How to lead the consumer to upgrade the water industry opportunities to achieve industrial upgrading

[ is ] at the moment of consumption upgrade, in the eyes of traders everywhere can be described as business opportunities. Taking into account the current development of urbanization, the increasing pollution of groundwater eyes, poor water and environment, and the situation for water quality and health requirements getting higher and higher, and therefore, the water purification industry is expected to be welcome in the consumer upgrade push to a wave of development opportunities.


In addition, although our bottled water also occupy a very high market share, even in some areas to exceed the quality of water supply, water vending, but years ago by consumers attention to secondary pollution bottled water, buckets and other material issues, but also to the development of the bottled water industry is full of uncertainty. Therefore, under the impetus “for barrel movement”, he added the prospect of a certainty.

Furthermore, although the layout of previous water purifier manufacturers focus mostly concentrated in the commercial field, but with the rapid rise of the Chinese consumer market, water purifier will like into the common people like color TV, refrigerator. This trend, in recent years, sales data from the water purifier can be seen.

According to statistics, in recent years, water purifier sales rose steadily, this year will reach 23 billion yuan.

Although the current overall consumer electronics market is more sluggish, and the water purifier is regarded as a meteoric rise, investors naturally want to take advantage of. However, it is understood that the total retail sales of water purifiers home appliances accounted for only 1.8% of the overall market, it is still at a low level.

In general, water purifier penetration rate in the market is still not high, compared to the US and Japan and other developed countries, these countries penetration rate has reached 70%, while China still less than 15 %, which shows that our water purifier industry’s future development is vast. But for water purifier manufacturers, in today’s industry homogenization serious competition in the background, users want to win the favor of the difficulty is not small.

Moreover, now that foreign companies have also incoming, all eyes on China, the world’s largest. How to compete with domestic enterprises, but also trip from the city.

domestic water purification industry frequent chaos, of varying quality, brand clutter, industry concentration is not high, and the service can not keep up. These all affect the domestic consumers buy water purifier enthusiasm. Therefore, enterprises are to the fore in the water purifier market, or to create a positive brand image, change the negative consumer market for water purifiersFace recognition, starting from the quality, technology, after sales, to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Overall, the prospects for the development of water purification industry is still worth optimistic. As the market clutter this phenomenon is the high-level attention, water purifier industry standards has become more perfect. Earlier water purifier was included in the list of green consumption, “water efficiency leader action plan” also released on schedule, “reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit” for approval, are harbingers of water purifier industry toward standardization, standardization of development, companies that have the core technology to produce high-performance water purification products, it will also get full support.

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