How to import ceramic tiles in the past 20 years quickly occupied the Chinese market

With the continuous development of the world economy, globalization has accelerated the pace of internationalization in various industries, and domestic companies have also broadened their horizons. Many domestic ceramic tile brands are now on the international road, but at the same time, many overseas ceramic tile brands have entered China to develop a broader market. Domestic agents have imported ceramic tiles for more than 20 years.

Reviewing the beginning of history, the agent pioneer who imported tiles at the beginning was Hong Kong’s imported building materials agent.

From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, domestic ceramic production levels At the initial stage, at that time, the domestic market demand for imported building materials was large, and foreign imports were in short supply. Therefore, as an important window for China’s foreign countries, Hong Kong’s imported building materials agents first took the lead and opened up the era of “sitting on the ground”. During the period from the early to the mid-1990s, the China Building Materials Network introduced a number of imported ceramic tile agents such as Zhuhai Famous, Yuanlin, Zhongshan Binder and Foshan. At the time, the main imported ceramic tile brands were Gao Meisi, Jia Ya, Gardner, and Boscia.

In addition, Chengdu and Beijing also have several imported tile agents. Slowly, major domestic cities have concentrated areas of imported ceramic tile sales, such as Shanghai Yishan Road, Chengdu Yongling Road, Shenzhen Honghu Road, Beijing Jianmao, and Hangzhou Fuxing Road. In the late 1990s, with the increase in the demand for high-end imported ceramic tile products in the domestic market, Hong Kong’s imported ceramic tile agents such as Baoyi, GET, Hong Kong and Huihui also saw the good development prospects of the mainland market and began to enter the mainland market directly. In the first-tier developed cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, we opened specialty stores for direct sales in order to expand the market share of China beyond the Hong Kong region.

Probably from 1999 to 2000, the domestic economy developed rapidly, and the demand for high-end building materials increased sharply. This business opportunity was captured in China. People have joined the agent of imported tiles. Domestically imported ceramic tile agents have sprung up everywhere, among which the rapid development and large volume are famous in Zhuhai. During the peak period, the brand of the agent includes many famous imported ceramic tiles such as Versace, Amy, Tagina and Gardner. Brands, unfortunately, due to strategic adjustments, now only the Benjamin paints are retained, and the brands they once represented are scattered in the hands of the general operators that emerged later.

In addition to the famous Zhuhai, Zhongshan Binder also represented Novartis Bell and Xiaofei Ceramic brands such as Punania, Italian Sarah, and Lia, China Ceramics Base Foshan’s China Ceramics City has also obtained the agency rights of the Spanish Bo Xia ceramic tile brand. What is more worth mentioning is that at the time, the general operators in the north were counted. For example, Beijing Zhongxin Lihua represented IMOLA ceramic tiles, and Minghe Geely represented Yanzida, Atlas, Parmesa and other ceramic tiles. Brand, Wanmei Mercure agent Kangka, Meisheng is the agent of Yasuli, Xidemeisi, Wuxing and other ceramic tile brands, Jinyu Group represented the Malazi brand, but unfortunately its focus is not on the tile, it will have a horse Lacy companies set up their own branches in China. In addition, there are Tianjin Jiefutong agent spiders, Sim and other brands.

Shanghai area Jiade Meishang also represented some imported ceramic tile brands, its development peak There are a number of specialty stores throughout the country, but the brand changes have shrunk a lot. Among them, IMOLA agent Beijing Zhongxin Lihua, which has successfully developed a set of imported tile store sales management system based on the successful experience in the Beijing market, and quickly copied it to the whole country, thus establishing the leader of the imported ceramic tile industry. Status. Between 2007 and 2011, based on the Foshan Ceramic Industry Base, Foshan Gutai Building Materials Co., Ltd. introduced the CK ceramic tile brand produced by the Spanish COLORKER Group. Zhuhai Youshe has debuted with Weiweisi and other brands. Foshan Junhuang also represented some Spanish and Italian products.

Beijing Ming Kitchen Mingwei is the agent of Happy Events, Valentino and other brands, while the meteorme of Qingdao Hummingbird Group and the white horse of Malaysia also entered the Chinese market. At this stage, three models of imported ceramic tiles are developed. Since then, it has witnessed the success of many general operators. In addition, the demand for imported ceramic tiles has increased. More and more companies and individuals have joined the team. Generally speaking, they are more representative of three types. /p>

In the first category, large-scale domestic ceramic enterprises began to try to transform and set their sights on the development trend. Imported ceramic tile industry, the pioneer of this type of enterprise is Dongpeng Holding. On the basis of selling the original domestic ceramic tile, it also chose to represent the Italian ceramic tile brand REX Ruisi. This action not only obtains the product information of Italian ceramic tile, but also The scope of enterprise benefits has expanded to the imported ceramic tile industry. The successful promotion of REX has provided demonstrations for many ceramic enterprises in Foshan, and many companies have begun to follow suit, such as Huiya, Bode, etc. First, large-scale domestic pottery The advantage of representing imported ceramic tiles lies in its strong financial strength and extensive channel base, and its limitation lies in how it positions the status of imported tiles in its system.If positioned to supplement its original domestic brands, the amount of imported ceramic tiles will not be much; if it is positioned to enhance its original brand value, it will appear that the price of imported ceramic tiles is too high; if it is positioned to learn Or reference, there will be no major development. The current market determines that the rational positioning of imported ceramic tiles should meet the demand of high-end consumers for imported ceramic tiles, otherwise there will be no good development.

Second category, domestic or Hong Kong and Taiwan original regional market dealers, see the profit margin, also They have entered the ranks of imported tile distributors, such as UEP, Xin Bicasso, iKOT, etc. The advantage of regional distributors in importing ceramic tiles lies in their intensive cultivation of regional markets, and the prospect of imported ceramic tiles is broad. Obtaining the rich benefits of imported ceramic tiles, and trying to change the role of Party B to Party A. The constraint is that the inventory pressure of the general operator and the distribution network are weak. The advantage of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan agents is that they are exposed to imported tiles. Early, the brand category is very rich, and it has stable retail and engineering channels in the local market and in the Mainland. At present, the restriction point in the Mainland lies in the fact that the total generation of the country is flocking, and the brand rights at hand are at risk of loss.

The third category, other industry professionals who are involved in the ceramic industry or who have witnessed the potential of this market, For example, the agent Lamborghini, the unicorn brand enterprise, is the non-ceramic enterprise to take the European tile brand agency right to enter the imported ceramic tile market. The advantage of the ceramics related agents in importing ceramic tiles lies in their overseas learning or life background. They have unique advantages in the unique understanding and sensitive sense of imported ceramic tile products. However, the limitation lies in whether they can quickly establish a suitable distribution channel network. The development trend of imported products: the specifications from small to large, the style is more abundant. The initial stage of domestic ceramic production process is backward, the product color is simple. At this time, the imported ceramic tiles imported mainly are Italian and Spanish glazed wall and floor tiles, and the color is beige. Green, blue, white, brown, etc., the specifications are 250 × 370, 410 × 410, 333 × 333, 250 × 410, 333 × 500, 500 × 500 and other small specifications. The brand is mainly Jiaya, Siegho, Gardonia, Poscia and Gomes. The imported ceramics in the initial stage are extremely rich in specifications, such as 100×100, 200×200, 300×300, 330×330, 450×450, 600×600, 600×1200, etc. The texture color is rock, cloth, Wood grain and other main factors have affected the development direction of domestic ceramic enterprises to a certain extent. Consumers have begun to have initial brand recognition and recognition for imported ceramic tile products.

At this stage, imported tile products can be summarized in two words: large ,many. The big finger is more and more specifications, mostly refers to the brand, color, texture and consumer choices, such as: 600 × 1200, 800 × 1800, 500 × 1300, 1000 × 3000, 1200 × 2400 Large-scale floor tiles and large plates such as 1600×3200. Imported brands such as CK Tiles, Reese, ABK Tiles, Atlas, Leah, Punania, and Yanfangda have launched large-size products.


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