How to clean the glass dirt in the shower room? Six wonderfully easy to remove

The glass in the shower room is easily stained and scaled. It is also a headache. You can’t remove it stubbornly. Stains, the method is not right and it is easy to scratch the glass. So how do you easily remove scale without damaging the glass?

Shower Room Glass cleaning, using glass doors to separate the wet and dry areas inside the bathroom, is a common practice today. However, the glass in the shower room is apt to stain and scale, which is also a headache. Gently wipe to remove stubborn stains, the method is not right and easy to scratch the glass. So how do you easily remove scale without damaging the glass?

1, water + vinegar + salt

If the glass scale of your shower room is yellow or even black, it is a stubborn stain that is hard to remove. 50% vinegar can be used with 50% water, a little salt is added, mixed into a solution, and sprayed onto the glass door. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, wipe with a dry cloth and the stain will be removed. Or directly immerse the towel in the solution, screw it into a semi-dry shape after 5 minutes, wipe the glass door, the effect is immediate.

2, alcohol + newspaper

If the scale on the glass door is white or light yellow, the stain is stained. It can be wiped with a useless old newspaper because the ink on the newspaper has a good adsorption. Before using the old newspaper, you can pour 75% alcohol into the watering can (usually 95% alcohol needs to be diluted), spray the glass stains, then fold the old newspaper to wipe the glass, and the glass will be as refreshed as new.

3, tea + cling film

If the scale or stain in your shower room is white or granular, the stain is mild. Especially in bathrooms close to the kitchen, this stain is more likely to occur. At this point, you need to use a plastic wrap on the stain on the glass door, wait for 10 minutes, let the white particles solidified on the glass door soften, and then tear off the plastic wrap. Wipe the tea with a towel (the best tea in the night) and wipe off the stains.

4, toothpaste/lemonade +X shape

If the shower room glass has a white or light white watermark, the stain is lighter. At this time, just apply a little toothpaste to the watermark, wipe it with a damp cloth, and wash it with water. Or pour the lemon slices into the watering can, and then spray the lemonade onto the glass door to make a big “X” shape. Wipe repeatedly along the “X” shape. When it is dry for seven minutes, scrub with warm water and the glass door will be clean.


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