How about the income of Xiaomi Life Sharing Bike? Is there any investment value?

Xiaomi Life Circle Public Platform is a mobile internet platform under the jurisdiction of Shanghaikouyi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. It is an online O2O sharing economic function operation platform developed by Shanghaikou Yiye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Through the sharing of users in Xiaomi Life Circle, we can create big data and graft it in many fields such as shared bicycles, shared cars and functional O2O food fields. The company is responsible for the complete operation management and technical support of Xiaomi Life Circle, and is committed to creating a green and convenient O2O sharing Xiaomi life circle. Team leader WeChat: MY97559159

[Sharing] is the most popular vocabulary nowadays. We are no stranger to the small yellow car, Mobike bicycle, shared charging treasure and so on.

The first wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

Recruiting a horse bonus period

(Remarks: 1 venture capital volume = 1 yuan, spending in Xiaomi Mall After 880 yuan of products have been sold for eight days (there are no reason to return the goods for seven days), the receipt will become a VIP member. When you share a consumer to become a VIP member, the company system will unify the 15 points of the venture capital into you. In the distribution bonus, the application will be withdrawn on Tuesday, the withdrawal time is 9:00 & mdash; 18:00, the weekly withdrawal will be paid from Wednesday to Friday, and the system will deduct 5% of the handling fee ➕ 5 yuan / pen bank Fees)

880 yuan consumer products become VIP members, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Rights You can share recommended members, such as you share a recommended AVIP member can enjoy 15 per day The income of the venture capital volume, for 365 days, can get 5475 venture capital. If A recommends B, you can enjoy the benefits of 2 venture capitals per day. Then a total of 6,205 venture capital volumes are obtained.

Rights If you share 10 VIP members, you will get 150 VC/day earnings, total income of 54,750 venture capital

Benefits You can share rewards The venture capital volume is used to subscribe to the ownership of the Xiaomi shared tram and to obtain a profit share of 70% of the revenue of the tram market. For example, an electric car purchased at home is used for 10 days in a month, so 2/3 of the time is idle. Today in the Xiaomi Life Circle, you can share resources to earn wealth. You can get 70% of the market income by purchasing a 3980 venture capital roll. For example, if you generate 50 yuan a day, you can get 35 yuan. The normal use period of each car is about three years. How much do you calculate? You must have never thought that a motorcycle can bring you so much wealth!

🐝 Xiaomi Life圈️Second wave

[🏍Shared motorcycle]

🏍Motorcycle launch in August

July On the 14th, Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Green Coffee Vehicle Industry reached a strategic cooperation, the first batch has been put into operation 5,000 units, is expected to be put on the market in August.

🏍 On July 19th, Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Lima Vehicle Industry Group reached a strategic agreement to strengthen the alliance! The electric vehicles of Lima Group were rated as green and environmentally friendly vehicles by the state. It is also the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in China. It is the benchmark enterprise for electric vehicles in China. It is delivered at a production capacity of 300 units per day. It is expected to put 50,000-60,000 units in the national market.

♻️According to the national 4 major standards: 1, the speed limit of 20 km / h; 2, can not carry people; 3, with pedals have all the functions of the bicycle; 4, each The weight of a motorcycle itself cannot exceed 40 kg and is equipped with insurance;

🐝 Xiaomi Life Circle ️ Third Wave

[Shared Car Dangdang Travel] /p>

Surround the city from rural areas and towns to make up for the blank areas of Didi Travel and Special Vehicles.

🐝 Xiaomi Life Circle ️ Fourth Wave

[🌽 Smart Market]

The characteristics of the shared smart farm are: Farm dishes, organic leaves, from the farm to the farm to your kitchen. The intelligent farms distinguish between dirty, stinky and chaotic phenomena. You can enjoy the food in the market without smelling mixed smells. In many high-end residential areas nowadays, after 80s, 90s and 00s, I hope that I can enjoy the success without going to the market. Then, in the smart market, you only need to open your mobile phone to place an order and send it directly to your home within five kilometers. #65039;️️️

️[Planning and Vision]

In 2019, 1 million motorcycles and 100,000 shared cars will be delivered, and 500 smart farms will be transformed and cooperated. In 2020, we will fully realize the smart food market in second-tier and third-tier cities. A round of B rounds C round D round E round financing will be realized and will be listed on the domestic main board and the Australian Stock Exchange.

National recruiting members, regional agents, welcome to consult and join ‼️

The most important thing is the project, no shortage of models, but combined with electricity Business, Internet ➕, o2o shared economic projects are rare. If you have come in the future, you will miss an era when you miss it.

In the hot summer, are you still looking for customers everywhere?

At 41 degrees, are you still doing a one-time gain?

At the moment, wealth is in front of you!

There is no blessing to see your eyes!

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