How to control the temperature inside the bathroom, small appliances make you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Yuba is a kind of temperature control device that is widely used, but It is only limited to being able to exert a very powerful effect in the winter. The smart Yuba design on the market today can be said to fully meet the needs of personalized home life

Knowledge Guide: Bathroom Temperature For many people, it is a headache. Because of the special function room status of the bathroom, 99% of the families will not install air conditioners in this bathroom. Then the problem comes. Many families have a bath in the bathroom they want to go in the winter. It feels cool and cool, and suddenly there is no desire to take a bath. The same is true in summer. The bathroom is like a steamer. After the cold is not dried, the body is sweating.

Many people don’t understand the idea of ​​showering in the bathroom, but for Toilet sitting feeling, many people are deeply convinced, otherwise there will not be so many aunts to go to Japan to buy a toilet seat. It can be seen that in the bathroom In life, its enjoyment still needs a certain pursuit, otherwise many people will feel that going to the bathroom will feel uncomfortable.

And here In the essence of enjoying life, the indoor temperature control performance is a very important part. The indoor temperature control is often in extreme weather, which can bring a very comfortable life experience. The following small series also tells you about this bathroom. Among them, what are the more powerful temperature control devices.

1 , Yuba

Yuba is a widely used temperature control device, but it It is only limited to being able to exert a very powerful effect in the winter. The intelligent Yuba design on the market today can fully satisfy the personalized home life. Demand, not only through the bathroom Yuba in the winter gives the room a feeling of four seasons like spring, but also able to reach Other effects of ventilation, lighting and the like. Like ventilation, the whole bathroom can be contacted for many days because the fog is too heavy, causing the visual field to be hindered, which may lead to some danger of slipping, and the lighting is not necessary to say that the functional design of the initial Yuba is the warmth. Therefore, the lighting function can completely replace the light, but it can not be used frequently, because the bathroom power consumption is relatively high, and it is permanent, and it is easy to cause the inner wire to overheat and burn.

2, radiator

The radiator is used less in the bathroom, but it is still used in some northern areas. The advantage of the radiator is that it is a wall structure design, so you don’t have to worry about the water. At the time, it will affect the basic performance of the radiator, and only need to be well-protected.

The radiator can have a very obvious effect on the insulation in the bathroom. In some northern winters, the performance of Yuba may not be as good as imagined, but there is The radiator is installed outside the bathroom door. By opening the bathroom door daily, the heating can be guided in. When you want to take a shower, you can close the door, and the temperature inside the room can not be dissipated very quickly. However, in the warmer homes of the South, the amount of heating is very small, so the form of the radiator is not popular among the southern families.

3, Central Air Conditioning

Do you have a big image of the central air conditioner with integrated temperature control? Generally speaking, the bathroom space is relatively small, so it is not easy to install air conditioner indoors. At the same time, the wall-mounted air conditioner is not very cost-effective in the bathroom, and is easily damaged by moisture.

The central air conditioner is different. The central air conditioner integrates the whole indoor air conditioner. It is not difficult to distribute the air exhaust vent to the bathroom, and the central air conditioner It is excellent in both refrigeration and heating, so you don’t have to worry about the hot and cold inside. phaseComparing the control of Yuba, radiator and central air conditioner is relatively simple, and it can preheat or pre-cool the toilet in advance.

However, it is still relatively restrictive to install central air conditioning in the bathroom, regardless of Is the indoor integrated ceiling integrated structure complete, or the price of central air conditioning for many ordinary household consumers, it is difficult to climb high, like the design of six-room central air conditioning, in general, in its price breakthrough Tens of thousands.

It can be seen that the proper temperature for the bathroom is still the most versatile air conditioner, but the average family does not mind the high temperature when the bath is hot. It’s really hard to accept. You can choose some different designs, such as placing some green potted plants in the bathroom, thickening the curtains in the bathroom, etc. Compared with installing central air conditioners, their practicality is often higher. .


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