How can I know if the steel door is poisonous?

As winter approaches, temperatures begin to fall, and more and more families are beginning to close doors and windows, and the consequences of tightly closing doors and windows are indoor air problems, and the quality of indoor air is related to the indoor furniture that consumers buy! Other products in the industry market, steel doors are obviously a more environmentally friendly door, but environmental protection, can not avoid the emergence of toxic steel doors, therefore, consumers must pay attention to the inspection of steel doors when buying steel doors! /> First, look at the packaging logo

See the product name, execution standard, factory name, factory address, quality grade, etc. marked on the product packaging or label. If the basic content is complete, whether the text or pattern is colored or biased.

Second, look at the product color

The toxic steel wooden door is white in color, although white, but the intuitive feeling is very embarrassing, that is, dark or white, blue, smooth Very strong, after a period of use, it is gradually grayish black due to contamination by sulfur and sulfide in the atmosphere. The color of non-toxic plastic steel is pure, like ivory white. The smooth and delicate feeling is crystal clear and soft. It has the feeling of penetrating into the inside. It will not be grayish black if it is polluted by sulfur and sulfide in the atmosphere.

Third, look at the product profile name

Toxic plastic steel doors are generally based on low-cost lead salt stabilizers. This material contains lead and is named PVC profile. Non-toxic plastic steel doors and windows use non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally-friendly thiol organotin T-137 stabilizer, named VPVC profiles. Consumers must be aware of the product’s profile and name when purchasing.

Fourth, look at the use of effect

lead salt plastic steel doors and windows in the sun and heat long-term effect, the formation of lead dust on the surface, will lead to lead poisoning and lead pollution. After lead enters the human body, most of it is excreted in the feces and sweat, and most of it precipitates in the bone marrow and dissolves into the blood, which damages the bone marrow hematopoietic system, the brain nervous system, the urinary system and the reproductive organs. Of course, if this is found during use. When it appears, it will immediately discard such steel doors to ensure health.

Improve the steel door to be toxic, help you to buy one or one environmentally friendly steel door, protect your home and protect yourself!
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