How to renovate the old floor?

The floor is a building material used for the surface layer of a house floor or floor, made of wood or other materials. The floor is used as a building material, and the building material can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and some special materials. Chinese style, European style and other styles will be used, and the use is more and more extensive.

After a long period of floor covering, inevitably there will be color loss, fluffing, deformation, etc., which greatly affects the appearance of the home. Is it necessary to completely remove the floor and re-lay the new floor? The answer is no. Wood floor renovation can also get the home effect you want. So, how to operate the wooden floor renovation?

Compared with the floor decoration materials such as floor tiles, the wooden floor is comfortable and natural, so it appears in many homes. However, after a long period of stepping on the floor and the natural environment, various loss phenomena will occur. The floor renovation process can quickly rejuvenate the floor.

There is no fixed time limit for how long the floor needs to be refurbished after installation. If some floors are carefully maintained on a daily basis and there are no major problems, then even if they have been used for ten years, they do not need to be refurbished. However, if some floors are not well maintained, there will be paint drops, cracks, etc. in a few years. For various problems, it is necessary to carry out refurbishment as soon as possible, because if it is not handled quickly, the damage will become more and more serious.

There are two ways to renovate the old floor. One is to renovate directly at home by the construction workers, and the other is to remove the floor and then renovate it by the manufacturer before returning it to the installation. It takes 8-10 days to renovate directly at home. It takes about 10-15 days to remove the floor and get it to the factory for renovation. The first method is more common, but dust and noise pollution are more serious during the construction process. The second method is better for refurbishing, but it is more troublesome and more expensive.

After the three floors are damaged, refurbishment measures can be taken. However, it should also be noted that the surface thickness of these floors needs to be 4 mm, because the floor renovation needs to be polished several times. If the floor surface is too thin, the intermediate layer will be polished and the service life of the floor will be affected.

If the laminate floor is seriously damaged, it is not recommended to renovate, it is best to replace it all. First, because the price of laminate flooring is relatively low, the price of new flooring is not much different from that of renovation; on the other hand, the surface of the laminate floor is the hardest part, and the middle is generally made of high-temperature glue. After renovation, it is polished. It is easy to destroy the surface wear layer, which is more likely to cause the floor to age.

If the floor is damaged, and there is a large area of ​​mildew and deformation, it is not recommended to be refurbished. Because the mildew of the floor will generally penetrate into the interior of the floor, the surface of the polished floor will still have moldy spots; and the deformation and damage of the floor cannot be remedied by grinding. If most of the floor is damaged, moldy and deformed, it is recommended to buy it again.

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To completely renovate the floor of a room Better, basically can achieve the effect of the new floor. And the choice of partial renovation is easy to cause new and old differences between the floors, the longer the use of the floor, the more obvious the difference between old and new.

Floor renovation requires professional use Grinding the machine, it also involves painting and other processes, so it is usually handed over to a special refurbished company. However, the owner still needs to understand the basic method steps of refurbishment to prevent construction workers from burying themselves.

Floor renovation The first step is to use a large floor refurbishing machine to remove the lacquer layer and the surface layer 1-2 mm. Note that the sandpaper of 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh thickness is used for three times. The larger the mesh size, the smaller the sandpaper particles. The scratches left by the polishing are less obvious, ensuring that the polished surface is fine and smooth.

After the floor is polished, the putty should be leveled to flatten the floor, and the special transparent primer putty matched with the floor paint is used. Dry on the polished floor.

After scraping the putty Brush the floor or toning the floor. Since the texture of the wood surface is natural, you can’t change the color of the floor. You can only adjust the color of the floor.

After the primer is dry, brush the finish. After drying again, carefully grind with water sandpaper, grind the floor surface to a slightly rough, remove the dust, and brush the second layer of paint.

After the topcoat is dry, use professional waxing equipment, The floor is polished with floor polish.

The basic process steps for the renovation of the old floor have been mentioned earlier, but in order to ensure satisfactory refurbishment, when the floor is refurbished, you need to pay attention to the following problems. /P>

Before the floor is refurbished, all the furniture in the house should be removed. On the one hand, the furniture should not be dusty, and on the other hand, the floor renovation operation is convenient.

The floor renovation needs to be used. Paint, it is recommended to use water-based environmentally friendly paint, and it is a special floor paint. When purchasing floor paint, pay attention to the parameters such as wear resistance of the product, check the inspection certificate to ensure good environmental protection.

When renovating the floor, Generally need to brush the primer once, two times the topcoat. If polished There are also flaws on the surface of the board. It is necessary to brush the primer several times according to the situation.

The texture of solid wood flooring is natural, and the color cannot be changed when renovating, but the color of the floor can be adjusted. During the renovation process, You can add the required pigment to the floor paint and brush it on the floor. However, if the floor itself is darker and you want to lighten it, you need to polish it first, and brush the paint several times to make the light color cover the dark color.

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