If you don’t agree with each other, you will be “selling”. Seeing the first battle of Tianhe in the spring is comparable to the “Red Sea Action”.

“ The trend of the times, create brilliant, March 18, 2018 Tianhe Fujia Channel Strategy Series Summit Changzhou stood at the Trina Solar headquarters. Nearly 2,000 users and distributors from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Jiangxi provinces gathered at the gathering place to gather blueprints and discuss big plans for development.

It is reported that this conference will kick off the prelude of the five series of channel strategy summits of Tianhe Fujia in March, Shijiazhuang Station on March 19, Zhengzhou Station on March 22, and Jinan Station on March 23. On March 25th, the grand event held at Foshan Station continued to sound hot drums, and a feast of investment in the 2018 home PV market was ready to go.

2000 people “factory direct sales will enlarge the enrollment, the original system” was snapped up

On the morning of March 18, “the trend of the times, the creation of brilliant & mdash; & mdash; Tianhe factory direct sales chamber grand. The pattering of the rain and the enthusiasm of the national users can not squander the enthusiasm of the country, more like a harbinger of the 2018 season of rain and infinite harvest.

(China Household Photovoltaic Brand Promotion Alliance Chairman, Trina Solar Vice President, Tianhe Home Business Mr. Zhang Bing, President of the Value Group, ▲)

In addition to the unique Huimin price for the whole year, there are also on-site pumping cars, electric cars, cash red envelopes, etc. Signed the original home photovoltaic system hundreds of days, the turnover exceeded the expectations.

Liu, a villager from Nanchang, Jiangxi, told reporters: “Tianhe big brand, great strength. We visited the Tianhe Photovoltaic Science and Technology National Key Laboratory and the high-standard fully automated production plant, which was really shocking. Tianhe original household PV represents the high level of the current industry. The original Tianhe is guaranteed. Our investment in pensions depends on Tianhe Fujia.

It is reported that Tianhe Fujia has opened the “factory through train mode to allow Tianhe headquarters, dealers, and end users to contact each other. On the one hand, it can strengthen the knowledge of solar PV for users. On the other hand, it is easier for dealers to manage between Tianhe factory and users to efficiently process a steady stream of orders.

(Distribution of dealers around the world ▲)

“Strategic channel summit consensus , the original strategic layout

March 18 afternoon, “the trend of the times, create brilliant & mdash; & mdash; Tianhe rich dealers conference grand. Previously, dealers have visited Trina Solar’s headquarters in high frequency, with the aim of ordering as many of the original home PV systems as possible to meet the explosive demand increase of the domestic photovoltaic market in 2018. .

The reporter learned that in March, it was the first anniversary of the original home photovoltaic system of Tianhe Fujia. The original system of Tianhe experienced a development from scratch, from excellent to excellent, the original 4T standard. Deep into the hearts of the people.

Tianhe Fujia’s relevant person in charge of the conference said, “In line with the guiding principle of & rsquo;user-centered & rsquo;, in 2017, we proposed the original 4T standard to the original quality Bo market. In 2018, we will further optimize the original service, optimize the user experience with the information strategy, and perfect the after-sales specification of the home PV market.

Hot sales are not just a coup

Zhou Yuan, secretary general of PGO Photovoltaic Green Ecology Cooperation Organization, said: “Tianhe Fujia strictly practices the original standards, implements the original concept, and is committed to each One user provides excellent quality products and perfect after-sales service. Tianhe Fujia has achieved the ultimate service through the perfect original concept. Specifically, it is manifested in the management of informationization, bringing a fast and convenient consumption experience to users and dealers. Tianhe original is winning the market with service.

A dealer from Anhui revealed to reporters that “the core hardware of Tianhe Fujia’s original home PV is developed by Trina Solar and is subject to strict quality standards. Tianhe Fujia emphasizes the whole process of the system. The quality control, from the selection, production, testing, design, transportation, installation, operation and maintenance, monitoring and other aspects to form a closed-loop quality control system, the entire quality control service process productization, quality and service can keep up with, I dare Reliable recommendation!

In the process of using household PV for 25 years, the long-term perfect and convenient after-sales service has a direct relationship with the user’s income, connecting the manufacturer and the user. It is a key part of it.

To this end, Tianhe Fujia has provided sufficient support for the original system dealers and service providers. Tianhe Fujia has built a complete support system for downstream distributors: matching exclusive technical experts to solve market problems, and holding two dealership trainings and installer training every month. Such a comprehensive three-dimensional after-sales guarantee system allows the majority of home users to believe that the original home PV system of Tianhe Fujia can be used to obtain long-term value.

This day’s original “Taiwan first battle” is comparable to the recent hot military film “Red Sea Action”, with informational tactical actions to support the original service after-sales strategy, “to the soft The TRW also received positive feedback from the market.

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