperation.

Huang Wei suggested that while deepening the implementation of the national emerging industry development plan, combined with the basic advantages of Anhui’s strategic emerging industries, the strategy of smart home industry technology application, market prospects and rapid development is seized. Opportunity to integrate smart home into a major strategic emerging industry in Anhui Province.

It is recommended to develop a feasibility study report

“Anhui attaches great importance to scientific research and education. There are more than 200 smart home enterprises, which have the foundation and technological advantages of smart home industry.

Huang Wei believes that from the industrial creation, fully integrate the existing industrial base of the province, quickly build a smart home industry gathering area, and further attract contemporary cutting-edge technology enterprises through the industrial demonstration and leading role of the gathering area. Gathering and absorbing high-tech talents, it will form a huge cluster of intelligent home industries in Anhui.

He suggested that the relevant departments take the lead to organize domestic and foreign experts, scholars and researchers to conduct in-depth research on the smart home industry and its development direction, and combine the provincial strategic emerging industry planning ideas to develop a smart A feasibility study report on the integration of home into a major strategic emerging industry in Anhui Province.

& ldquo; At the same time, actively introduce relevant policies, adjust, increase, and tilt the provincial, city, and county policy support for the smart home industry and supporting industries.

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