How to choose a sofa that suits you

Although there are many homes that need to be purchased in the living room, the sofa is one of the furniture that must not be missed in the living room. However, in addition to paying attention to its brand, style and price, the height of the sofa is also a link that needs attention. Then, how high is the sofa generally suitable? What should you pay attention to when purchasing? And listen to Xiaobian for you.

1, how high is the sofa?


As the level of craftsmanship has increased, the sofas on the market today are dazzling, single, double, long and irregular. However, the requirements for a single-seat sofa are generally higher, and the width must not be less than 48 cm. If it is smaller than this size, people will feel very uncomfortable once they sit down. Of course, it can’t be too wide, in the range of 48 to 60 cm. As for the height of the sofa is generally appropriate? No matter which style, the height should be selected about 35cm. But don’t be higher than 35cm, otherwise it will not be comfortable to sit, and it is not very good to put your feet.

2, what to pay attention to when purchasing a sofa

a, the skeleton of the sofa should be strong

In fact, the skeleton is especially important for the whole sofa, which is equivalent to the bones of the human body. It can be said that it is the core, which directly affects the service life and quality of the sofa. The best skeleton should be solid wood, so that it is not only strong in weight but also durable.

b, the quality of the filler is good

The filler is also one of the details that can not be ignored in the selection of the sofa, because it is related to comfort. When you buy, you can press the backrest and cushion of the sofa with your hands. If you can easily feel the skeleton, then the inner filling of such a sofa will naturally not be good.

c, pay attention to the resilience of the sofa

A sofa that really rebounds well, even if you play on it for a long time, there will be no depression. . Therefore, at the time of selection, it is best for everyone to sit down on the sofa and feel the resilience of the sofa is good, so as to make a better choice.

d, pay attention to wear resistance and cleanliness

Compared with other furniture, the sofa should be the most frequently used item in the family, and many people are large Part of the time I like to spend on the sofa. Therefore, no matter what kind of fabric you choose, you must be easy to clean and care, and the wear resistance should be high, so that the sofa can be used for a long time.

Introduction: Well, about the the height of the sofa is too high is appropriate and the choice of sofa should pay attention to what aspects to introduce to you. I wish everyone can choose the sofa that they are satisfied with. After all, reasonable height will not affect the health of the family, and it will be more comfortable to sit up.


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