How much does the D9 club start? Is it safe?

Brazil D9 Club Project, international market, recruiting the first batch of market leaders!!!! Brazil D9 Club China’s first docking system Ares system, violent docking!! D9 Club Real international market, the first batch of domestic market leaders docked in the .D9 club order WeChat: QQ9968134

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1. The Brazilian D9 Club was registered in Brazil in 2003 (for 13 years now),

2, The background and experience of the boss and D9 club is Danilo (Danny Road), from Brazil, which is popular in global samba football. Although he is only a 32-year-old 80, he is very economically minded when he studies computer science. As early as he was only 19 years old, he registered today’s D9 club (company) and participated in the global football competition including Brazilian football. Opportunity

3, D9 business model, the company has been operating in the traditional mode for 13 years, operating in two-track direct sales mode on 2016/01/08, so far 1 year and 4 months, now more than 40 countries and regions around the world participate in investment, D9 current development situation is a stable and safe rise,

4, D9 business model Opened a football school and cooperated with Betfail, the world’s largest football bookmaker company, to concentrate the funds collected by retail investors on Betfair in the UK. After that, D9 received a daily return of 6%-12% of the investment amount. After earning the profits that are due, the investor’s investment will be returned to the members of the D9 club at 1.6% per day. That is: every $2046 invested, you get a reward of $170 per week, and you get 52 weeks ($170X52=$8840) for the entire year. When you invest in a single investment for 52 weeks, you want to continue investing after one cycle. $2046 for another 52 weeks, and so on.

5, when the company receives $2046 from the investor Among them, Betfair, which invested $1,500 in the UK, received a fixed return bonus, and $546 left as a bonus for various operations of the two-track system. The calculation method is as follows: weekly dividend of $170, daily: $170 & #10135; =$24.3 USD, $24.3 USD➗ $1500 USD=$1.6% (percentage return per day)

D9 Club Brazil Conference

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