Household water purifiers tepid why not open the market

From entering the domestic market has been fifteen years, household water purifiers over the years tepid, the proportion of people really buy small home open late, the underlying reasons: First, size has a price from now on the yuan hundred to water purifiers sold more and more, the original selling drinking fountains have become a selling position of the water purifier. Some people describe the recent emergence of such a water purification products. Only a few drinking fountains, water purifiers and is filled with four major brands, each brand has its own water purification counters. Large appliance store water purifiers area is mainly occupied several water purifier brand, which is Germany’s best-selling device , but in some small appliances department stores, the water purifier brand is complicated. These water purifiers are a lot of names, “”, “filter water purifier”, “soft water”, and some even called “nutrition water machine.” These vary greatly, cheap as just 99 yuan a piece of the net buckets with drinking whole machine, expensive as 30,000 yuan a central water softener. Second, water purification effect people have applauded and resentment Third, the two troubled water consumption bacterial contamination of the water purifier market is very extreme, in addition to a few large enterprises, small businesses and the rest is in the hands of the workshop twenty or thirty people . Person in charge of quality inspection agency, who declined to be named, said that no matter what kind of household water purifiers, water quality must meet the requirements of “drinking water health standards” country, but with the water quality of this great relationship. Fourth, the more the higher the degree of purification “waste water” Quality source also said that the higher the degree of purification tend to produce more waste. Such as a high quality standard reverse osmosis water purification unit, only the current standard requirements, home reverse osmosis water purification water purification rate can be probably about 15%, i.e. 100 liters of clean water can build 15 liters, 85 liters become a ‘waste water’. “the most secure method is to boil the water to drink,” tap water purifier is connected to the air in contact with, a long time will be excessive bacteria. “The Ministry of Health in July this year, the exposure of eight substandard water quality processor, all colonies exceeded the total immersion in water, many of them brand-name products. V. charcoal buckets net growth of bacteria net buckets of water filtration worst, due to the net buckets mainly activated carbon filters, activated carbon and most likely to breed bacteria, so a maximum of six months must be replaced. national requirements, must obtain the Ministry of health issued health permits to produce sales, but the long Gu Chuan said the country now about 3000 water purifier manufacturers, only about 1200 received a health permit this documentThe rest are “black factory.” Based on these reasons, we can see that the home water purifier market is still worthwhile to explore and develop a “Blue Ocean” market, in the absence of special and differentiated brand in the market, who can seize the opportunity to find communication with consumers best channels and communication platforms, who will be able to seize the initiative, come from behind.

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