In the face of fierce competition in the industry, water purifier manufacturers to create product features is the future

It is understood that more than half of the domestic water purifier brands are from Shenzhen, Shenzhen is the gathering place of water purifier enterprises. In the face of such fierce competition in the industry, how can we highlight the competitive advantage?

The problem facing many water purifiers is that the industry is gradually growing, and the market is still in an irregular state, some small manufacturers And the small workshop products are as active in the market as those of the country’s slightly influential products. How to cultivate consumer brand awareness? Some merchants firmly believe that only after the product differentiation is actually made can we defeat the opponent in product and marketing, thus guiding the market consumption. They said that regardless of products or marketing, they must be synchronized with home appliances and ceramics, ceramics, sanitary ware and other home building materials industries. They will open large stores and boutiques to produce product features and focus on terminal sales.

Low-cost competition in the water purifier industry

In recent years, in various homes At the exhibitions of building materials and home appliances, there are brands of water purifiers, and the potential of the water purifier industry is evident. Yes, according to industry sources, in recent years, consumers have been paying more and more attention to the water purifier industry, and water purifier manufacturers have also increased their research and development efforts. At the same time, the interests have driven many merchants. Enter the water purifier industry. The market is like this. Once there is a market and there is profit, it is bound to enter the public.

First of all, the low-price competition in the industry is serious. The entry threshold of the water purifier is low, and the capital investment will not be too large, so anyone with a little accumulation of funds can engage in the water purifier industry. As far as the water purifier product technology is concerned, there is no high-tech technology, and there are many manufacturers in the market. As long as there is a basic set of equipment, it is possible to produce several water purifier brands in a small factory and then sell them to the market. At present, industry competition is basically based on price. “Some small manufacturers mainly rely on low prices to attract consumers’ purchases. The products are mixed, and the products from some small factories are also mixed in the market, which makes consumers unable to judge. Using low-cost competition, small brands are taking more “small” from formal brands.

Water purifiers have become a trend

Although many small manufacturers and regular brands are taking the fruits of the market, industry sources say that this situation will not last long. “The water purifier will inevitably become the future trend of the water purifier.

The water purifier will become the trend of future water purifiers, which is the consensus of many water purifiers. A person in charge believes that as the market matures, customers will gradually pay attention to the strength of manufacturers and merchants, choose the address, look at the size of the store, and see the display effect of the products, etc., as long as the price is low and can be satisfied. You can use it at home. This phenomenon prompted many manufacturers to start from the product itself and to make their own differentiation.

Water purifiers should be synchronized with other home building materials

Water purifiers are not included, they must be synchronized with other mature home building materials such as home appliances, ceramic sanitary ware, flooring. Drawing on the development experience of home appliances, ceramics, flooring and other industries, many home appliances, tile stores, and floor stores are becoming more and more prosperous. They take into account most of the elements in home decoration and introduce furniture and accessories. Make the product display more vivid and vivid. The water purifier products are still in the form of small shops. Simple decoration and store image can hardly attract more attention. For this reason, water purifiers should carefully study the development direction of ceramic sanitary ware and other industries, and firmly grasp The trends and trends in these mature industries have completely matched the water purifier products.

The monopoly image is the way out, the terminal is the most important

Most water purifiers agree that the terminal wins and the terminal monopoly image store is the way out. With the differentiated advantages of products, a good image store plays a huge role in the sales of products and the impact of brand. In the history of the development of water purifiers, many people have experienced everything from simple retail sales to marketing teams to cooperation with the decoration industry. Now they think that it is only enterprises that create boutiques and open big stores. The way out.

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