How to operate the glue and seamless processing of marble mosaic?

  Marble parquet is also familiar to everyone, there is no more introduction. Today, I will give you some reference to the rubber filling and seamless processing.
First, the stone mosaic glue

   The processing of stone mosaic, compared with the ordinary stone care project, the main difference is in the seamless processing, that is, the glue Link. The other links are not very different.

   [1, difficult]

   1 gap small

   now stone mosaic, general All are computer graphics, waterjet cutting, the process is very advanced, the error is very low. After the assembly is completed, the gap is only 0.1mm. With such a small gap, it is very difficult to make up the glue.

   2 cumbersome

   Computer graphics can be designed to create extremely complex mosaics. Although the effect is very beautiful, but for the glue, a small mosaic can be an amazing amount of work. So don’t deal with the parquet and report the price of the ordinary project – you can’t count it.

   [2, purpose and significance of the glue]

   Different from the ordinary stone care project, the stone compounding treatment, and More important.

   1 Realize seamlessness

   Although the mosaic can achieve very small errors, it must be filled with glue to fill gaps. The real overall surface. It acts as antifouling and anti-wear.

   2 defect repair

   Stone mosaic in the process of transportation, installation, etc., it is easy to produce some details of the defects, need to pass the glue repair.

   3Art Rendering

   Some mosaic designs require the use of shades of glue to show better artistic effects. For example, the use of dark glue can produce a segmentation effect, and the decoration of the mosaic has a better improvement.

Second, construction technology

   Stone parquet processing technology, the main difficulty in seamless processing, and general stone The difference in nursing engineering is also in the seamless processing. Therefore, the problem of seamless processing of the stone mosaic is solved, and the subsequent grinding and polishing are the same as the general stone care engineering.

   Step 1: Selection of glue

   Stone parquet glue, use marble glue and transparent glue. The selected marble glue must meet the following requirements:

   * Have good bonding properties.

   * To have good polishing performance, after polishing and polishing, it should be consistent with the gloss of the stone.

   * To be easy to color. The coloring property of marble glue is related to the thickness of the powder contained. If the fineness of the marble powder reaches 300# or above, it has good coloring performance and is not easy to change color. Inferior marble glue, the thickness of the powder is even below 0#, it is not easy to color, and it is easy to lose color.

   [Recommended] High-quality marble glue must be used, such as imported marble glue.

   Step 2: Clean up the gap

   1. If the gap <0.2mm

   The stone is very small in the gap, and the seam is basically not allowed to be operated by machinery. If a portable cutting machine and a cleaning piece are used, it is easy to cause the slit to be cut and enlarged; on the other hand, it will generate high heat, causing problems such as chipping and destroying the overall decorative effect.

   Correct method:

   Manual cleanup. Seiko blades are used, which is very thin. In some places, even thinner razor blades are needed for cleaning. When cleaning, the speed should be slow to avoid damage at the details of the parquet. After the crevice is completed, use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the gap.

   2, if the gap >0.2mm

   The area of ​​the mosaic is large, when the gap is relatively small, you can use the “portable cutting machine +0.2″ Mm clearing piece” is cleaned. The depth of the seam should be more than 3mm, and the deeper the overall structural strength is.


   * When cleaning the seam, be sure to keep the original appearance of the stone, and do not widen the gap.

   * At the end of the gap, don’t cut it.

   * Don’t cut the seams – just don’t accidentally pick them up when cleaning along a seam.

   * During the cleanup processThe clearing piece must be kept at 90 degrees perpendicular to the stone, otherwise it will cause the stone to collapse.

   [Note] Stone parquet is a very fine art. The above precautions are intended to prevent damage to the overall decorative effect. For example, when cutting seams, cutting over the head or cutting the seams is very unattractive and affects the decorative effect.

   Step 3: 调胶

   1, Standard

   Adjust the color of the glue to It is highly consistent with the color of the stone.

   2, method

   Use marble glue + water gel or transparent glue, stir constantly, adjust the glue to a little. The reason is that the gap of the mosaic is very small, and it cannot be widened. It is necessary to enhance the fluidity of the glue in order to effectively infiltrate.

   3, tips and precautions

   1Add natural toner

   In the color, according to the needs, the addition of natural inorganic toner, such as stone powder, is a substance extracted from natural minerals, which can achieve a very close effect with the color of the stone. The addition of organic pigments is not recommended because the artificial pigments are pure in color and do not mimic natural natural stone.

   2Select skilled workers

   Choose skilled workers, strong color resolving skills, and a high degree of responsibility and patience , to operate in the attitude of treating art. Can really achieve the perfect result.

   3 The light should be sufficient

   When adjusting the glue, try to carry out under the conditions of daytime and sufficient light to help distinguish the color.

   4 To fully compare

   When adjusting the glue, it should be constantly adjusted with the stone until the most satisfactory effect.

   5 调胶分分

   The glue needed in the same area should be prepared once, do not adjust the glue multiple times, resulting in color Not one.

   Selection of 6 batches of knives

   When adjusting glue, the general tool is a batch of knives. The width of the batch knife is not more than 3 inches. The wider the width, the more dispersed the force, and the uniformity of the glue is not enough.

   Step 4: Adhesive

   1. Tool selection

   1 batch of knives

   Use a batch of knives for the glue, the width should not exceed 2 inches. The reason is to prevent excessive dispersion of force, which is not conducive to the penetration of glue.

   2 blades

   Another necessary tool for workers in the glue filling process is the blade. The purpose is to find pollution and remove it in time. Otherwise, the pollution left in the gap will cause problems such as blackening and degumming.

   3 Shoe covers

   To prevent dust pollution, construction workers should wear shoe covers for construction.

   2, glue operation

   When filling the glue, use a batch of knife to scrape the glue across the gap and squeeze it hard . Then scrape off the excess glue along the gap. Under reasonable conditions, the glue should leave a 0.2~0.3mm protrusion in the gap.

   On the one hand, the glue leaves a margin during the drying process to prevent settlement of the grooves. On the other hand, after the overall grinding, it is a complete surface.

   3, health time

   After the glue is finished, be sure to have enough time to leave the glue dry and solidified.

   14 hours

   After the glue is completed, no one should walk around the glue area within 4 hours.

   28 hours

   After the completion of the glue, it takes more than 8 hours to enter the overall grinding.

   Step 5: Overall grinding

   Refer to the general stone grinding process in general stone care engineering.

   Step 6: Glaze treatment

   Stone parquet is an exquisite art design that maintains a beautiful decorative effect for a long time and enhances wear resistance. , anti-fouling ability, the sealing surface should be used to effectively protect the mosaic surface. The main component of the glaze material is silica (same as glass), which can greatly improve the hardness, brightness and clarity of the stone surface.It is the best protection for stone mosaic.

   Operation method:

   Mix VD stone sealing glaze No.1 and No.2 in a 1:1 ratio, using crystal machine +100 The pad can be evenly polished to the light.
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