How to choose laminate flooring

Composite wood flooring (reinforced wood flooring) is one of the most commonly used home floor covering materials. However, due to the many brands and models on the market, the performance, price and other factors are also very different. When consumers choose composite wood flooring, they often feel at a loss. To this end, we introduce you to the following aspects of the purchase of laminate flooring: First, the wear value of wear resistance is expressed by the number of revolutions, the greater the number of rotations, the higher the wear resistance, the price The higher. As a home environment, the wear resistance value is about 10,000 rpm. If you choose too high wear resistance, it will sometimes cause unnecessary waste. Second, whether the purchase of the mouth is straight The integrity of the mouth is directly related to the service life of the wooden floor. Third, pick the color and wood grain When choosing color, wood grain, we must consider the size of the room, furniture color, style and personal hobby. Generally speaking, the room is large, and you can choose a floor with a deeper color and a more complex wood grain. The room is small, the choice of light color, wood grain and elegant point is better. Fourth, the board surface finish The composite floor is roughly divided into: groove type, pock surface type, smooth type and so on. These breeds don’t matter which one is good, it all depends on your personal hobbies. In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that since the floor will have a little loss during the paving process, you must buy a few more pieces to ensure the normal number of laying. Also be sure to protect the corners during handling.

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