In 2019, the pressure of survival is huge, how can household building materials dealers get rid of the upper position?

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The home industry has always followed the dealer system The development model, dealers bring rapid expansion to the brand, seize the market opportunities, but they also face a lot of survival pressure, especially in the current market flow of dispersed, dealers need to actively innovate and change.

The current home building materials dealers, regardless of size, regardless of the level of the agent’s brand, have their own troubles. The large-scale research is divided into two cases, and several suggestions are given respectively.

01 The pressure of the first-line big business

First of all, the relatively large dealers, the agent’s first-line or strong second-line brand, have a appeal in the market, generally not for passenger traffic. worry. However, it is not a high-slaughter, sitting on the ground and dividing the wealth, the manufacturers are relatively strong, the margin of profit given is limited, the rules are also more, manufacturers often require various cooperation, the goal is set to be higher every year, may not feel happy.

Not to mention the pursuit of soldiers, I dare not take it lightly. The proportion of price-sensitive consumers is still so high. There are still so many customers who like to buy bargains. They want to rely on their own brand influence to sell more high-value-added goods. It turns out that the difficulty is still so great.

The whole distribution business is that there is a mountain on the top, followed by a follower, tightly stretched, and no leisure at all. If the business can be done very hard, there is nothing tough about it. Unfortunately, the reality is very skinny, and there are too few to achieve this goal.

In the current situation, you just want to take all the cities and make a total distribution of the provincial capital or the market. It is estimated that it may not be possible. For such brand-name dealers with a certain scale, Deng Chaoming, the founder of Dajin Research, recommends:

1. Examine the brand growth and support of the agent, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the store, and the single store. There is still much room for improvement in revenue and profit, and I want to find a way to put capacity up again. Many times, we feel that the market is saturated. In fact, developing new channels or adding one or two new categories may break the bottleneck.

2. In the case of a stable foundation, strive to win the total distribution authority of a city, or extend the tentacles to the low-lying cities with potential.

If possible, take the surrounding city and take the step. In particular, there are still gaps in leading brands in third- and fourth-tier cities. You can take the sales rights as long as you have resources in the local area. Most of the strength brands are expanding their outlets, expanding urban coverage, and increasing the penetration density of urban outlets. Many stores may be killed in the future, but there will also be a dealer to get rich. After all, the market demand has increased slightly every year. You are selling the head brand and have the ability to seize the opportunity and fear what.

3, keep up with the pace of the brand, see if there is any new business can be represented, and now many of the strength brands are expanding the category, do the wardrobe of the cabinet to make wooden doors, furniture to create sanitary ware. The newly added categories are all recruiting dealers separately. You are an old customer and see if you can get more favorable cooperation conditions. Going to multiple categories, it is possible to make a large customer price and break through the original bottleneck.

02 The Activity of Small Brand Dealers

Looking at the smaller dealers, the store may be one or two places, and the days are too good to be able to talk about it. The brand of the agent is not too big. In some areas, there is some appeal. The pressure behind such dealers will be relatively large. The things to be done are not expansion, but the situation of getting out of trouble and saving.

There are still some dealers who may already be in trouble. In 2018, they did not make any money. The morale of the team was greatly damaged. The backbone may also be lost. The rhythm of turning the situation has not been found. It is very passive. For such home dealers, the recommendations for large-scale research are:

1. Whether the growth is blocked or the loss has been made, the main reasons and secondary causes of the dilemma must be found. From the indicators of customer acquisition, main attack channels, single product sales, per capita output, annual employee expense rate, and store efficiency, analyze the problem.

2. Seriously plan, take plans, and set action steps, including setting annual action plans and stage goals; brand and product adjustment; sales target setting and breakdown by employees. There are also store staff configuration and assessment, can give rich conditions to recruit key employees, if you can not give too much money, you can consider the dividend agency, that is, the profit of the store as a dividend base.

There is a key thing that everyone ignores. If you feel that you are small and there are not many people, you will not be trained and upgraded by the store staff. The more you do, the more boring you are, the less able you are, the turnover rate. Big, the results are negated. Therefore, Deng Chaoming, a large-scale researcher, suggests that no matter how large or small your temple is, the training plan for store sales staff must be there.

3, store outlets must have innovation and breakthrough, do not be afraid to spend money, to come up with some budget services, not only to seize the passenger flow of the store, but also to go out of the store to take the initiative to get customers, at least have an initiative The marketing department has two or three backbones.

There are a few specific things to do, and the big material research gives some suggestions:

1. Take out the budget to operate new media, such as the public number, vibrato, headline number. Wait, the input cost will not be too high, but it is not allowed to have new gains.

2, pay attention to the flow of the conversion of the manufacturers, now many home building materials manufacturers have market departments, or network marketing related departments, they are not only selling goods online, but also doing propaganda, diversion Collect customer information.

3, to ensure that store information can be searched in multiple channels, such as some local buyers, they will go online to search before buying furniture, if you happen to see yourThe store is likely to attract the store.

4, the old customer activation, development into the store’s traffic portal, get the old customer’s recommendation, and even the old customer’s home into a community sales model room.

5, community groups, community group buy groups, etc., community-based community marketing to catch up.

6. Actively find some non-competitive merchants to engage in affiliate marketing, establish an alliance cooperation mechanism, design a win-win method for everyone to win, and make the alliance work.

Say a thousand and ten thousand, we have two problems to focus on: one is to get customers, to attract customers, to attract to the store, to establish a WeChat connection, you can . The second is to stay in the guest, attract people, and find ways to let them pay for it.

There are many ways to list a tactical list, assess your own resources and capabilities, and grab several main lines of the channel to revitalize the situation.

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