How about a supercharged shower?

How to buy a supercharged shower

1.The supercharged shower adopts the “aerodynamic technology” and “turbocharged technology” rain shower faucet to improve the internal waterway design and swirl boost It is set to increase the water spray power and foaming mixing of the shower to improve the shower effect.

The brands of showers now include Hanmak and Jiumu. When purchasing, first let the supercharged shower tilt out of the water to see if it is out of water. Next, look at the nozzle, pay attention to whether the pressurized shower is easy to clean, then look at the plating and the valve core. Finally, the shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of their use, but also pay special attention. When you buy, look at the boosting effect and the water is not obvious. When I purchased it, I tried the water and saw it evenly. It improved the water pressure and stabbed the skin. Look at the water that is sprayed out and not fine, can you achieve the function of pressurized water saving.
The benefits of pressurized showers

1, the supercharged shower can mix air, the water is more rapid, but it will not sting the skin, and it can also Saves 40% of the water output of a typical shower.

2, pressurization makes the bath more arbitrary, high-pressure water continuously impacts the surface of the skin. It can fully penetrate into the skin, and the active water molecules are more conducive to improving the activity and moisturization of the skin, and washing away harmful substances sticking to the surface of the skin.

3, water molecules undergo decomposition, ionization and ultra-high magnetic field, magnetize water molecules under the action of magnetic lines, transform into small molecules, fully activate and soften, activate water, enhance water penetration, live Net power makes a variety of precious minerals easy to absorb by human cells. It is more conducive to deep cleaning of impurities and bacteria in the pores of the human skin. Allow the water molecules to fully enter the surface of the skin and repair the problematic skin.

4, the pressurized water flow has played a very good massage effect, stimulating acupuncture points, helping to eliminate fatigue. And remove the sweat and other substances on the surface of the skin, so that the skin is refreshing and natural, preventing skin itching. This also promotes blood circulation and is full of energy.

5, special pressurization function, fine and soft water, avoid the blockage of water outlet, gentle and delicate, refreshing and comfortable to eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism and increase cell vitality.

The working principle of the supercharged shower

1. The shower is pressurized before the hot and cold water mixing valve, so that the water temperature and water pressure of the shower And the amount of water reached the maximum stability, so there will not be a phenomenon of cold and heat.

2.The supercharged shower can intelligently limit the flow, and automatically adjust the water inlet area according to the water pressure. When the water pressure is small, the water inlet area is large, so that the water volume is balanced, and it can be pressurized. And can save water.

3. When the water flows into the base of the nozzle, it is pushed into a three-wing accelerator to cause the water flow to form a rotating effect to increase the speed and momentum of the water flow. Then go directly to a restricted drain where the air and water mix can increase the oxygen content by a factor of 10. This achieves the goal of saving water and energy, and the supercharged shower brings a satisfactory bathing experience.

4. There is a device inside the shower, the air is pressed in the shower head, and the pressure of the air can be used to enhance the flow of water with equal flow.
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