How to choose Jane European lamps

Jianou style is a kind of decoration style that everyone likes, when it is simple European style After the house is renovated, how do we choose Jane European lamps? What are the common types of lamps on the market? Next, Xiaobian will introduce you briefly. How to choose the simple European lamps and what kind of lamps.

First, how to choose Jane European lamps

1, living room

When we choose the living room lighting, we must according to the size of the space To choose, for example, the height of the space is 3m, we can choose the chandelier, but do not choose all the lamps that are down. If the living room floor height is not enough, we can choose the all-copper ceiling lamp. If the living room space is small, choose a European main lamp.

2 , bedroom

When choosing a bedroom fixture, you can choose A variety of lamps are used together. Its lighting is best in warm colors, we can also use European bedside wall lamps, with ceilings and so on.

3, restaurant

When we choose restaurant lighting, we can choose according to the shape of the dining table, for example, a round dining table can Install long-line European style chandeliers.

4 , kitchen and bathroom

kitchen-style European lamps, it The shape should not be too complicated, it is best to use ceiling lamps. When we choose a luminaire, we need to pay attention to its moisture-proof function.

Second, what kinds of lights

1, ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp is a more common type of home lighting, it The top is flat and can be completely attached to the roofon. More common ceilings and other styles include square cover, round dome lamp, semi-spherical ceiling lamp, etc.; it has different materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, etc., among which metal has the longest service life.

2 , chandelier

The chandelier is wired or iron An advanced decorative lighting fixture for hanging materials. It has different styles such as European candlestick chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, cone-shaped garlands, magnolia hoods, etc. It is often installed in bedrooms, restaurants, living rooms and other places.

3, floor lamp

Floor lamp is often used as a local illumination. It is mostly made of metal or rotary wood. ,beautiful. The floor lamp is divided into two types: upper-illuminated and direct-illuminated. The direct-illuminated floor-standing lighting lines are concentrated and soft, and the upper-mounted floor lamps have a large influence range.

4 Table lamp

Table lamp is small and exquisite, mainly placed on the desk In other places, its light is concentrated, the illumination range is small, and it has a certain decorative function. Today, the lamps are available in a variety of styles, including automatic dimming, music playback, and touch.

Xiaobian summary: About June European lamps What kind of lights are there, Xiaobian is here. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help.

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